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Melvin Bautista, Product Manager Hyundai America, describe the new Hyundai Kona N 2022 in Atlanta Motorsport Park. 2.0L, 4 cylinder, 276 hp, I invite you to SUBSCRIBE in this Vlogs

Hi my name is melvin bautista i’m with hyundai motor america i’m here with the all new 2022 kona n high performance model so at this moment we’re launching here like i mentioned the kona n which is our high performance model we also have a new elantra end that’s also all new for 2022 that has a very similar performance it’s a newer platform it’s got a lot of

Technology and a lot of stuff in here that gives you high performance and fun what do they name in in the line so and basically there’s two things uh hyundai has an end line model um or basically it’s more of a sporty uh more aesthetically pleasing um you know upgrades to give it more of a sporty appeal to it then um you know there’s also some powertrain upgrades

With a little bit more power but then you go to the kona n which is the um ultimate high performance model just like the elantra n they share large you know turbocharged engines with a lot of power they feature electronic limited slip differentials but very high performance parts that are packaged in these vehicles so when you take a look at the front of the

Vehicle you’ll see that it’s a very aggressive look at the same time it’s very similar to the regular kona models but what’s unique about it is you have some accents and dark cleaning around here you have some design accents here as well as the red on the lower area of the air dam but when you take a look at the front it gives you a very aggressive look with the

End badge and it’s actually we have end display all around the vehicle um with the kona and the elantra ends is you’ll see the red accent that’s basically brought all under the front all the way to the back and it’s just really it gives an accent piece that really stands out that you’re able to tell that it’s important that it’s a that’s an end model so what you

Have here when you take a look at the side of the vehicle one of the big things that really makes the kona and what it is is what you see here you’ve got pirelli p0 tires that give you very good traction at the same time you got 18 inch light out i’m sorry 19 inch light aloe wheels and you have high performance brakes to give you that big you know great stopping

Power bigger rotors and what else is going to be a standard these are all standard on here everything that you’re seeing today with this vehicle it only comes one way everything is standard that’s great that’s very nice and it’s very sporty can you show us inside please hi so when you go into the inside when you take a look at this what you’ll first notice is

Basically this really nice steering wheel you have paddle shifters you have custom buttons here that you can select different modes you have this run this red button that we call end grind shift that basically gives you 10 more horsepower for 20 seconds when you’re going on a straight line it gives you a big boost you know for power when you take a look at the

Digital displays these are unique to the end models you’ll see a lot of telemetry information as far as end modes informations you see the throttle um positioning you see old temperature engine temp that has lap timers it also gives you customizable settings where you can take a look and you can adjust your engine your steering suspension transmission limited

Slip differential there’s three sec three modes in each one that gives you the ability uh to select what you want to do it also gives you g-force data also what’s cool about this is an active launch control so you can control what rpm your vehicle is launching at when you’re trying to get you know that zero to 60 time or taking it on an auto cost course um as

You kind of look into the way you actually have two 10 and a quarter inch big digital displays so it gives you a very nice modern look to it at the same time it gives you all the information that you need when you’re on a race track these are exclusive um end seats that have been developed for this car they’re sport bucket seats so you can see the bolsters that

Actually keep you a very snug and in your seat especially when you’re driving at high speeds on the racetrack but at the same time i want to note that they’re very comfortable when you’re just sitting in the car when you’re driving on the freeway in traffic how many positions you have for it isn’t a it is a fully adjustable reclining so you could go back as far as

You want and then it also slides normal like a regular we are going to open the trunk and marvin is going to show us all the space to gonna have it also so yeah so actually i’ll start here with the rear one of the big things you’ll notice is this large rear wing spoiler here um it actually looks really cool but it’s actually functional they are coming with the

Standard come standard everything that you see here is only comes everything is included it has a very unique triangular center mounted light here and they are flashing yes it does flash when you hit the brakes and then as you kind of go down you have the end badging you see the rear diffuser areas and the large dual exhaust tips that really gives you that sound

And performance that you want the big thing that you’re going to see with this kona n obviously it’s an suv right so what that means is you get more cargo functionality and more practicality you’re actually able to put the seats down and you can get full flat rear seats and you can just load in a bunch of things fantastic and you can take this out yeah this can

Be the remote you also have roof rails on the vehicle that you can put crossbars and you can put bike mounts and you can put snowboard you know attachments and whatnot to be able to accommodate your lifestyle thank you very much mainly you

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