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Hyundai KONA Electric VS. Diesel car

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Hello guys welcome back to another video today you join me in this random car park because we are having a comparison between the brand new kona electric and my old citroen c5 aircraft and we are comparing electric cars between an old and more conventional diesel car so join me in this review of these two cars and we are going to compare those here in the car

Park and then we are going to take first pin that thing so you can have a better idea of how could the life with an electric car be if you want to buy one of those things so first of all guys hyundai kona electric one electric motor at the front about 200 horsepower with my citroen c5 aircross 1.5 liter diesel engine the kona that’s 4.2 meters long so that’s

A b suv segment this that’s a c suv segment 4.5 meter long car so that is a little bit smaller than this one and i’ve been so lucky to be able to drive the citroen for the last uh two years also and this for the last uh few couple days obviously the first difference is that here you do not have to put petrol or diesel you have this port right there you open

That and you charge that if you find a faster charger about 7 11 or 22 kilowatt you can charge that really really fast or either if you don’t have that you can easily charge that in your house with a normal cable the second difference that you will find if you change from this type of car to that one it will be the feel of the driving experience because this

Even though it’s a lot smaller this is so much heavier than that one because you really feel the heavy weight of the batteries that are now there between the wheels you have a very thick layer of batteries there but this has a lot more horsepower than that one and the throttle response of this type of car is so brutal and you find yourself doing so much speed

That sometimes it’s a little bit dangerous but if you are used to some something like this versus this one 200 horsepower you will have a sort of um let’s call performance like uh like a hot hatch if you go for something like this you have a lot more power than the one you need i’ve been used to this specific citroen for the last couple years and due to

The thickness of the tires and the suspension it has some strange type of citrus suspension this car is super smooth on the long journeys on the highways it’s super super comfortable and this one is not so comfortable because it has lower tires here and in order to balance the heavy weight of the car the suspensions have been made a little bit harder than a

Normal car because otherwise the car will lean in the corners so if you go to an electric car be aware that you will not have a super super comfortable car because of all the cars need to be a little bit stiffer to balance the excessive weight then the kona offers a lot of technology a lot more than something like this it keeps you in lane it keeps the distance

From the car in front of you keeps an eye on your drive all the time these cars have a lot of technology on it but a few days time you will be completely okay with that and you will find all those sensors and technology super helpful and now i’m going to park my citroen suv and take you along for a drive in this and give you an impression of how a normal drive

Would be if you have one of those so first we have this brand new key okay we can use this or without taking it out we’ll have this take the button press and the car opens and first of all you will see the brand new interior by hyundai really nice and you can see the buttons they’re super nice this is really really well put together and now the way you

Start an electric car super easy you come inside foot on the brake you press this we press drive and we go super easy and now i’m going to take you along for a drive attention as you can hear all this technology is trying to tell me that i’m the wrong way this is not updated and but how is the driving experience i really really enjoy this because you feel

So comfortable you have your hands on the steering wheel that’s it you don’t have to change gears guys i think that all that stuff of the clutch first second third third second guys that is the past i was saying that that stuff of the manual gearbox is so stressful in the traffic this is so much better if you do want to feel a lot more comfortable on your

Drive get one of these another thing that i noticed it has so much power that it’s not able to push the power down because of the wrong tires it has it has summer tires and we are three degrees outside a little bit wet because the turning wheels are the front ones and once you accelerate all the weight goes back the front nose lifts a little bit and it loses

Traction obviously we are at zero we try an acceleration three two one forty fifty seventy eighty hundred i don’t know if you can hear by the camera but you always hear a little bit of a sort of futuristic noise once you go slow and that sound disappears when you are above 50 i think i think i’ve given you some pretty decent ideas on how the car is made

It’s really really well put together quality it’s really nice car and even how it works he pulls as a monster i’m really happy of the purchase so far really nice car so guys i think i gave you a pretty decent idea of the behavior of this car it pulls as a monster it behaves very very well on the streets despite the weight if you want to learn more i’m

Gonna leave all the informations of the hyundai website so thanks a lot guys for watching and i’ll see you at the next episode bye you

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Hyundai KONA Electric VS. Diesel car By NICAN Vlogs

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