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Altair Club Cars Hyundai Tucson Hybrid 2021 Review

Hyundai Tucson Hybrid 2021 Review

With the new Tucson, Hyundai has made a bold statement with its striking exterior but can the rest of the car back up the eye catching design? The hybrid version of the Tucson comes with 230 horsepower, and will do 0-100 KM/H in 8.3 seconds. A new feature called Remote Smart Parking, which allows the driver to move the car with just the key!

Ladies and gents welcome to the ref check today’s car the hyundai twoson let’s go wait a second did the car really just drive on its own yes it did and the key to that is the key but we’ll talk about that in a minute the new tucson is available with three different electrified drivetrains and two combustion engines the electrified versions are 48 volt mild

Hybrids either with a diesel or gasoline engine a plug-in hybrid and a full hybrid which we are testing today the hybrid version of the twosome comes with 230 horsepower will make the dash from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in around eight seconds that’s okay not the fastest but i’ve also seen slower ones the hybrid is always equipped with a six-speed

Automatic transmission general driving impression in the tucson is really pleasant i mean it is rather sporty for an suv so if you’re driving the curves faster you don’t have the impression that the car will roll over the tucson also features a variety of safety and assistance systems for example a center airbag between driver and passenger let’s quickly

Talk about the hybrid drivetrain it features a 1.49 kilowatt hour battery crazy with that you will go a few hundred meters purely electric but that’s not what it’s made for it’s there to support the combustion engine and provide decent fuel consumption hyundai claims an average consumption of 5.6 liters while we were driving we had a little more than 6 liters

But that’s still ok for a car that is rather high and therefore has a rather high air resistance now that we’ve gone through the basics let’s get back to the magically self-moving car the feature is called remote smart parking assist and enables the driver to move the car forwards and backwards with the key in case you ever wondered what your car looks like

While it’s driving from the outside that’s just the car for you but of course that feature is not made for that it’s made for parking so if you find a parking space and it’s not wide enough you get out of the car take your key and then let the car drive in that feature is only available for the hybrid versions since the car will drive purely electric during

That time what i really like about the new hyundai tucson is its design i mean it’s really striking in that grille right here with the integrated led daytime running lights you don’t see them if they are not on but if i put them on now you will see those are just the same shape as the radiator grille which is pretty cool and especially if you compare them

With the older juice and models you would not recognize this as a twoson but i really really like it the design at the rear is also very nice i like the taillights and the stripe here what i wondered when i first saw the car is where is the rear window wiper doesn’t it have one yes it has this hidden under the spoiler right here will come down like this

And then wipe your window so the space in the back right here is pretty decent there’s a lot of headroom just like you would expect it from an suv legroom is okay as well and seats yeah they’re a little bit hard but not uncomfortable so it’s okay as well i guess you can sit here with three or maybe rather two and a half people because anyone who has ever

Sat on a rear bench with three adults knows it’s more like fitted for two and a half people the interior features a fully digital configurable dual cockpit it consists of a new 10.25 inch open digital cluster and a new 10.25 inch touchscreen in the middle if you regularly drive high distances on the autobahn you should not choose the hybrid version of

The tucson because then it will start to drink very much we’re talking about 9 liters per 100 kilometers and that’s too much for a car of that size just like its brother from another mother the kia sorento the tuson features side view cameras that activate once you use the indicator so depending on which side you want to go you will see the picture in

The display and then realize if there’s someone driving next to you which is especially interesting on the highway or the autobahn the twosons are available with all-wheel drive which makes them suitable for off-road use as well of course you will want to take it easy on the car as it’s not designed to climb rocks like a jeep but it is definitely capable

Of dealing with your average gravel roads with some major potholes but the best part about the twoson is hyundai’s five-year unlimited mileage warranty so my final verdict on the new hyundai twoson it is a very decent car and if you consider that the entry level price for such a car is just over 26 000 euros that’s a really good price for all the things

You get in comparison the vw tiguan starts at over 28 000 euros and you won’t get five years of warranty on that one and what’s more important a lot of features the hyundai has as series standard do come as extra in the tiguan to sum it up the tucson is a car with a very appealing sporty design an up-to-date interior and a decent consumption the only minor

Weakness is the hybrid’s inability to drive longer distances in purely electric mode for that you will have to choose the plug-in hybrid version

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