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Altair Club Cars Hyundai Tucson Review – CBBT

Hyundai Tucson Review – CBBT

We review the Hyundai Tucson

So hi guys and welcome to the interior of the brand-new 2019 unite to son is an incredible car to be in very nice setup i really love what the south koreans have done they are not flying when it comes to this game they’ve been playing catch-up for the longest time especially in the small suv market and this is one of the most competitive segments in the car industry

Right now compact suvs so they knew they had to get it right and you can see that in everything they have done over here this is a very well laid out cabin very open very wide i love the way they have done the the multifunction display over here now the multimedia system it allows you to play music from bluetooth auxilary and it has android auto and apple coupling

Which has become standard for causing this in this segments in the front here you can actually charge up to four devices because there’s one usb wireless charging port and then twelve to world sockets so they are not playing this is a car for the new generation young people are going to really love this car so in addition to this seven-inch display there’s our

Second screen in between the instrument binnacle instrument binnacle is also very clear very clear graphics very easy to use buttons over here on the steering wheel that allow you to use it very easily in terms of safety you have passenger airbags all over the place including driver knee airbags they don’t play when it comes to safety you can’t even remove the

The parking brake without having your safety belt on that’s how serious these guys take this car you can’t start without putting your safety belt on that’s how seriously you like take safety but in terms of now the seats you have of course now leather interior they’re electronic so you can adjust everything including lumbar support so just make sure that you are

As comfortable as possible when you’re sitting in this car very many things that they have done that just pay attention to detail for instance look at this now this is just a side visa visor just like any other car but there’s an additional space that you can pull out here just to make sure you are covered completely especially in this african side of us so lots

Of attention to detail i think if also summarize this kind one one phrase it would be attention to detail the paid attention to the little things and executed them extremely well so let’s check out the back to see how much space there is for passengers and for starting the boots here in the back seat of the hindi to swim is where i believe the secret to the

Success of visca is look at how much space i have over here the driver seat is said to my sitting position on five-foot-nine look at how much space i have over here and in addition to this you have ac vents at the back you have a full usb port here high speed and there are door pockets that are big enough to put on one it about you lots of space is available

Here you are she’ll even have a tie-down points for isofix for car seats you can put two at the back over here loads of space for your kids or for your friends if you’re bringing a load trip nobody who is in the back of this guy’s gonna have a problem let’s check out the boot to see how much things it can carry coming around to the back of the hyundai tucson

You have this amazing space over here very easy to get into an out of very low load scene over here lots of space that’s available and you can actually use very many trade on hooks is a 12 volt socket in here and there’s a full-size spare tire and remember this comes with 18 inch alloys and you can also fold down the seats to get extra room this is actually a

Fantastic place to be in so let’s take this onto the road and see what the human die to sun has to offer welcome to cbt my name is maliki and we are checking out then brand-new hyundai tucson and for a fast mcb bt we are checking in thought in one of the most realistic conditions you can get in a row be in the middle of traffic on mombasa road we spent a lot

Of time in traffic so it’s actually very important to know what a car feels like and feels to drive in traffic and i have to say so far this is actually a really good experience it’s a very great place to sit you have a high driving position i have very good clearance very good visibility lots of light coming in and a great infotainment system this actually has

Three driving modes it has what hyuna calls the h truck all-wheel drive system so in the normal comfort setting it splits the power between the front and the rear wheels 70-37 to the front touch it to the back so that you have basically a front-wheel drive vehicle which is very good for this kind of driving we are not doing too much in terms of acceleration and

You have of course the sport mode which does our 5050 splits for great cornering and limited off-road capability this by the way i was very shocked to discover also has a locking lift which if you include the high ground clearance makes for very good off-road capability for a car like this i’m actually very surprised one of the features that makes me really

Happy about this unique tucson especially in this traffic is something that they call ultra volt so all you do is over here right next to the brick there is a button for auto hold when you press and hold this button what happens is when you in stopped start traffic like we are in right now once you press the brake you’ll see the indicator that it’s on and then

It continues holding the brake for you so you don’t have to keep your foot on the brake when you’re in traffic then all you need to do when you need to move is just touch the accelerator to disengage the brake and continue moving so they’ve actually built a feature for you to get stuck in traffic like this we’re on on mombasa road right now so it’s actually a

Very good feature for the everyday conditions that you’re going to find yourself e at any point when you’re in traffic there’s going to be that point where the road clears up and we are doing that right now so what i’m going to do is i’m going to put the drive mode into sports and unlike a lot of other cars this does two things so first it holds the lower gear

Longer so that it helps you the acceleration and then the second thing is that it actually changes the four-wheel drive system so that now you have 50% of power to the front 50 to the back and that allows you to do race yeah so we have a 2-liter four-cylinder engine in here very powerful very peppy and then of course now because you are full four-wheel drive

Now on the all-wheel-drive system you have great great stability mira has tested the tucson hyun dye and i don’t know how he feels about it did you love this particular experience i really liked it we went through almost all the experiences that people who drive this car go through we got stuck in traffic the road opened up we had a wide open road and then

We’ve done some limited off-roading overhang in lamoreaux and it has really genuinely delivered this is the most competitive segment compact suvs and the south koreans have come with an eight-game technology all over the place that scream is amazing it’s very responsive apple carplay android auto every safety check you can possibly imagine is in this thing and

With prices starting at 3.9 million i’m genuinely very impressed speaking of rivals are the chief drivers of this particular car everybody in this market our arrival for this car everyone from the volkswagen tiguan renault kadjar honda cr-v you name it any manufacturer has a compact suv and the koreans have real journey you bought the jamia now when it comes to

Servicing it comes with a 5 year 100,000 kilometer warrant which is an industry fast we’re able to service and maintain your car for five years under warranty which is amazing that’s it guys thank you so much for joining us and cars a big boy drive you have any questions comments or anything please holla on a social media note below and we’ll get back to you as

Soon as possible selling out this is big boy trap this is meridian drive safe and be safe

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