hyundai tucson suv is it a hybri
Altair Club Cars HYUNDAI TUCSON SUV, is it a HYBRID? – Dream or Drive

HYUNDAI TUCSON SUV, is it a HYBRID? – Dream or Drive

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You are most certainly familiar with hybrid cars especially if you work or live in any major metropolitan area you’ll likely see them every day on the road as you travel to or from your job today a hybrid car seems like any normal car you may see on the street you may not even realize that a particular model is a hybrid saying that hyundai has introduced a new

Tuscan model this year and it’s been taking the main stage since don’t you want to know what the fuss is all about it’s what we will be talking about in this video hello and welcome back to yet another video make sure to subscribe to our channel if you have it also press the bell icon for more content like this so let’s begin the 2022 tuscan hybrid is a distinctive

Athlete in the hybrid suv class it provides a comfortable smooth driving experience with few faults the steering is crisp its handling is composed around sharp turns and the hybrid powertrain is a willing sprinter in the testing the tuscan hybrid zipped from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 7.7 seconds beating out the toyota rav4 hybrid as the quickest in the class the

Tuscan hybrid features a lively powertrain a posh interior two rows of spacious convertible seats and a stellar safety score for these reasons it stands tall near the top of the hybrid suv class the traditional six-speed automatic transmission is eager to deliver power when needed we also like the responsive brakes beware that clunky gearshifts are sometimes

Apparent at low speeds and the crossover dives forward a bit under hard braking but in all it’s an enjoyable drive and the handoff between electric power and the engine is excellent one of the tuscan hybrids greatest attributes is its smooth ride on the road it glides on the road surfaces of all kinds and approaches luxury suv levels of comfort due to the supple

Suspension aiding the experience are the plush front seats on the limited trim their upscale surfaces and supportive cushions are a step above the competition find your comfort level with an 8-way power driver seat with added lumbar support once you find ultimate comfort you won’t have to fear losing your preferred settings thanks to the available drivers and

Integrated memory system passengers in the back can get comfortable too with reclining second row seats dual zone climate control automatically maintains your desired temperature the driver and passenger can set two different temperatures without compromising on the ac plus the advanced system lets you choose between three levels of airflow intensity in contrast

The system is set improving overall comfort and now also includes a diffuser mode setting to disperse air in all directions and better set the mood for your evening drives with ambient lighting giving you 64 colors to choose from standard heated front seats and available heated rear seats for a canadian winter essential the heated steering wheel is a warm welcome

Especially on early morning commutes when the weather heats up ventilated front seats feel cool and refreshing and no matter the weather the panoramic sunroof provides great views and makes the cabin feel even more spacious whether you’re listening to music or podcasts it will sound crystal clear on the bose premium audio system with 10 speakers placed throughout

The cabin style meets function with the all-new tuscan’s intuitive technology the 10.25 inch full digital gauge cluster brings the cabin to life rain sensing windshield wipers turn on and off automatically the tuscan is also equipped with advanced hyundai smartsense safety technologies an innovative network of high-tech cameras and sensors constantly monitoring

To help keep you safe and forward collision avoidance assists it warns you of a potential collision with a vehicle pedestrian or cyclist if you don’t stop in time emergency braking can be applied and when approaching a busy intersection junction and turning detection can help make left turns safer if you drift outside your lane the lane departure warning with lane

Keeping assist will alert you with audible and visual cues the system can also gently correct your steering to help you remain within your lane and lane following assists can assist your steering and help keep the tuscan continuously centered between the appropriate lane markings adaptive cruise control is great for longer trips the system adjusts your speed to

Keep a present distance from the vehicle ahead and even works in stop and go traffic coming to the performance the tuscan hybrid is a turbocharged and direct-injected 1.6 liter four-cylinder gasoline engine bringing 180 horsepower at 5500 rpm and 196 pound-feet of torque from 1500 to 4500 rpm but when working with a 44.3 kw electric motor and 1.48 kwh lithium

Polymer battery pack the total output of the hybrid gas electric powertrain is an impressive 225 horsepower and an estimated 258 pound-feet of torque that compares well to the naturally aspirated 2.5 liter in the standard tuscan which puts out 187 horsepower and 178 pound-feet of torque according to hyundai the tuscan hybrid equipped with a 6-speed automatic

Transmission has a 30 percent more effective powertrain than a standard tuscans with 20 percent more torque all of this helped this compact hybrid suv to do the 0-60 mile per hour run in 7.2 seconds with a top speed of 123 miles per hour this compact hybrid suv has more than adequate oomph for daily driving and the multiple drive modes do an excellent job of

Changing the characteristics of the powertrain suspension steering and braking overall the performance of the tuscan hybrid will not disappoint anyone looking for a comfortable and peppy hybrid suv the front row offers more legroom and headroom for a comfortable traveling experience the ergonomics are spot on and everything is placed where it should be hyundai

Has also provided multiple cubby holes an opening in the side of the center console multiple cup holders and bottle holders and large under armour storage space the leather upholstery and the heated and powered seats offer excellent support and bolstering the panoramic sunroof doesn’t cut into the headroom and the people over six feet would have no problem in the

Rear seat the rear seat is roomier than the competition and the reclining support makes it even comfier there are multiple ac vents and usb-a ports too the armrest is well padded and there are two cup holders the cargo area is one of the largest in the class and the 34 feet of space could store everything for a week-long road trip some of the favorite features of

This newcomer are ht-rac awd all tuscan hybrids have hdrac all-wheel drive this provides the vehicle with greater adaptability to changing weather and terrain conditions hdrac has an electronic variable torque split between the rear and front axles and there are four types of selectable drive modes normal smart sport and snow in sport more torque is acted on the

Rear wheels e-handling technology with e-handling technology the tuscan hybrid activates electric motor torque control to certain wheels for better tuning performance when the tuscan hybrid moves to a corner the electric motor system implements incremental braking force to the front wheels enhancing their traction and steering response then as the tuscan hybrid

Moves through the corner more torque goes backward for better acceleration out of turn all this happens without the driver knowing but it’s apparent in the tuscan hybrid’s impressive cornering composure this all-new generation of the hyundai tuscan features an even better build than the other models the car is constructed completely in steel and aluminum and the

Exterior panels and doors feel rigid the quality of the interior sees no compromises the cabin feels like it is built to last and this compact suv could even compete with some of the rivals in the segment above it there’s no squeaking or rattling and the interior panels are soft to touch even the lower half of the door cards and dashboard which are usually the

Places that see cost cutting turned out to be reasonably soft the 2022 hyundai tuscan hybrid starts at twenty nine thousand three hundred and forty dollars the mid-range cell convenience model begins at thirty one thousand nine hundred and forty dollars and the hybrid limited with the gps and heated rear seats starts at thirty seven thousand six hundred and forty

Dollars with that we’ve come to the end of this video what are your thoughts on this car do tell us in the comments section like share and subscribe we’ll surely meet again with another video till then bye bye bye

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HYUNDAI TUCSON SUV, is it a HYBRID? – Dream or Drive By Dream Or Drive

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