hyundai sonata hybrid introducti
Altair Club Cars Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Introduction Chicago Auto Show

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Introduction Chicago Auto Show

Press of twenty nine miles of all-electric driving before the efficient 1.6 litre four-cylinder engine kicks in and the 2020 ionic electric now has a bigger more powerful more horsepower packs battery pack and a faster onboard charger that can reach 80 percent capacity in as little as 54 minutes with 133 combined mpge it is one of the most fuel are one of the most

Electric efficient vehicles sold in the united states and with its 270 miles of range it out distances the nissan leaves 140 mile version beyond approved power trains the 2020 ionic family now has a new aerodynamic exterior and an interior design for comfort and convenience drivers will appreciate ionics infotainment displays and connectivity today we have the

Newest most technologically sophisticated and environmentally-friendly lineups in the mass market and we continue to up the ante today’s announcement is part of a tidal wave of new eco focused products were bringing to market by 2022 and we’re not only introducing more green vehicles but we’re growing our sales of them as well in 2019 our eco-friendly sales were up

37 percent compared to what we did in 2018 and we see in even a brighter future in 2020 and beyond and it’s now my pleasure to introduce hyundai’s chief marketing officer making her first auto show appearance for hyundai miss angeles beta well thank you paul and hello everyone good morning to you thanks for the very warm welcome and as paul said and hyundai better

Drives us it is our mantra it’s our brand strategy it is how we do business better drives us is truly the hyundai way but what does that slogan really mean it certainly just doesn’t mean better for better sake how is it better who is it better for we ask ourselves these questions every day at hyundai everything we do is to enrich people’s lives by protecting them

As well as our environment and by designing technologically advanced products and experiences that people can rely on because if you aren’t making things better for people then who are you making them better for we’re a mobility company and we design vehicles and invest in programs to make people’s lives better and their vehicle ownership experience more satisfying

Better drives us to offer industry-leading customer focused programs like america’s best warranty and more recently shopper assurance shop assurance streamlines the automobile shopping and buying experience and it has been extremely successful especially with a new generation of customers and in a few minutes we’ll introduce a new program that is not only better

For them but that raises the bar for all manufacturers of course better drives us is also a mantra and product design and development better is what customers expect from hyundai products better designs performance technology safety and more and that’s exactly what you will find in the all-new hyundai sonata hybrid for 2020 so what do you think as some of

You may recall sanada was the second vehicle hyundai brought into the u.s. 31 years ago already it’s growing popularity ever since then has driven hyundai’s brand recognition and appeal for model year 2020 even though we now have seven cars and seven suvs in our lineup plus our three ionic models for many customers sonata and hyundai are still synonymous as customer

Preferences migrate from passenger cars to crossovers and suv’s we haven’t lost sight of the fact that the vehicle many people still want for daily driving and road trips is a sedan and that is why sanada remains one of the best selling products in our lineup but as demographics lifestyles and technologies change today’s sedan customers want more not just eco-friendly

Transportation but designs that appeal to their senses seamless connectivity exceptional comfort and convenience and a driving experience free from a range anxiety and of course they want it all at a reasonable price the 2020 sonata hybrid exceeds their expectations in every way it is better designed better equipped more fuel efficient roomier and more fun to drive

Than ever before it starts with the design infused with sensuous sportiness the design inspiration behind our newest models you certainly see that principle at work in the new sonata hybrid it has a low athletic stance accentuated by an exclusive cascading grille and sculpted front bumper the sporty design carries to the rear of the car with unique spoiler on the

Trunk lip and into the alloy wheels that are also exclusive to the hybrid design the aerodynamic enhancements make our new sonata hybrid slice through the air with less drag design and functionality also meet in the solar panels our engineers integrated into the roof they’re just not for show the solar roof directly charges both the 12-volt and hybrid batteries and

Generates enough power to increase driving range by about two miles every day or 703 miles every year the system can prevent unnecessary battery discharge from infotainment or hvac when the car is off in addition to better design the 2020 sonata hybrid is also more fuel efficient at 52 mpg combined for the blue trim the 2020 sonata hybrid has 10 miles more that per

Gallon over last year’s model a huge 24% increase which puts it ahead of a cord hybrid the 2020 sonata hybrid also has the highest highway fuel economy rating at 54 mpg and a class-leading 686 miles of driving range talk about better and better doesn’t stop with the powertrain our newest hybrid has all the technology and appointments customers want from hyundai to

Make their driving and ownership experience more enjoyable things like hyundai digital ki shareable with other drivers touch sensors on the door handles for easy entry in the cockpit the new head-up display keeps drivers attention on the road and the new lcd cluster can be customized to display the drivers preferred instruments sonatas wide new 10 and a quarter

Inch navigation display is much easier to see and use and it can be configured as a split screen to display the information that matters most wireless device charging is also available along with an array of conveniences to keep customers connected for 2020 we have repositioned the sonata hybrids battery pack to create nearly two-and-a-half more cubic feet of

Cargo space and giving the new model the most front headroom and legroom in its class we’ve made the interior quieter with high-tech sound absorption materials better technology our new midsize sedan also means better safety thanks to a robust package of hyundai’s smart sense features forward collision avoidance assist advanced smart cruise control and five other

Outstanding features come standard with every model including lane following assist and blind spot collision avoidance assist for even more control over the unexpected three more innovative smart smiths since technologies including blind spot view monitor are available by any measure the 2020s sonata hybrid is a remarkable improvement not only over our previous

Model but over any other hybrid sedan in the market today in design and efficiency comfort convenience and safety it offers outstanding value along with the improved ionic lineup nexo fuel cell and other hyundai eco-friendly models it is yet another example of what we mean when we save better drives us as i said earlier along with product better drives us to offer

Customer focus policies that all work to promote better owner satisfaction and today we’re excited to announce a new program that will give owners even more peace of mind when they purchase a hyundai in fact we just ran a commercial about our exciting new program during the pregame show at the super bowl last sunday take a look you already have enough to keep up

With in your life like that intense new show that everyone’s talking about so let us take one worry off your plate introducing hyundai complementary maintenance the basic services your new hyundai needs for three years or 36,000 miles now on every new 2020 vehicle add that to america’s best warranty and what’s left to worry about except that scene in last night’s

Episode i’m in shock better peace of mind with hyundai complementary maintenance ladies and gentlemen please welcome hyundai’s chief customer officer and vice president of retail experience barry ratzlaf good morning better truly does drive us not just in our innovative product but in our passionate commitment to customer satisfaction over the years that pursuit

Has led us to create a number of policies and programs that make the hyundai customer experience better angela mentioned just a few the programs are all part of hyundai assurance which aims to simplify the shopping and buying processes and promises to deliver an outstanding service and ownership experience to those who become part of the hyundai family today we

Are excited to tell you about this new program we announced on february 1st to improve owner assurance hyundai complementary maintenance this industry-leading program promises our customers three years of basic maintenance with every purchase or lease of a new 2020 hyundai vehicle complimentary maintenance covers normally scheduled oil changes oil filter changes

Plus tire rotations for three years or 36,000 miles longer than any mainstream competitor we’re providing customers complimentary maintenance in addition to the other owner assurance programs hyundai customers receive with every new lease or purchase three years of standard bluelink connectivity which includes emergency assistance maintenance alerts remote start

And more five years of roadside assistance and of course the well-known and still industry-leading america’s best warranty of 560 new vehicle warranty and 10 years 100,000 miles of powertrain protection our newest offering is a win for our dealers for hyundai and for our customers complementary maintenance will help hyundai dealers take care of their customers

Farther into their ownership cycle leading to incremental service and parts revenue increased service satisfaction and loyalty for the dealer and for hyundai three years of complimentary maintenance is a competitive advantage for hyundai as a brand this exceptional new program will raise brand opinion purchased consideration envy increased vehicle sales and market

Share best of all most importantly of all complimentary maintenance is a win for our customers it builds trust and confidence in the hyundai brand and gives customers peace of mind when they own a new hyundai along with the other elements of owner assurance it is proof that we will take care of our customers when they join the hyundai family in the years ahead we

Will continue to be customer advocates with programs like complimentary maintenance shopper assurance america’s best warranty and more better drives us is a continuous quest to improve customers lives of course we’ll do the same thing with our growing product lineup as the new sonata hybrid and the refreshed ionic demonstrate will continue to provide eco-friendly

Vehicles that make things better for our customers and the planet we all in have it we thank you for attending our press event this morning and we look forward to speaking with you if you just give us a minute we’ll take a brief pause for a photo opportunity and then we invite you to take a closer look at the new sonata hybrid thank you all right well welcome

Back to the 2020 chicago auto show now we are live down here at mccormick place in downtown chicago for all of the press events throughout the course of the day of course you just saw nick miles over at the jeep booth earlier and we kicked it off with ford motor company at the beginning of the morning now we got a lot more news for you and of course we’re here

Right now in the hyundai because i’m gonna let you take a look over here for a quick photo op now hyundai making big news over the last week not just at the superbowl but with sales figures on the palisade their all-new suv things are really looking good for the hyundai brand right now and of course we have that great super bowl ad here the last few days at super

Bowl that that ad was the smart pack and we’re gonna talk to the chief marketing officer here in a minute angela zepeda who is new to the hyundai brand she’s gonna make her way over here of course this is the all-new hyundai and this is the hybrid sonatas the first time they’re gonna put a hybrid badge on the sonata it’s gonna get 686 miles of pure hybrid range

The exterior design of this vehicle is something that sets itself apart it’s not an entry-level sedan you can tell it’s longer it’s wider and it is packed with luxury and performance but here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna bring in the new chief marketing officer for the hyundai brand angela zepeda come on in it is great to see you this morning now let me just

Back up for a minute welcome to the auto show this is your first press conference here at the auto show and you get to do it in chicago and being the chief marketing officer talk about fun and a fun brand to be with right now tell us about your initial experiences well i love hyundai it’s it’s new for me to be in the role but i was previously with the ad agency and

So i’ve been shadowing the cmo position for about three years and so for me the transitions been really seamless and it’s been great i know the hyundai side of the business and i still have the close connection back to the ad agency and i think that marriage of where i was from before to today is making it really fast for me to immerse myself and get acclimated to

What needs to happen next because this is a brand on the move we’re definitely not static and we had a tremendous 20 19 so i’m really excited to be here right now in our history you’re definitely a brand on the move and i’ve got two questions for you first i and i get it the sonata hybrid is not coming with the smap pack but i do want to talk about from a marketing

Standpoint that commercial three days ago had 20 million downloads and it is one of the most exciting commercials i in the auto industry have seen in my life tell me about that video well first of all thank you very much we take superbowl very seriously we’ve been in it for about ten years and we want to do really well we don’t go into super bowl thinking let’s just

Do a spot this year we had great product news with the new 2020 sonata where we really didn’t have product news in the last couple years that matched up with super bowl so we had this perfect opportunity to put the sonata as the star of the commercial and the car comes with so much technology and safety features it was almost an embarrassment of riches along with

The fact that it’s beautifully redesigned but we thought okay we don’t need to talk about the design we can just show it in a beautiful way so let’s focus on the technology let’s let’s highlight something that surprises and delights customers and one of those features is the remote smart parking assist which is a total mouthful one-time smack back well and that’s

Where we landed was just we kind of truncate it and so do our engineering counterparts to smart park but at the agency there was a creative who had a boston background and a little bit of an accent and he just started saying smart pack and we just thought that was funny and that was memorable and that’s we wanted we wanted our new version that come out at a super

Bowl where people were saying something about this new technology that was new and delightful and surprising and of course then we ended up getting an insolvable cast that was terrific and so we’re very pleased with the outcome huge congratulations to hyundai and all of its incredible work over the last year now we’ve got a lot more press conferences happening

Here i want to thank angela zepeda for joining us here in the hyundai booth of course the hybrid version of the sonata is there big news here at the chicago auto show we’re gonna close it out with nick miles who’s gonna be moving on to the next press first press conference here in the next few minutes

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Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Introduction Chicago Auto Show By Our Auto Expert

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