i accidentally bought a new ford
Altair Club Cars I accidentally bought a new Ford F-150 Lightning EV truck. Should we keep or flip for a HUGE PROFIT?

I accidentally bought a new Ford F-150 Lightning EV truck. Should we keep or flip for a HUGE PROFIT?

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So let’s see this is a big old truck does it have the electric car oomph oh it does jesus okay i do like that though it is my wife’s not used to it it makes her boobs fly around it’s kind of great don’t you dare do that don’t you dare to the end of my marriage as we know it that was off right please tell me no no no the camera was on yeah on it was on don’t

Tell him no no that’s i never to say boobs on youtube yes you can here no you cannot welcome to hooves garage the dumbest automotive channel in all of youtube and this is my latest purchase or is half of a purchase it is a 2022 ford f-150 lightning the new all-electric f-150 pickup truck and i own half of it i’m not sure if it’s this half for this half or down

The middle but i own one half of it and it’s a kind of strange circumstance how i end up owning half of a lightning but to give some context the f-150 lightning is the all-new electric pickup truck from ford they’ve come out with it they’ve unveiled it they’re building it in the same time tesla has shown their concept of the cyber truck done a few press launches

And move some dirt around in texas ford is doing it how ford normally does they unveil a car and build it a short time later in tesla meanwhile will they ever build the cyber truck it’s been three years and so far nothing even a car from nowhere the rivien has come out since the tesla unveiled the cyber truck they unveiled their car and they’re building it and

They’re selling it so really is it that hard tesla to start building a pickup truck i get that it’s a trapezoid made of stainless steel or whatever but i mean other automakers are doing it and doing it very very well and the f-150 i think i’m going to like a lot because it’s just a normal pickup truck that they put an electric battery in with the exception of the

Cool front end and a few other little things it looks exactly like a normal f-150 but i imagine drives much more like a ev i haven’t seen it before until today this is me i guess taking delivery of it because rob i was out of town when it showed up and rob bought it but he’s the other half so let’s meet him but before i explain why i bought half of an electric

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To the half of the truck that i bought yeah so here is the other half of the ford lightning rob santori you probably remember him from this wonderful purchase decision a year ago so you have some secret on the ford general manager some kind of dirt you have on him where the bodies are buried because you get all the fords apparently yeah he’s good to me i don’t

Know what i did but whatever i did i’m gonna keep doing it but for those that don’t recall rob got basically the very first ford bronco in wichita he organizes the local cars and coffee and since it was the very first and an excellent spec and excellent color he could have flipped it for 30 or 40 grand immediately and didn’t it did not instead you’ve just been

Driving the heck out of this thing right crack windshield oh yeah i put miles on it well the windshields i mean it’s just the shape of this car it’s gonna crack windshields left and right kind of like a jeep but a jeep’s a hundred dollars to replace a windshield and these are thousand dollars thousand dollars same with a land rover defender doug demiro’s driving

On a broken windshield on his because there’s no point they just crack right away it’s just the way they are but uh how many miles on it now 20 maybe 21. oh my god it’s got miles your life has it now you’re let’s see there’s living in it yeah a little bit okay it’s getting used yeah it’s getting used and you could still probably sell it for 20 grand over what you

Paid for it and own it for a year i mean i still get offers on it all the time and you’re not going to do it i can’t do it i make good financial decisions he’s about the only person getting these cars and not flipping them that’s what’s so frustrating is most people buying the new c8 corvettes buying these they’re people that aren’t keeping the hummer evs they’re

Not the ones keeping them they’re the ones just flipping them making that extra 100 grand and then some some dummies paying over because they can’t wait or well they’re so difficult to get of course the fords i mean the prices have already gone up on these right yeah they went up 7 000 i believe for the 23 model year because the battery cost too much to make the

Batteries so now now the stickers just go up let’s get the window sticker and look at this thing because it is an interesting spec that rob picked out he ordered it it was one of the first lightnings in town and then you were going to flake out on it because flake out is a that’s a tricky term i wasn’t going to flake on it it was just i started buying stupid other

Cars that were expensive and then i was realizing that this was going to be early i thought it’d be like late 23 you know i got time and then hamilton called they’re like hey you want one of the first ones in town and i was like sure not even thinking i was going gonna pay for it and i was like uh-oh when they so then you were going to let it go once again even if

You didn’t keep it you could have flipped it for 30 or 40 grand and i could not believe what i was hearing and that’s why i thought okay i’ll pay for half of it just so we can experience it for a year or flip it immediately but really we’re going to experience it for a year and see what it’s like and then sell it and we won’t lose money for sure well absolutely i

Imagine even a year will go by you could put 20 000 miles on it and we could still sell it for 20 or 30 grand more than what we paid so the two of us are going in on a car yeah you and i yeah think of the cars that i’ve given you in the past yes i suppose orange crush but uh yeah even though this one’s a standard range battery it’s a lariat total sticker seventy

One thousand one hundred and ninety nine dollars and i don’t think there’s one that’s transacted in the secondary market for under a hundred grand usually they’re right at 100 right at 100 right about 110. so and i went standard battery because it can’t tow very far even with the premium battery so if i’m gonna drive around 80 miles a day and charge it at night

It’s fine yep i mean that’s all i need but 72 thousand dollars for a lariat electric pickup truck with the range of basically the earliest tesla 200 and yeah 230 miles it’s a big truck it’s a big truck and charging it’s well right now i’m charging it out of the wall in 110 because i haven’t had my 220 put in yet so it gets some not so great charging times

Per hour yeah for overnight two miles per hour really two miles per hour on 110. but i’ve got 240 coming i’ve got a level two charger i’ll be good to go it’ll be charging overnight ready to go in no time and the person who won the tire bit on these is general grabber yep okay well it looks like normal f-150 but uh the nose obviously with the light bar that’s

Really cool the fuel filler is interesting right is it’s it’s this side punch it however you want okay half your truck well that’s better than the tesla where it like gets happy to see you when you wave the wand at it no it doesn’t do that there’s no that’s a lot surprises there simpler okay oh okay all right this is my first time seeing this thing so i’m kind of

Wondering uh what the heck i did but i guess the coolest part is of course there not being an engine right so does it pop like a hood sure does just push the button nope oh wait no it doesn’t okay got a button up there by the knob there you see a little hood button and a try okay but it still has like the little red grab down here i don’t know what that is this

Is a great grocery store trick yeah hauling stuff very nice so no cam phasers to go wrong none of the horrible things that ford motors are doing right now which is probably what we’re going to look back on like this bronco which i made a comment about the horrible engine bay in this thing yeah great looking car but then the engine bay oh my god it’s just as bad

As i remember and oh man did i call it on these things you did because the motors are blowing up left and right and i mean look at all this complication here but it was only a specific window of motors that were blowing up on these it doesn’t matter i mean only a few look at this crap this one’s right in the middle of that there is no way all this is gonna hold

Up there’s there’s just no way when it’s 10 years old 150 000 miles you’ll be throwing this away i mean for sure i mean potentially but then i can ls swap same goes for the electric cars i guess because the batteries are gonna go bad the battery’s gonna cost fifty thousand dollars to replace or something obscene like that but yeah they have no idea how they’re

Gonna do it yet at least in the near term all that is not an issue so you’ll have an incredibly reliable car until the battery fails and then you just throw it away i guess or somebody will figure out how to remanufacture them kind of like the prius batteries maybe got about six years to figure it out i don’t know so it closes just a button here and it’ll shut

Itself back down that’s pretty cool so i guess there’s really no winning either way cars will just be throwaway cars whether they’re electric or gasoline with all of the emissions restrictions and the turbos and complicated things to get to uh what’s regulated nowadays so anyway i guess i don’t know would i take the bronco would i take the electric which one do

You prefer well i’ve only had this for 400 miles so i don’t know but the power the smoothness how quiet this is i think honestly if this holds up i would prefer this i love the bronco broncos livable it’s fun but this is on another level yes until you have to go on a road trip right well i didn’t say we’re going to do any of that okay so the key yeah it’s a lot

Like the mustang push the button here the roar of the engine there’s the roar we are running vehicle is on that’s it thank you yes power and charge well let’s drive off into the future shall we in a lightning now i’ve had the second generation ford lightning with the 5.4 supercharged the fast and furious truck so it’s cool so it’s cool that the name lives on

But uh yeah not really the same experience i suppose whoa yeah so region breaking region breaking it even has one pedal drive if you want to mess with that i didn’t know what that was at first and i thought it was broken because it would just slam on the brakes when you let off the gas oh yeah that was yeah region like tesla yeah they lost they call it the break

Coach in this thing yes yeah you get like a percentage it would grade you and then i failed just like in high school but it’s no different than anything i ever did but okay so let’s see this is a big old truck does it have the electric car oomph oh it does jesus okay that’s ridiculous that’s ridiculous okay and it’s absolutely silent yeah other than that does

It peter out no no it does it kind of gets to a plane yeah about right 60. yep i mean no it’s still moving it’s still but it definitely it doesn’t keep you pinned say like a it reminds me a lot of the very first tesla that i had that early tesla model s85 the acceleration very similar that instant but then it kind of kind of just planes out settles down yeah okay

Well the ride is wonderful too that’s cold i love these things yeah oh yeah balanced a little better with the batteries because where is the battery mounted in these not a clue under us i think in the future a lot of research on this body you can tell i mean the trunk it’s only the very top of it so i imagine there’s probably some batteries there because if it

Were the whole engine bay it’d be down where our feet are i’m just afraid to wash it what if i get electrocuted can i take it through a wash oh sorry word yeah brakes yeah anyway it’s brand new it’s got a warranty oh god okay why do you do this to me in every car that was excellent it’s a god carnival ride oh god that’s that’s that’s a central we’re gonna hit

It that’s gonna cause an accident just because it breaks way too well there’s the f-150 turning radius there great half a truck okay you get the sh you get the crappy half of the strut oh yeah which which half you’re getting that kind of like a horse yeah you get to you’re gonna get the half the poop comes out of it okay well do you think you want to keep it for

A year oh i definitely want to i want to see what it does for you i want to see what you do with it you need to do some stuff with this well i’m just curious if it’ll break oh of course it will it’s we both own this it’s gonna break now like the early teslas i mean things would go crazy on them i imagine this i mean this is ford’s first attempt at doing anything

Remotely like this so i gotta imagine it’ll do some hoopty things at least i hope so it’s absolutely flawless and we end up just making 30 grand and driving this thing for a year that’ll be quite boring it would be but it’s gonna it’s gonna break i mean i’ve been on the forums already and there’s lightning owners that are having all sorts of weird electrical

Gremlins where they can’t get it to go and drive and this one has been unaffected so far but i mean between you and me driving it a lot of stuff’s cool well rob works as a wine and liquor rep so he drives all over town selling delivering stuff and over there broke a bottle of gin in this thing oh just accelerating what i did yeah i did that and the two bottles

Smashed together and cracked one so it’ll be done a proper work truck i mean you’ll be using it for its intended purpose not like people buying pickup trucks to drive their kids to school and you’re using this thing as a truck yes i’m going to use it just like i normally would use it i’m going to forget to plug it in a couple nights and run it out of charge it’s going

To happen but i’m going to use it i’m going to use it i’m going to haul wine in it i’m going to try to trick i’m gonna try to take it to eureka springs and do a road trip with it and so that’s a knob in the screen yep you just turn that hit that to turn your audio on there’s sport mode i don’t think i don’t know what it does but there’s a sport mode hold on come

On there we go sport mode i think it firms up oh yeah the steering just firmed up okay very nice yeah the cameras yeah is there a forward-facing one uh there should be i was doing it before i don’t know how you set it up probably in here i would say ford knocked it out of the park with this thing i don’t see how they’re going to be able to scale these up to have

Any kind of huge production i imagine they’ll struggle for many years to build a fraction of these versus gasoline ones but oh absolutely i think this is this is the future i mean as much as people don’t like this you know this is where we’re gonna be in 10 15 years so they’re just trying to perfect it and we were the smart ones to buy one of the first to watch

Everything fail just the thought of you and me owning something together just if this doesn’t catch on fire when we drive it back i know i i suppose yes we’re both very unlucky with vehicles but it is brand new it is a ford ford ford’s a ford the seats are super comfortable i like that i like the fit and finish and the quality of the interior it’s definitely really

Nice it’s like some denim yeah yeah there’s some nice touches i do like that though it is my wife’s not used to it it makes your boobs fly around it’s kind of great don’t you dare do that don’t you dare the end of my marriage as we know it oh geez i’m so screwed that was off right please tell me no no no the camera was on yeah on it was awesome i don’t know if

So no that’s i never tried to say boobs on youtube yes you can no you cannot no you cannot oh god what was that that was that part fall on my water bottle oh okay all right backing in look how easy this is very very easy see wonderful all right look at that it’s in it’s off it’s very easy what i like about it it’s not pretentious no it’s not a pretentious

Ev it’s just i’m an electric pickup truck and that’s all i do yep i’m not fancy they didn’t try to make it special yeah made it useful exactly they did a great job well i’m gonna need to borrow it for a little bit because i really want to take this thing up to the car wizard and see what he thinks take it up on the highway and all that jazz yeah by all means take

It as you need it it’s half yours yeah you can do whatever you want with it well i don’t want to say do whatever you want with it because that that’s concerning we do want some resale obviously yeah we kind of so i do want to give a quick shout out to mel hamilton i have to because they’ve taken oh yeah such good care of me i mean both of these trucks were sold

To me at sticker they didn’t do any of that gouging stuff from the moment i built it to the moment it got here they were perfect in every way and took really good care of me so i really appreciate them for doing that and clearly rob knows where phil has dumped the bodies and that’s apparently nothing about that uh-huh sure sure phil takes good care of me yeah all

Right well strange’s new purchase for me of the year but me and me makes sense congratulations congratulations to you thank you thank you for watching

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I accidentally bought a new Ford F-150 Lightning EV truck. Should we keep or flip for a HUGE PROFIT? By Hoovies Garage

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