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Altair Club Cars Hyundai Nexo – AutoWeek review – English subtitles

Hyundai Nexo – AutoWeek review – English subtitles

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Hyundai wil in 2012 de groenste autofabrikant ter wereld zijn. Dat klinkt best ambitieus. Om een idee te krijgen hoe realistisch die ambities zijn, hebben we gereden met de Nexo, de nieuwe brandstofcel-suv uit Zuid-Korea.

Hyundai wants to be the greenest car manufacturer in the world, that’s pretty ambitious and they want to show that ambition with electric cars, they’re already working on hydrogen lorries and buses, it was presented last january on the consumer electronics show, in las vegas. you can fill it up in five minutes and you’re on your way again. it’s become more grown-up. also,

Its size is now more like the santa fe, beneath the skin, the technology has advanced as well. that means the technology has become lighter, it’s more economical and the performance has improved. that gives the nexo an advantage which the toyota mirai, it’s easier for the nexo to hide its fuel tanks, it has two tanks beneath the boot floor if both are filled, the wldp-cycle

Says it can do 666 km. a little bit further than your fully electric car can take you. together with the power electronics and the electric motor. the electric motor reacts like every other electric motor, very spontaneous. but you’re certainly no slouch. also, it doesn’t make any noises, the electric motor isn’t just powered by the fuel cell, the electricity is generated

By braking. if you put the recuperating in the most extreme mode, because you can do everything with the accelerator pedal. you could call it comfortable, which would fit perfectly with the chassis, when it comes to the interior, hyundai has tried their very best. one in front of me acts as instrument cluster, which tells me everything i want to know in a clear way.

We already know that the multimedia system in kia’s buttons which usually are next to the screen, are now on the middle console, which now looks like the dashboard of a boeing 747. there’s buttons everywhere. it looks chaotic and that’s a careful way of saying things. i’m almost 2 metres long and it’s not like i’m cramped in any way. legroom. i’m quite alright in the front.

That’s mostly because of the long wheelbase of this car, beneath the floor in the boot are two hydrogen tanks, but despite that we’ve still got 461 litres of luggage space. but it’s big enough for the luggage of a big family. even though the interior is a nice mix of digital and analogue, it’s filled with all kinds of safety features. there’s even a prototype which has

Level 4 autonomy, this car however can keep itself between driving lanes… another nice feature is the blind spot assist, which not only warns you whenever something is bound to happen, it shows the image from you side mirrors in the instrument cluster. the importer has told me there are around 80 nexo’s… but if you realize this car almost costs €70.000, especially

Because the netherlands only has four hydrogen stations. you’ve got lots of time for the hydrogen network to expand, because hyundai puts a 10 year warranty on every new nexo. this will be a very pleasant car.

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