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Altair Club Cars Hyundai Tucson 2022 Review | More Than Just A Wild Design | CarWale

Hyundai Tucson 2022 Review | More Than Just A Wild Design | CarWale

The new Hyundai Tucson certainly stamps a great first impression with its design, but with prices on the higher side of the spectrum in its segment – is it worth the premium? Sagar finds out

I found something i was searching for i found something i was searching for so the year is 2005 and hyundai has just launched the due saw its first ever suv for india and this is how it looked like now it wasn’t particularly large but you and i did try to make it look tough and solid with huge plastic cladding all around roof rails on the top and beefy tires

But unfortunately the market at the time for premium five-seater suv was virtually non-existent eleven years later we got the third generation tusor and this time around it did much better at launch but again the market for premium 5c the suv at the time was quite limited and by the end of its life the tucson really struggled for sales but all of that is in the

Past now and what we have here is an entirely new generation of the tusa which is said to be introduced in a market that has seen a lot of changes especially in the post-pandemic world in fact spending habits have evolved and hyundai tells us that more and more buyers are now opting for premium five-seater suvs and that i believe is exactly why the tusor has made

A comeback my name is sagar and in this video i am going to talk about some of this car’s biggest usp and one solid reason for why this new tusor has a better chance of succeeding now more than ever before first up it’s how the new tulsa looks and how radically different it is compared to the old model i mean there’s no resemblance whatsoever and if i’m honest

I’m not sure how something this flamboyant and radical would age say in the next 10 years or so but let’s just stick to the present uh and in that context the tucson looks absolutely smashing and its design is easily one of its biggest usb so it’s got a lot of stuff that isn’t common even on premium cars things like this dark room grille and the daytime running

Lights that are in your site until you switch them off let me show you now that they are off you can see how well they merge with the rest of this new parametric grille that hyundai has introduced for the new tucson i like how the main headlights are placed within the bumper but that’s not entirely radical because we have seen that in suvs before there is

Nothing conventional about the profile either for instance you do not get one two but three prominent creases that run along the front door and it’s the same story as you move on to the back and the side panels also you get angular wheel arches instead of the traditional semi-circle layout and up here you get this thick chrome panel which runs along the entire

Glass area now it’s here to cut down the visual mask and it actually makes the dual saw look lower than it actually is here at the back you get this nice thick light bar kind of like the one that you get in the venue but because the yundai logo here it’s placed upwards and within the glass there’s nothing interrupting this light strip when it’s fully lit and it

Looks really cool if you ask me now if you’re wondering if the new tusa is missing a rear wiper it’s actually tucked underneath the rear spoiler here to add to the clean look the new to saw then is exuberant when it comes to looks but what about its size and road presence well this new model has grown in size compared to the old use of especially in its length

After all hyundai has launched the long wheelbase version this time around and the tusa is now longer by 150 millimeters more crucially the wheelbase is stretched by 85 millimeters and when compared to its rivals it beats all of the five-seater suvs including the tiguan the c5 aircross and the compass you get a nice soothing wipe once you’re in here and i think

That’s mainly down to how clean the top half of this dashboard and the door pads look i also like this dual tone black and light gray combination and how it adds to the overall calmness of this cabin now talking about features what we have here is the top spec signature variant and as you would expect the list of features in here it’s just as long as this car and

One of my favorite features in here is the diffuser mode for the ac vents now there’s a reason why you have these super wide ac vents with holes in them and that’s because in diffuser mode the system it lets out chilled air in a dispersed manner kind of like in airplanes if you will other feature highlights include a nice sounding audio system from bose electric

Adjustment for both the driver and the passenger a wireless charger ventilated seats a 360 degree view camera and what is perhaps the biggest panoramic sunroof that i’ve seen in a five-seater suv talking about safety equipment the tusa has all the basics covered and then some more you get six airbags disc brakes on all four corners he’ll hold hand hill descent

Assist front and rear parking sensors and height adjustable front seat belts the real highlight though are the level two eight as features that this car gets so there’s forward collision warning and avoidance lane departure and lane follow assist rear cross traffic warning and collision avoidance assist adaptive cruise control and high beam assist so the tucson

Can also be had in platinum variant which is priced lower than the signature trim that we have here naturally it’s also down on features and in terms of missing features it doesn’t get uh any of the level two a dash capability except for the blind spot monitoring system and also the passenger side seating it’s manually adjustable whereas it’s electrically adjustable

In this uh signature trim now as far as i can see uh the tuso has pretty much everything and the only couple of things that i’m missing in here are type c usb ports and a cool glove box the old tucson well it wasn’t all that great for a seat comfort but things have changed drastically with this new fourth generation model now i will admit that this rear seat

It’s still placed quite low and because of that you will have to stretch out completely to be fully comfortable but other than that this new tucson it’s a really nice place to be in and i can see that hyundai is targeting shop for driven customers with the new doosa simply by looking at the number of for rear seat focus features that are in here to start with

This backrest it’s not just uh generously sized but as you can see i can also recline it and it can be reclined quite a bit so that uh you get this really comfortable posture which will be great for those long road trips secondly i can control this front seat all the way from here by simply clicking these controls that have been given on the backrest now this

Is a neat little feature that i wish more car brands would introduce in their premium models for this test we have got the diesel automatic tusor which is powered by a two liter engine that makes 184 bhp of power and 416 nm of torque and it’s paired to an 8-speed dock converter automatic the diesel tucson also gets all-wheel drive with three terrain modes snow

Mud and sand okay so before i get to the engine and gearbox bit in this two liter diesel automatic version that we are driving today i have to talk about the outward visibility which is simply superb i mean the dashboard it’s set low and so is this digital instrument cluster and overall the view that i’m getting of the road head it’s it’s clear and it’s wide and

I have no intrusions from the dash whatsoever the visibility on the sides and at the back is also on point because of the large glass area so overall the tucson feels like a really easy car to drive even within the confines of of city where you might encounter a lot of traffic in your everyday drives so that’s a good thing something that contributes heavily to

The user-friendly nature of that you saw is the it’s light steering uh it’s not uh all that feels some as you up the pace but when it comes to driving in the city uh in traffic the steering is very light and precise at the same time so it makes it very easy to maneuver this car through through traffic now the first thing that i noticed as soon as i started the

Car is that it’s definitely less noisy on idle than the compass diesel or the c5 and as the revs rise once you get going it remains smooth and there’s less of the typical diesel flatter that you get from driving an suv in terms of performance the neutral picks up speed in a very linear manner and that makes it a great city car even on the highway it is deceptively

Quick risking you forward from as low as 1800 rpm and it’s only when you look at the speedo that you realize that you are going faster than you anticipated although that’s also down to how quiet the cabin is at highway speeds when you round everything up i think the new tusa is the real deal i mean it’s quiet it’s comfortable it’s got a ton of space and best of

All it feels like a high quality product now if you ask me its biggest advantage against the competition is that it’s a much newer car and it feels so in many ways as for the prices the tucson might seem like an expensive proposition when you look at its entry level price but it’s a different story for the all-wheel drive diesel automatic version which comes in

At rupees 34.39 lakh now that’s four and a half lakh rupees more than the compass s with all wheel drive but for that you are getting a car that’s bigger in size and has more features as for the c5 aircross which comes close to the use of when it comes to size and road presence it is roughly 50 000 cheaper but then again it isn’t as well spec and more importantly

It doesn’t get all wheel drive either but we want to know what you think would you choose the radical new 2 saw or go for either the jeep compass or the citronel c5 air cross let us know in the comments and if you are new to car wallet then please subscribe to our channel and click on the bell icon to get notification for every new video that we upload also check

Out for the written review and on-road prices for the new doosan you

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Hyundai Tucson 2022 Review | More Than Just A Wild Design | CarWale By CarWale

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