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Altair Club Cars Hyundai Venue N Line review – Whats exciting? What isnt? | OVERDRIVE

Hyundai Venue N Line review – Whats exciting? What isnt? | OVERDRIVE

The Hyundai Venue N Line is a sportier iteration of the Venue sub-four-metre SUV. The Venue N Line gets Hyundai’s N performance division-themed cosmetic enhancements on the outside and in the cabin. There is also different tuning for the suspension with 34 per cent stiffer damping, weightier steering and new exhaust end can for a sportier note.

Foreign who would have thought that by 2022 you could buy yourself a warmed over suv especially a sub 4 meter suv like the venue and lines but the i-20 and line has been a big success for hyundai so it only made sense to expand this n-line range of sportier offerings to include the venue it’s just been facelifted and it’s one of the largest selling sub4meter suvs

In the country so this decision only makes sense now the venue did receive quite a significant visual update with its facelift and that sense that sense of contemporiness only increases when you see the sportier styling bits that have been added to the venue and line so to start with this white grille which is finished in regular chrome in the standard venue now

Guys it’s quite neat dark chrome finish you have this very premium looking and line badging here it’s finished in chrome and when you come below you notice this red striping and also the bumper design has changed it’s become a bit more aggressive as you can see with these ridges here and this sort of angular section here now moving along to what’s changed with the

Hyundai venue in profile to start with that end line badging that really nicely done with the black and the chrome and the little bit of red you’ve seen here as well on the fender you get again some bit of red highlighting and another very nice touch is this alloy wheel it’s in a new design you don’t see a hyundai logo one that is this n badge on it which is again very

Neatly done and separates this from the standard venue quite nicely now moving along you get these gloss black mirror caps again they work very well with this white shade especially there’s a nice contrast to it the red striping you can see it here below and again there’s a little bit of it on the roof rail as well and it must be said that this red highlighting is

Done quite nicely now feels overpowering or over the top it’s very nicely integrated into the whole package so you can see that here as well and now moving to the rear this full width led tail lamp was a striking addition in the standard when you face lift and that car is over here and this black panel now works quite well with this new black spoiler that you get

With the end line it’s very nicely integrated now again the bumper is new with more striping and a slightly more aggressive design but a really nice touch again another one that’s been very nicely done are these twin tipped mufflers and they’re actually functional they give you nice throaty growl to the windy online when you’re driving it now the venue and line

Gets all the new bits that the face lifted when you get so you have the new eight inch touchscreen infotainment with its google and alexa compatibility the sounds of nature and as well as the ambient sounds so you have all of that aside from it you have that slightly redesigned look to it you get these drive modes you have this integrated wireless charger you have

The new digital instrumentation although maybe it isn’t the exactly right fit for the venue online considering you don’t get an actual rpm gauge and that would have been something very nice in a sporty suv like the venue and line you also get this extendable center armrest as well as a sunroof now the venue and line gets this all black look to the cabin and you

Might think that this look will make it feel a bit cozier a bit tighter but that isn’t exactly true because of these red highlights that you see here here they’re quite bright they’re not overly done and they seem to brighten up the place just that much but we think the nicest addition to the venue and lines cabin is this new and line specific steering wheel this

Three spoke design isn’t shared with the standard venue and it feels much more premium it could well have come from a car maybe twice or thrice the price it’s very nice to hold with these perforations on these very nice contours they’re perfectly positioned these paddles as you can see they function with a satisfying click they’re large also like something out of

Sports car these buttons too they have this nice curvature to them which means they’re very easy to hold and touch you have this very nice discrete and line logo here as well along with this red stitching now it’s the same with this gear shifter which again it falls to hand easily functions with a nice click so yeah these two additions really uplift the venues and

Lines cabin of course there are other touches like this and line specific seat cover although we think the cushioning could have been a bit softer they feel a bit firm to us but of course it depends on how you like your seats and these again very nicely done aluminum petals another small touch which shows the detail that hyundai has gone into to convert this into

The end line even these door pulls they are now this sort of brushed metallic look and just to top things off you have this red ambient lighting organic specific to the end line the normal one gets that white bluish kind of shade but here you have this nice red ambient lighting to go with all the red that’s already in the cabin a new feature edition is a two-way

Dash cam it’s a useful feature on our unruly roads but its placement can sometimes impede vision we think now the venue was never known for being spacious in the rear seat and that continues with the end line although this all black theme seems to accentuate that sense a bit of course you have some red here and along the seats but again if you want rear seat space

If that’s your priority then the venue and line is not the one to pick although it must be said that you have a reasonable amount of under thigh support and these reclining seats that were added with the venue facelift they work quite well you can recline it to a nice angle or you can keep it a bit more upright so yeah that works but in terms of absolute space

In terms of knee room and leg room there are better suvs than the vanuand line the venue and line gets a reworked ride and handling package with a 34 increase in damping force a different steering tune with a more weighted feel has also been incorporated into this version the exhaust note has also been spruced up via a new end can while there are now rear disc

Brakes as well the engine is the same one liter turbo petrol you find in the regular venue but pairs only with a 7-speed dct here making 120 ps and 172 newton meters the imt from the i20 n line has been dropped due to a lack of demand so how do these changes make the venue and line feel on the move that’s what you probably really want to know right and again

There’s largely good news to start with the steering which felt so nice to hold also works very well on the move so you have a nice bit of heft we’re not just going along in a straight line and then when you do apply some turning like this you notice that the steering progressively waves up in a very nice linear manner which means that there’s confidence to be

Had behind the wheel of the venue and even on the move so you’re picking through traffic and so on there’s some engagement to be derived even say in city traffic and of course that will multiply itself when you are around a set of twisties and so on so even the new suspension tune that you get with the venue and line it’s well judged so yes it’s firmer than the

Standard venues over rough patches potholes undulations and so on you will be moved around in the cabin a bit more you feel it a bit more but it’s never to an extent that it is genuinely uncomfortable or that takes away from the driving experience and say when you’ve picked up a bit of pace the ride settles so when you feel the lot more solid a lot more stable and

There’s quite a bit more engagement to be garnered even when driving in a stator now you feel that much more in control so around corners there’s of course still body roll that hasn’t changed it’s still an suv with quite a bit of ground clearance the same as the standard venue but you notice that the new suspension makes sure that the venue and line turns in a

Touch more brisk clear on corners it feels more stable it feels more sure-footed you feel confident carrying a bit of speed through corners which means that if you like driving and you like going on road trips on hilly terrain and so on the venue and line is just the right companion for that and of course the exhaust node that’s also something to note it’s always

In the background you can hear that nice exciting drum it’s always there accompanying you throughout whatever mode you’re in that doesn’t change that until even flutter of her a little bit on downshift so you always have that sense of sportiness that you know that sense that something is egging you on to drive which is quite a nice feeling to have especially from

A small suv such as this one now as for the engine and gearbox it’s a straight lift from the standard venue and there hasn’t been any changes made to it so again it feels pretty much the same so yeah it takes a bit of effort to move off the line like most of these hyundai tower petrols and generally it isn’t the most engaging turbo petrol motor that we’ve driven

But once you’re on the move it has that wide linear power band which means that you pick up space quite quickly you don’t realize it but you’re suddenly doing quite high speed which is a nice feeling to have of course it doesn’t do it in the most exciting manner but it is effective and then the gearbox is the same pretty much it always working in the background you

Barely notice it although we do think that with the venue and line hyundai could have given the dct are slightly more aggressive tune of course it’s perfectly usable as it is it’s always working in the background shuffling through the gears you barely notice it aside from saying crawling traffic where sometimes it will lurch but never to an extent that is jarring

But we do think that it could have been a bit more aggressively tuned like most hyundai’s it will not give you a downshift unless and until you are below 3000 rpm which is fine say in a regular venue which one which is something you won’t drive too hard but you really want to drive this one a bit more aggressively and in that case your left wanting pretty much a

Lot of the times when you just want to drive the car a bit harder but you can’t because the gearbox won’t give you the downshift but that is a minor sort of complaint and it doesn’t really take away too much from the driving experience switching to the s gearbox mode helps make the venue and line feel a touch live layer the gearbox will then hold revs right to

The red line but the end line isn’t especially quicker than other small turbo suvs the gearbox also doesn’t like full bore kickdowns all that much although it is much more responsive to path throttle demands of performance in daily driving you’ll spend most of your time in eco and normal there’s not much to choose from between these two modes and both are well

Suited to sedate city and highway driving the sport mode amps up the sense of urgency with a sharper throttle pedal and slightly more steering heft it doesn’t make inputs too abrupt and is a good option for more spirited driving of course you get disc brakes all around and the feel through the pedal is also quite linear and sure-footed which means that breaking two

Isn’t too much of a concern at least in the real world prices for the hyundai venue and line started rupees 12.16 lakh for the base n6 going up to rupees 13.30 lakh for the n8 so for just over rupees 70 000 more than a equivalent standard venue the inline makes a lot of sense for you if you enjoy driving it’s one of those cars that eggs you on and while we would

Have liked a more engaging tune for the drivetrain the changes that have been made genuinely work to make the venue feel more direct and engaging the more premium feeling cabin and the sharper looks are added bonuses foreign

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