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Altair Club Cars Hyundai TUCSON 2023 – NIGHT POV test drive & REVIEW (PHEV, 265 HP)

Hyundai TUCSON 2023 – NIGHT POV test drive & REVIEW (PHEV, 265 HP)

Taking you on a night POV test drive with the new Hyundai Tucson 2023 PHEV model.

Hello guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to a new video and today i’m taking you on a night point of view drive with the new hyundai tucson this time with the blogging hybrid powertrain so i’ll talk about the specs in a moment but let me just quickly show you the car so the new fourth generation very strong appearance on the road you see that the data

Running leds are integrated into this grill which is in dark chrome name of this color is found on black in my opinion a gorgeous speck we have the bright interior let’s unlock the car once again and you see data running leds and the main units are here very strong appearance on the road let me show you the side profile these are the 19 inch wheels that we have on

The model in our video very strong design lines 4.5 meters is the length of the car and now we come to the rear of the car look at this so once again let’s unlock it look at this how gorgeous does this look the led tail lamp and yeah the tail lamps are connected with this bar looking gorgeous indeed real exhaust plug-in lettering and also the rear viper is hidden

Here so overall i am really impressed with the design of this hyundai tucson and i can also open the tailgate hold this so there we go nice square shape and some additional room you can also put the cables down there but yeah it is now time to start to drive but before we do that i just want to show you the remote park function that this car has so let’s

Do this and let me show you what it’s all about so there’s an option to remotely start the car you see i just hold this button and now we are ready to remotely start it for example if you want to go forward there we go now we will stop the car and if you want the car to go backwards there we go how cool is that but now i want it forward there we go we can now

Start the drive unlock the car we are greeted with a very modern interior nice ambient lights and let me show you all this from driver’s perspective all right this is the lovely view in front of the driver so we will now start the car by pressing the start button it comes to life beautiful screens in front of us and this is the gear selector for the six-speed

Automatic transmission uses the shift by wire technology so i will just press d and we are now into drive release the parking brake and we are ready to go another very cool feature that you notice blind spot view monitor so as soon as you put your indicator you get the view from the camera and that helps a lot so let’s start with the specs of the model in our

Video so this is a plug-in hybrid total output 265 horsepower and 350 newton meters of torque 8.6 seconds to reach 100 top speed of 190 kilometers per hour so those are some really impressive specs speaking about the all electric range around 50 kilometers by wltp standard a bit more and yeah well definitely a wise choice especially if you have the charger in

Your home or in your carriage now the thing is with the new tucson there’s really a lot to choose from from petrol diesel mild hybrid hybrid and now also the plug-in hybrid so share your thoughts with me what would be your choice of an engine for this car and now let’s focus on this layout in front of us 10.25 inch digital cockpit with different views that are

Available they change depending on the driving mode so for example look at this sport mode has the red dials and the revs where in the eco mode you have more minimalistic view let’s call it like that there’s also these special modes terrain snow mud and sand since this is the all-wheel drive version and in the middle we have the 10.25 inch screen with the

New infotainment system from hyundai and this is really useful this camera and we will now depart this carriage and go on a nice relaxed drive around my hometown of zagreb and i want to change the ac it’s really easy to do it here is where you adjust the air blower and this is where you adjust the temperature so it’s a thumb up from me no classic buttons

But those clutch sensitive panels are really good and easy to get used to it so this car consists of the 1.6 liter petrol engine and the 66.9 kilowatt electric motor it’s also got the 13.8 kilowatt-hour battery and you can also see the energy flow in here it’s a cool view with the fuel engine electric motor battery and the wheels c this car has the lovely 3d

Navigation let’s have the nice 3d view of the buildings on our left national theater and you can also spot it here i believe you can see it in this lovely navigation once again nice relaxing sound of the indicators and you see now the blind spot view monitor it can be also very useful when you are parking the car close to the curb for example just turn on the

Indicator and you will see how close you are so that is how i also use this system and speaking about the driving modes so sport and eco then the terrain and you see how we change the view that we get in front of us there’s also an eevee mode but we would need more battery for that unfortunately i didn’t have time to charge the car as i don’t have the charger

At my home but uh yeah well that way we would be using even more of electric power but you see now the car is also coasting on electric power so even though we have really small percentage of battery left and blind spot assist not sure if you saw that so not only do you have the monitor you also get the warning here you see and when you turn on the indicator

And you have a car in your blind spot it will warn you it will flash this and also vibrate the steering wheel so really a lot of features in this car and it’s really nice and really relaxed even though we are driving on 19-inch wheels it is still very comfortable i can only imagine you know how comfortable with the drive bay with smaller wheels i believe

That 18 and 17 inch are available for tucson and when you turn on the sport mode of course you have more power and better throttle response and really you can feel the torque once again 350 newton meters of torque but i prefer to drive it in eco mode i think it’s more relaxing and this car is really made for cruising and enjoying and this cabin looks very nice

Especially during the night with those screens turned on this is actually inspired by the waterfalls see this design here really cool and once again look at the navigation and the buildings 3d shape this is really nice and yeah well i really love those small elements that you know makes you happy and since we are stationary here you see the gear selector also

Some ambient lights there are various colors available and you can see the ambient lights here and also on those sides of the doors you see here if we go to setup vehicle now here lights ambient light you can change the color here so for example sunrise red this is now in red purple or custom color so this is the custom color they’re actually 64 available

Colors and then you just you know do this and change the color depending on what you want and what you like if you follow me regularly you will know that blue would be probably my favorite here and what i would love to see is the ambient lights maybe throughout the dashboard some may say that would be too much i don’t know tell me in the comments what are your

Thoughts on that and let’s change the ambient light color once again not sure if camera is catching it but you can see it for example this red one here and also here and i will now stop here to show you the details of the interior so yeah well 12 volt power supply usb port another usb port wireless charger for your phone once again the gear selector drive

Mode button electronic parking brake you also get the storage area in here adjustable cup holders decent amount of room here in the glove box and uh yeah well overall it’s really a nice place to be and this infotainment system also gives you a lot of options and settings and i want to show you the cluster teams so you saw all the teams but there’s additional

Team which is the cube team so you have like two cubes anyway that’s pretty much it when we talk about this static interior view so let’s continue our drive okay and this car has a bunch of cameras 360 view so it’s really easy to maneuver with it front camera as well there we go c and speaking about the technology and safety and driver assist systems this car

Is really amazing i have a bunch of settings which you can adjust here driver attention warning forward safety lane safety blind spot safety which i already showed you and during the point of view drive uh during the day i will go on highway show you the lane assist it’s really nice in keeping you in lane very smoothly and uh yeah well you have also the rear uh

Cross traffic alert and stuff like that so really helps a lot and yeah well that’s pretty much it when we talk about this new hyundai tucson tell me in your comments how do you like the car and how did you like this night point of view drive i really hope that you enjoyed it at least as much as i did and subscribe for more check out my full in-depth review the

Static one during today and also stay tuned for more videos but for now that’s it thank you for watching bye bye

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Hyundai TUCSON 2023 – NIGHT POV test drive & REVIEW (PHEV, 265 HP) By crospotter13

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