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Altair Club Cars Hyundai Venue N Line Whats New? Walkaround Review

Hyundai Venue N Line Whats New? Walkaround Review

hi guys, today I feature the New Hyundai Venue N Line and share everything you need to know including what all new features have been included in this new variant. This video also includes a detailed interior exterior walkthrough talking about the visual updates given for this model.

Hello there guys welcome to dino’s world i’m super excited to bring you a first look preview of the hyundai n-line now this comes powered by the same one liter three-cylinder petrol turbocharged petrol engine that puts out around 120 ps of max power and 172 newton meters of max torque comes mated to seven speed dct automatic dual clutch transmission so i’ve already

Done a detailed first drive review of the one liter three cylinder turbo petrol so you can watch that video so this powertrain is identical what you see however here is the thunder blue color scheme which has been launched with the phantom black roof looks absolutely stunning and some exterior updates as well as some interior updates some crucial updates have been

Added to make it stand out uh you have two trims n6 and n8 now this one is the n8 variant i believe and as you can see there are few visual updates which i’ll be highlighting and pointing out in a moment what do you guys think of this new thunder blue color i look i feel it looks nice and vibrant and kind of attractive and striking in this thunder blue colour

Scheme you can see a little bit of change in the grill pattern it still reminds me of the palisade which is one of the finest suvs in the world and this mr b seems to have absolutely loved the inline variant he’s not letting go of the bonnet and as you can see even the front uh bumper right over there the front bumper has a revised design you have split skid

Plate kind of effect up front uh i love the grill i love the inline badging i wish they had offered the 1.4 liter turbo petrol instead you also have the embedded led projectors up front led drls and everything is neatly done and this is one of the well-built uh compact or subcompact suvs in its segment it looks sturdy rock solid well put together and you like

I love the character lines that kind of flows right through the bodywork you have the inline badging here as well and you have 16 inch wheels diamond cut alloy wheels uh do we get disc brakes at the back uh yeah so we get disc brakes all around fine-tuned suspension stiffer suspension and tweaks to the steering sensor activity so it feels well calibrated more

Ready to take on corners at higher speeds you also have this integrated spoiler right over here and the shark fin antenna and the roof rails the black blackened roof and here the inline badging as well and here you have two exhaust like exhaust pipes so adds on to the sportier feel is what i hope for and neatly embedded led tail lamp cluster and the signature

End-to-end connecting led tail lamp system so overall the moment you look at the venue you get a feel that you are actually getting into the suv culture it looks rugged sturdy rock solid well built and looks nice and striking in this thunder blue color scheme i also love the bonnet lines that underscore the power lying underneath the hood yeah i kind of wish

They had offered an optional 1.4 liter turbo petrol that we get with the creta but i think they have kept it exclusive for the creta for all those crater lovers now moving in ah just in case uh if you haven’t seen my review i would suggest you see my top speed test and high speed stability test and proper pov uh you know testing of this variant its signature

Dino style here the interiors get a revised change as well as you can see n line seating red piping and the texture and the quality kind of underscores what always hyundai have tried to you know deliver in terms of their uh you know compact suvs or the products they always try to think one step ahead and deliver ahead of its class quality and features so this

One doesn’t change 8 inch touchscreen infotainment system in between you have neatly laid out again all black interiors so as opposed to dual tone interiors on the standard venue uh engine start stop system aluminium pedals and all black theme with the red stitching all around to underscore the sportiness at the back again this is the n8 variant i believe that’s

Why you get reclining seats let’s hope yeah so this is the standard setting and it can go a little further as you can see as you can see this is the recline angle two step reclining seats good amount of space good amount of headroom and good amount of leg room you get a sunroof as well so let’s open the sunroof in a moment and dedicated ac vents for the rear

Seat passengers speakers all around four speakers and two tweeters so the sound quality is good having tested it now let’s check the boot it’s pretty much the same car except for the visual updates that it gets with this one massive boot 350 liters plus 60 40 split seat removable rear parcel tray so ample amount of utility options to make way for more room

Let’s get in here and have a look at the dash from the back here you have lightning ports two type-c charging ports and this is the view of the dash from the back looks nice and neatly put together sportiness is oozing with the full black and red accents all around side and curtain airbags in this variant the most important update is coming as i told you uh

Sportier suspension disc brakes all around uh well calibrated steering wheel to give you more confidence to push it through the corners again power adjustable seats for the driver seat and the most important update so the most important update is the dash cam one facing the cabin you have dual dash cam system one facing the road absolute essential in these days

You don’t know what’s going to happen when you’re driving on the highways it’s always good to have a dash cam on board a crucial inclusion so glad again hyundai are the first to get this done as a standard fitment i hope our government also recognizes this they have again kind of highlighted the six airbags thing uh recently with the campaign with akshay kumar i

Hope they make dashcam mandatory in every car because that’s a life-saving thing that’s records everything as it happens says that you can prove your innocence just in case someone tries to blame you again ac vents well laid out massive uh thing let’s try and start the car i love the full digital console here let’s get into the thing this is the 8-inch touchscreen

Infotainment system all the connectivity features blue link connectivity and whatnot and you have ambient lighting here as well which is not apparent now but it will be apparent at night and spacious glove box bottle holders all around drive mode which kind of enables you to shift to sport mode normal eco and sport sport is my personal favorite wireless charging

Bay right over here usb charging port type c again charging thunderbolt charging this thing and slot and 12 volt charging socket right over there seven speed dct to give you one of the finest and smoothest drive experiences central armrest with concealed storage bottle holders i mean cup holders and paddle shifters as well to offer an engaging driving experience

Steering looks nice and sporty full black 12.16 lakhs is the starting price 12.16 lakhs to 13.3 lakhs for the uh top end variant so basically the engine option remains the same you have the same three cylinder turbocharged petrol 120 ps 172 newton meters and the gearbox also remains the same it’s only the added features that matter between the n6 and the n8 uh

12.16 lakhs you get most of the goodies bells and whistles for the extra price that you pay you get added safety i would suggest go for the top spec variant where safety is maximized because with family you don’t want to take chances so family gets the best of the best and today is my wife’s birthday and still i’m here shooting this video so i’m hoping that i

Finish this get back home and take her out so lot of challenges being a solo creator as a youtuber thanks to fusion hyundai for always supporting my vision thanks to you guys for supporting my vision please do like the video if you want to appreciate the effort and dash cam government please make this mandatory there you go i think it can go all the way back as

Well there you go is that all okay so decent amount of sunroof not too huge but not too small either so the updates as i told you four disc brakes stiffer suspension better steering feel and feedback and a little bit of exterior updates as you can see with the front grille and the color thunder blue so if you like what you see appreciate want to appreciate the

Effort and stay tuned for more pure automobile content coming your way so that’s pretty much it i’ll catch you guys in the next video until then take care god bless and drive safe

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Hyundai Venue N Line What's New? Walkaround Review By Dino’s Vault

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