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Hyundai Santa Cruz Seat Protection

Hyundai Santa Cruz Seat Protection! This is a must do!

Hyundai santa cruz seat protection this stuff is awesome well good afternoon everybody and welcome back to rob motive mt today we’re going to be taking care of the hyundai santa cruz seat protection now i use this product i’m not sponsored by these people there will be a link down below if you want to check out pricing details all that stuff but i use this on

Several of my vehicles including my current toyota tacoma my jeep gladiator my wife’s jeep many different vehicles over the years what it is it’s a scotch brite auto fabric and carpet water shield they claim it waterproofs the fabric which is good if you ever spill anything on it it should for the most part just wipe right off gotta say i’ve never had any issues

Although i’ve never really spilled anything heavily on there just your normal drips or dribbles or whatever you know but that’s about it but better safe than sorry so the hyundai santa cruz behind me there is brand new it’s the perfect time to put this stuff on now you want to make sure of course that your seats are clean you don’t want to spray in dirt and stuff

So sweep them off i’ve already done that real quick want to run through what it says it says auto fabric and carpet water shield it says keeps your vehicle’s interior looking good longer that’s always nice um let’s see won’t change the feel or breathability of fabrics when used as directed and that would be two light coats which they say are better than one heavy

Coat gives auto fabric and carpet repellency to help protect against water or other liquids i would think dries quickly odorless when dry you want to make sure you put this on in a well-ventilated area you really don’t want to be inhaling this when it’s wet or in vapor form if you will applications fabric seats floor mats car seats auto carpet trunk yeah our trunks

Plastic so we don’t worry about that cargo space it says do not use on an x coated fabric i don’t know what that means but since i don’t know what it means i’m not going to worry about it let’s see do not use on leather or plastic so it’s not to clean leather plastic don’t spray it on leather or plastic the coverage it says coverage varies with size of vehicle

Fabric and carpet type and amount applied obviously the directions protect surrounding non-fabric and non-carpet materials from overspray if overspray occurs wipe up quickly i’m just going to drape a towel over like the center console area that’s about it i’m not going to go to extremes there shake can well open all vehicle windows and doors for ventilation

Uh test for color fastness spray in an inconspicuous area and allow article to dry completely to check for color change may give fabric a slightly darker richer tone so make sure you test it do i no i never have i just go for it but you should test it first uh whole can six inches from fabric or carpet surface overlap spray using slow sweeping motion two light

Coats are better than one heavy coating as i mentioned allow to dry between coats and lastly reapply every after every cleaning or every three months to maintain protection durability of product protection varies with wear so the more you get in and out and scoot across there the more you’ll probably wear it off that’s about it so we’re going to go ahead put that

Towel or whatever over the center console area and then i’m going to give it a couple of coats see if it looks any different all right we’re ready to go you can see as i mentioned i did put a towel and a rag actually over the radio screen i don’t expect that kind of overspray anyway but hey better safe than sorry why not just do it i mean it took me what a tenth

Of a second to throw that rag over the radio so you can see what the seat looks like now and i’m really only gonna do the seat area probably because if you’re gonna spill anything unless you really go nuts it’s probably not gonna splatter all over behind you where you’re sitting we’ll see if i have enough left i may spray the seat backs too we’ll see but there’s

A view of what the seat looks like before let’s go ahead and get spraying is a bit of overspray so i would make sure that you do cover up the radio i guess that’s a good idea there that’s all i’m going to do for the first coat there now i’ll move to the back might as well hit that surface case i have anybody in here that might dump something who knows there

We go and then we’ll move over to the other side i’ll finish it up i’ll do a second coat and then we’ll have a look see if you notice any difference okay got it all done i will say it does mist a lot so there’s a lot of overspray so maybe not a bad idea to cover up the center console and the radio screen maybe even throw a rag over your gauge cluster screen as

Well never hurts to protect and it’s a pretty simple thing to do but let’s take a look i’ve given it about a half an hour or so to dry so it should be dry to the touch at least let’s take a look see if we have a richer darker interior we’ll start in the back i don’t expect it to be any different honestly but there’s what it looks like again i did just do the seat

Part itself i did not do the back parts just didn’t really see a need but there you go looks good i don’t see any discoloration or crazy staining or anything nuts like that let’s take a look at the driver’s side front got some shadowing in there these are shadows um because of the lighting otherwise there is no discoloration or anything and it is light to the or

Dry to the touch so no issues there i did remove the towel let’s go over and check out the passenger side fronts and rears because you never know could have that odd occurrence where it might have caused something somewhere again you’re supposed to color test this and uh i did not there’s the passenger rear you can see it looks the same to me i do not notice a

Color difference and you’d be able to tell since i did not do the backs uh looks pretty much the same to me here’s the passenger side front again looks pretty good to me i do still smell it a little bit it’s not overwhelming but i do smell a hint of that spray in here so and it is nice and dry no issues like that so it came out pretty good i am happy with it again

It’s just one of those simple little things you can do to protect your investment i mean you know i can see if you’re watching this video and you said nah i’m not doing that tomorrow you’re gonna spill some coffee on those seats it’s just karma that’s the way it goes anyway check them out there’ll be a link down below if you want more detail pricing or whatever

It can be ordered online uh i like it leave a comment let me know what you think something you do or nah no no need i’ll risk it i’d be curious to know also real quick i do have two additional channels rob motive all about toyota tacomas and a rob motive jt all about the jeep gladiator which you might be able to see sitting outside right there check them out and

If you’re interested please consider subscribing thanks for watching stay safe out there bye me

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Hyundai Santa Cruz Seat Protection By robmotiverides

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