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Altair Club Cars HYUNDAI IONIQ PLUG-IN-HYBRID #pluginhybrid # #driver #ioniq

HYUNDAI IONIQ PLUG-IN-HYBRID #pluginhybrid # #driver #ioniq

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With a felt-tip pen and called the car not such a bathroom you can’t call it another way 5 seasons just like that we need this foam i loaded the foam you gun spit paid for the foam not the plant new charter jsc went extras went went so here it is the car from the inside already about the price of the buff vlogs saw some technical characteristics i just add in the description

Look read it to anyone who is interested because you won’t remember everything i already just might for such an honest review but since the car is already in operation i have two years, and that is, the difference between reviewers and dodi everyone on the internet, or if you yourself operate, that is, by the fact that in two years, in principle, you tried to say things

On the nine line to do things on a car, how does it behave in two years of reviewers, how would it give a car on money for an hour for half an hour there for 2 hours . i pour and everything here, as it were, to give them a little bit of an overview from the owner there is plastic there is leather there is leather a substitute there are many many electronic jokes of the car

Their money two years ago well it was straight something with something to hurt the money like full stuffing to another it i don’t call it in german it’s called the field to the states, that is, the car ’s dashboard is fully equipped, even maybe i’ll even try a little bit of leather here they made something soft there about the shiloka which i honestly took because

Of the economy and multimedia went to the cash register to buy a japanese car came home in korean i bought a korean nightmare, a nightmare went to do a test drive, it’s not like that , i’ll try this one, i tried the laws already to drive, i took even more expensive even than i tried, i was offered initially a hybrid version, this car is a plug-in hybrid, the next vidos,

Which will not last half an hour there in detail about multimedia because multimedia has long been recorded and the source codes are from the street review, they are all unfortunately you left for a second, don’t you dare, it’s not very pleasant, i wouldn’t make that mistake, i wouldn’t be ready to see, so we need to study ours on the contrary, i can even show it

In this video in a different way, i’ll tell you something, maybe i’ll add more copies i don’t know what now you or the cars saw it yourself dirty show it too announce the whole thousand please show a couple of frames from the outside and in principle everything that is very simply understandable a lot of information will be available from the technical side of course

In the description and what it considers itself shows there are some shortcomings there where -something somehow to the whole yes, that is, in general, such an economical car was talking and not things now i don’t know of course i’m wondering now what we are present in this video now we are driving an electric car or 3063 kilometers can move purely on electricity and

Air conditioning everything works cruise control finish these affairs all three kilometers is not almost enough for work back 72 counters a day moves towards r work ago 72 only this is the road of the eye plus, of course, if there is a store there, the store is breathtaking at the mere thought of tackle the car is not standing still, this is a fact in the summer, of course,

You will drive there 23 kilometers more than in winter, this is something that is in dagar also, all the same, the gasoline engine turns on so that the antifreeze heats up quickly, the gasoline engine earns literally two minutes, but this is very basically, to be honest , it’s not good from the point of view of the condensate in the exhaust system, what is it, which will

Then still rust, and so on after two years of operation of course at the moment, 36 thousand mileage once, in my opinion, is a whim and gave it to the service, but in principle they did two oil filter services, so little that something needs to be changed here, a small service service and all that, that just enormous savings go to this car if you refuel both gasoline and

Electricity consumption will be less than 1 liter but travel 60 kilometers at home in the next 40 and the island will travel on gasoline, a huge plus of this whole topic is when you start braking and, in principle , brake and charge the battery like a dynamo, this is called a river, they bought a rinat, i forgot our language, it’s still weaving, well, let’s say there

Was no way to drive a diesel lunch car in the city at all, but this the right is something slower these strains are more consumption or the engines do not heat up and it has also become the other way around with something slower you go the farther you will go on electricity very economical topic a huge plus this is me all the topics that i can drive 136 kilometers purely

On electric traction an hour it’s just a bomb and even a mercedes e-class there that accelerates 131 and then all the same in a single one that works captures 5 mice normally tried in this regard here right here it’s technology now there are several models right now that have the same motor tasha box everything it’s worth it and it all works pretty well, in general,

Five years of factory warranty, which of course is not advertising, it’s just what i eat no one paid, that is, i do everything you won’t like it, it’s interesting you don’t have any income expenses show you who praises cars for money there, it’s a nightmare and not a minus about the minuses you don’t tell us much minus of course there is this plastic there

Plastic here is such a huge minus, i wouldn’t call it like in a japanese car plastics in german plastic to german maybe there is a slightly different plastic, but although some years the production of certain concerts there is also very little quality that plastic is covered with some kind of paint or dipstick this crap i’m so for my money and i think it’s such an

Adequate car, what else is a minus stupidly minus minus and by the way, a minus in a cool minus i found somehow i drove a ford at the port, the same topic we had was if you open the trunk where the racks are everything is in the middle or where it is not visible, in principle, there is no such straight to the colorful right with gloss from all this on the street now let’s

Show even more closer i will show it really in a second don’t dare so summer wheels of course on thought and helmet narrow rubber clearly softly so helped from the outside showed the other day no one especially in a salon of this kind everything in principle is pretty well thought out about multimedia and of course he said there will be a separate vidos right here we have

A nursery winnie the pooh chair sits here, there is even a stove in the back, and by the way, in the back in the gallery, as they say, there are also heated seats like sperry miss perry, by the way, in addition to heating the seats, everything is cooled, that is, the air conditioner is directly inside the seats, and that it was possible to charge the ball cable 15 and in

The trunk there is another cable here, of course, the order of the ends of the apartment with a gray hair thing enter here with another cable for strong electricity things in the prince i will look for a barrel, well, the music is a subbuffer, but that’s all, in principle, here i’m talking about this minus 7 blowing here i’m not up to crash here this is here it’s

Normal paint lacra here, just such a matte cloud is not enough, it’s such a straight 100 minus, i found that this is it, bring it up i ’ll show the engine compartment with a cap, i ’ll show the engine compartment like this because it’s from the owner and not from someone else , and the blockers are already because of the genes, everything is simple here, and so

The electric unit is all orange cable, it’s all very strong and powerful electricity that can just kill you here gasoline engine 16 , look at the cover on the hood, what a clean one here, i didn’t even wipe anything special a couple of clicks left so that you can see that no one here has wiped anything before i drove 36 thousand kilometers this is how the engine looks,

That is, it is basically when i got a car here, well, there’s just minimal dust here for real attempts a little bit there’s dust there a little bit and so by and large like this about it of course the topic i will put more in the description of the headlight here led you all these things here actively radiator grill it’s open all of ours, it’s not hot like blinds,

I want it so it was possible to ball down, but here’s another minus the halogen turn signals , their rear light bulbs illuminate the numbers, and everything else already led technology in odessa, the ribs are lit with daylight, an interesting joke, i don’t know now i’ll try to try the light turn on the car, they started it, the car is called here, the car didn’t

Start, we turn it on, the light is on, the janis, we are broadcasting the cossacks, it’s not a joke, that’s what it’s called, that is, the car, because now to work purely on electric you can’t say that you started the car from it, turn it on so it will start on everything at speed drive like this we have a sports mode all red or like that. green stove everything

Is simple in principle everything is familiar here there are a lot of buttons mirrors doors everything you do is select the electric drive on the seat i have other buttons everything on the steering wheel you can directly control multimedia cruise control everything is set up memory seats i’m not for 22 people here the most interesting thing of course before parking air

Conditioning sirenia heated seats heated steering wheel, when switching between hybrid non-hybrid, the rear- view camera turns on and the folders are all technically technical, such that i will definitely put the technical aspects in the description because it would be too boring to remember and tell all this such a mini review from the owner because, well, i think it’s

The most honest, no matter how it is, some maybe the moment is not yet so, in principle, the car’s interior lot two is not even two two and a half years old, you can say now we are again moving on electricity such that’s it, the next video will be about exactly about multimedia, a separate story is told i will show it in the dark, because in the dark it will, of course,

Be much more interesting and beautiful, such things, well, friends, don’t forget to put likes if you like dislikes and don’t like it and be sure to write in the comments to everyone you are very, very happy to stay to the world , i think this summer we will write down some interesting reviews, i’m very, very, very, very tempted to do it myself, and even on the moto

Topic there, so we wish you good luck and, as usual, the continuation follows the

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