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Altair Club Cars HYUNDAI IONIQ TEST DRIVE — Plug-In Hybrid Electric NewCarNews.TV

HYUNDAI IONIQ TEST DRIVE — Plug-In Hybrid Electric NewCarNews.TV

Come along with Bob Giles in this 2019 Hyundai ICONIQ Plug-in Hybrid Electric as we travel from Detroit, MI to Elkhart Lake, WI. It’s a trip to discover the appealing features in this small market segment vehicle. Some surprises, too. Elkhart Lake is the site of the annual MAMA Spring Rally at Road America #Hyundai #Iconiq #PHEV

But an age when sedan-like vehicles are playing second fiddle to some of the larger vehicles such as the pickup drugs and the suvs i found one that may be worth looking at it’s from hyundai it’s the ioniq plug-in hybrid it has advantages of being both electric and gas if you’re gonna do all electric you get about 29 miles on a charge you get a federal tax credit about

Forty five hundred dollars and a lifetime battery warranty now that’s pretty good at hybrid electric battery warranty takes think the concern about what do i do when the battery goes out its warranty well these buildings look familiar to you they should it’s downtown chicago i’m on highway 41 or lake shore drive and we are going north to elkhart lake wisconsin i

Found that merging into the fast freeway traffic was not a problem starting from zero and hitting up to 60 70 miles an hour that power and of course is 139 combined horsepower it’s a 45 kilowatt electric motor and a 1.6 gasoline engine and once again it’s combined 139 the horsepower engine with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission now the plug-in options of course

Make it really easy to operate in round soli electric or you can just stay in the hybrid mode and not even charge at all if that’s the situation you can charge overnight under nine hours 110 volts or if you have 220 the charge time when it drops down to two hours and 15 minutes so this is the first plug-in hybrid i’ve driven and what advantages of having both

Electric and gas all in one well number one if you need just the electric part of it and not use the gas you get about 29 miles in the all-electric range but if you need to kind of mix the two you get a combined rage of over over 600 miles which is amazing federal tax credit yes about $4,500 federal tax credit and you know there are other advantages to let’s talk

About then driving in california you get to drive in the hov access lane with this beautiful plug-in hybrid now i just felt the gas tank up and you can see the impressive mileage i’m getting in when taking gas i asked michael bryan vice-president hyundai with all the attributes of a plug-in hybrid why these cars are more popular i wish as manufacturers we could

Do a better job of communicating the benefits of plug-in hybrids that’s really perfect bridge technology and i think it’s largely either not well known or misunderstood when you think about it with a plug-in hybrid like our ionic or sonata you could do everything you could do with an electric vehicle i could usually have enough range that commute back and forth

To work without using a gasoline engine so zero carbon zero missions and when i want to go on a long trip i have you know just six hundred mile range with the gasoline engine and so it allows me to replace a traditional gasoline vehicle of my family fleet and not have to worry about the limitations of the current electrified infrastructure it gives me the best of

Both worlds and so having driven them a lot i could drive to work without using a gasoline engine i get to go on a long trip on the weekend and i could use that gas the engine it’s still got outstanding fuel economy so it really offers the best of everything but again we have to do a better job of messaging those points in our in our our communications if you’re

In the market for a new vehicle consider a plug-in hybrid from hyundai the ionic you

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