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Altair Club Cars Hyundai Sonata Embera CRDi – D-Segment Diesel Sedan | Faisal Khan

Hyundai Sonata Embera CRDi – D-Segment Diesel Sedan | Faisal Khan

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Hi guys follow me on instagram to never ever miss any of my crazy updates hi guys and welcome to another vlog i am driving this okay this is kind of the spare key doesn’t look like the original one for sure the hyundai sonata embera this is from 2009 this guy comes karchy of durga called echo to me so make sure to click on the pin comment and give them a follow on

Instagram the link is right there straight away we’re going to be opening the engine bay of this vehicle and i’ve actually practiced this before oh my goodness it is super heavy because it’s got hydraulics stretch this insulation right there it says 2 liter vgt this is a diesel engine of course and let’s shut this for a moment it’s got this chrome on the grill but

The grill is chin to mint too the lights get the projector setup and this golden color it actually looks nice it obviously gets a fog light as well from the side you realize this is actually a very long car look at the length of this car the good old times when d-segment cars used to sell now the only people buy suvs fake suvs crossovers whatever you want to call

It anyways the size of the wheels 2 1 5 60 16. alloy wheel design was very bland in those days says auto here so that you know what you’re driving and there is a little bit of chrome splashed here there’s a request sensor as well and i think the design is still quite elegant i like it for sure coming to the rear it says sonata crdi twin pipes real exhaust vessel

Khan’s fingers of truth actually like these things but nowadays so we get a lot of fake exhaust there are sensors for the rear parking sensors rather the rear parking sensors are there which are proper as such let’s open the boot of the vehicle and you press a button now it has to be open from inside and here’s the quirky bit here okay you have to actually click

It here that’s a odd position to have the boot release mechanism okay i did i press it right i did press it right so it should open or i don’t know the boot has locked itself it won’t open it’s upset with me so i’d have to figure out something how to open the boot of the vehicle it will make a siren but it will not open the boot so we’ll come to that later anyways

Coming to the rear can you stop sounding off continuous sound anyways the rear seat is where this sonata was absolutely mind bogglingly phenomenal just look at the space on offer okay the recline angle also seems nice head room also seems decent under that support is not bad and there’s so much room on offer in fact it also gets an ashtray right there and a little

Bit of a hump here magazine holders who cares three adjustable headrests and a center armrest where there are twin cup holders as well that’s kind of nice but no door pockets at the rear that’s something very good why would they not give door pockets at the rear because they gave them at the front they’re like we’ll skip it there’s a puddle lamp right there and

It’s beige treatment seats actually look nice and get the electric adjust electric edges seats which is fantastic the dashboard has a lot of this wood treatment okay even on the steering wheel you can see this wood treatment one second yeah no no electric adjust here glove glovebox is lockable and is decent size and you can decide if you want to lock or unlock the

Airbag now this old infotainment system in those times that was there but autodemy inside you have your mirror there is a mirror along with the light there which is cool there’s a sunglass holder on the top no sunroof of course but there’s another mirror and light on the driver’s side steering has this wood treatment which is nice audio controls on the steering

Wheel the instrument cluster also looks quite decent as such in fact the lever to turn on the car is quite different there i’m just going to turn it on and it rose to life you don’t have to press anything you just can turn on the engine the way you like it okay climate control air conditioning there’s a clock here what do you think about the dashboard design well

I’m honestly very pumped up to drive this car because it’s a diesel automatic twin cup holders there’s storage space here there are multiple compartments there’s a usb and an aux inside okay like this is like my cupboard so many storage spaces but let’s start driving right away all right let’s turn on the car there it rose to life i like that switch to turn on

The car air conditioning off first things first we get into drive mode before in between again to reverse through your parking sensors start making sound hand breakdown we put it into manual mode as well and then the steering wheel is actually quite heavy not really decently heavy but it’s a hydraulic unit let’s go straight away onto the throttle and i can tell

You that the motor is actually smooth in spite of being a diesel engine it’s actually very smooth this is the same engine as the one okay now it’s not that smooth this is the same engine as the one on the elantra two liter diesel however the difference is that they’ve tuned it differently and giving it more power so this one actually produces 142 horsepower the

Lander made 114 or somewhere around that top output is 323 newton meters which is again dramatic enough and the result is that performance is good but the gearing is so short and it’s closely stacked that you have to keep working the gearbox thankfully in the automatic you don’t have to do it automatic is a torque converter unit which is smooth shifting but not

Very fast which shifts and the steering wheel has absolutely no feel or feedback so this car obviously competed with the honda accord and it was better than the accord in terms of space and ride quality the ride is amazing because the suspension is soft really very nice you still really low down this car was sold between 2005 to 2009 and the price range was somewhere

Between 14 to 20 lakh rupees at that time you know the prices looked aggressive now of course at that price you get the city and the rapid and the verna and the prices have gone through the roof mid-range is really nice top end is lacking it lunges ahead in the mid-range very nicely steering has no feel feedback whatsoever in spite of the fact this is actually a

Hydraulic unit there is zero feel okay it doesn’t inspire any confidence it doesn’t weigh up at all it just so how do i put it i don’t know i don’t even have a term to describe the steering wheel devoid of any field even two three years back hyundai’s cars did not have good steering wheels so you can imagine almost 10 years back or 15 years back what would be the

Condition of the steering wheel well that is it in this sonata embera and the model they launched after this i think they removed the diesel and they gave a petrol now this is only available the diesel engine this particular model the empire was only available with the diesel engine either you could get a manual gearbox or an automatic gearbox but that’s not all

The funny part was that you could get manual with fabric or automatic with fabric and in leather as well so the trims were actually bases what is the condition of the seats fabric or leather so we’re going to try and make a quick u-turn steering wheel is it’s not bad steering kiss kushi media like humongous and we’ve got carbon fiber on the dashboard which is not

Really carbon fiber i don’t even know what that is so we’re going to try and make a u-turn it won’t be difficult at all because uh i mean visibility and all is decent enough it’s actually very small in terms of size uh sorry it’s very low not small it’s very low the car is very low i’m going to make a quick u-turn and i’m actually very keen on driving which model of

The elantra you know the one okay we could not make the jute unfortunately never mind i have this alarm ringing which tells everybody i’m going to take a reverse right now and that will keep ringing so that i can comfortably take a u-turn that’s enough we are done with it here into drive mode into manual mode onto the throttle let’s see how it accelerates it does

Not give me manual control of things and up shifts around 4500 rpm and kind of shifts like an amd box that’s the lag between shift somehow that’s kind of funny it’s a top converter unit of course and on to the gas obviously you can’t spin the wheels but we have to do left foot on the brake right from the actuator which means turning on the hazard lights nobody is

Behind us left foot on the brake right on the actual revving the motor there’s no traction control so yeah there is a good amount of weed spin because there is no traction control of course not even small guys are getting traction control and doing the ruining the fun completely let me try and upshift into higher gear to see how many gears are on offer here yeah

Into a higher gear and then because of the diesel talk there is good amount of tractive attractability tractability what am i saying okay we’re going to stop our speed breaker ground lens was a non-issue in this car but this is not a drivers car this is not a car you would enjoy driving for that there was a chord you would love to accord the accord is fantastic

In this regard okay let’s see how it is around the turns this steering wheel doesn’t offer any feel or feedback but you know what body roll is decently well contained for a car which is this soft and this longer wheelbase body roll is still very decently contained but somehow because this i mean i don’t know even with the soft suspension you can hear a bit of the

Road okay we are going to take a ride i would have really enjoyed this car if it had slightly better dynamics but then hyundai was not really focused on dynamics they were completely focused on you know comfort levels which they still are but this car was another level of soft suspension altogether really long good to drive fun in that regard but not dynamic in

Any way whatsoever brakes are decent i mean they stop the car what else do you want from brakes so the actual problem happens to be that the power band is quite narrow in this car other than that there’s not much to complain about the engine and that was a time when hyundai was so focused on diesel engines they used to get a diesel in almost every car up there

Not that they’re not doing it right now but you know this was the usp of this car because honda obviously did not offer a diesel engine in any of its cars at that time and that was a chilly’s heel of honda cars that said the sonata actually sold in decent numbers but the one which is the most popular according to me the one i like the most is the jaguar design one

Which we felt and looked really awesome we’re just going to park it behind the x trail and that is the end of the vlog if you liked it make sure to give the thumbs up that’s a like button and also subscribe to the channel i will see you guys in the next video soon and listen to this yeah yeah yeah bye-bye a post credit scene is here guys so do you think this car

Is value for money for rupees 4 i don’t think these people can answer through the screen of youtube but no i’m asking you do you think is it value for money definitely yeah but uh because the diesel and you know what a diesel is a diesel is a diesel is a diesel let’s just put like 12 lakh rupees more and buy this class right of course you

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Hyundai Sonata Embera CRDi – D-Segment Diesel Sedan | Faisal Khan By Faisal Khan

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