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Altair Club Cars Hyundai Ioniq HSG Hybrid Starter Generator full review

Hyundai Ioniq HSG Hybrid Starter Generator full review

Hey good afternoon to everybody all right welcome to this new episode of hybrid solution diagnostics okay so in in this episode we’re going to take a full review and tear down of this hybrid starter generator that belongs to a hyundai ioniq hybrid also fits in the kia niro and also fits in the hyundai sonara hybrid of course so this piece of part over here

It’s responsible to generate the power to fit the high voltage battery and also it acts as a starter so the engine starter is actually this component over here which is attached by the drive belt on the front of the engine a little different from the other hybrid system but we’re still going to take a look because this part i don’t know what happened but

Some of the reason is back and you know i want to make my research see what happens here so if you want to take a look at it stay tuned and we’ll continue that all right unfortunately it’s a little raining over here in the academy as you can see it’s like let’s see so okay so what we’re gonna do just i’m gonna wait a little while because i decided to come

Over here today and work on this um piece of part uh and uh there’s nothing we can do we gotta wait until the ring the spas and we will continue but stay tuned in the video this piece of part is gonna be very very interesting take a look at it all right so we’ll continue then so the rain is kind of passing and let’s take a quick review and see what’s going on

In this piece of part so we we could compare this unit with the like the motor generator number one right so let’s call it let’s call it like that okay so remember that the motor generator number one when we talk about hybrid we talk about the electric motor responsible to start the vehicle and act also as the generator all right now in this one has nothing to

Do with this transmission but in front of the engine only connected by the drive belt which is very interesting but let’s see what else we got over here so we have some uh a power electronic controller over here which i suppose this unit should have i’m pretty sure um a temperature sensor it also should have a resolver and but we’re going to open it and find

Out we have the high voltage three-phase connection which i think is the very first thing we’re gonna take apart all right take this cover to disconnect and then we should be able to take this out but look at those interesting we have a cooling system also that means this generator produces a lot of heat very interested in so let’s continue and let’s open

It up okay so we’re definitely going to be aware of this it says high voltage danger right and clearly it says carefully read and follow surface manual instruction always wear insulated gloves and insulated tools remove ignition keys and 12 volt ground cables shut off the main switch and check voltage at high voltage terminal well that is basically the safety

Protocol that you need to follow every time you’re going to put your hands and any component that is connected to the high voltage system but in this case we’re not going to do that obviously because the part is totally disassembled and we know there’s absolutely no high voltage so let’s open it up the first thing i’m going to take this cover up as opposed to

This to take out the high voltage connection over here so let me continue so taking out this cover there’s absolutely nothing here it’s just the emboss bars completely cover my chin by the way and i suppose the unit should be disconnected from this cover area so just let me take it out let’s continue so it was a little tricky because this is totally it with

Silicon once i got to open this cover all right so this gentleman over here we know it’s our resolver which determines the position of the electric motor the speed of rotation of the electric motor and the direction of rotation of the electric motor okay besides this we have our ground we have these two cables over here going directly to the all right to the

Wiring uh suppose this should be a temperature sensor but this is interesting over here for some reason these two cables are black i’m not still not quite sure but let me take it out and see what we find right so we’ll continue i’m also going to uncover these cables see if it’s by chance anything wrong here okay so we full discover the cables and apparently

Physically i’m not seeing anything weird over here but one thing i took out the three screws from this resolver and apparently it needs to set up in one specific position the same thing as toyota so i suppose this is a a factory setup position so once you take it out unless you mark it but i’m still not sure uh let me see yeah yeah that definitely now i’m

Trying to move with my fingers and now it’s very hard so i’m also going to take out this the rotor over here take a look at it before we open the complete unit and of course i’m going to disconnect the main connector right so let’s continue so once we finish to unscrew the three main cables we are able now to completely take out the connection all right

Suppose i’m gonna take out this this black unit too all right so let’s continue so once i took out the two little screws we take out this mountain over here and okay let’s see what so this is just an insulated mountain right to secure the cable to the connecting load all right it’s a some kind of hard plastic yeah to be insulated from ground okay now let’s

Continue let’s see if we can open this now so i was able to take out the resolver or position sensor i also took up a little hub which is attached right here on the main shaft with this little locker right okay you can actually take this apart now this is not a magnet it’s not a magnet so let’s continue let’s see if we can open it now i found the issue and

We can say that we can make a surface bulletin for preventing purposes on this generator now let’s take a look first of all this component is not serviceable because it comes the temperature sensor goes attached directly with absolutely no connection as i can see as far as i can see let me see no uh to the wiring the electric motor so this is definitely

As i said no serviceable component but the issue is okay so we know that the cooling system look enters flows in one direction then and goes out from the other side the problem is right over here see all right all right so we’re talking about inside the electric motor see all these black burning over here all right i also made a test the coil and the coil

Totally totally shorted inside actually actually a little black inside some of the wiring so inside this heat exchanger it uses this type of o-ring seal and take a look yes exactly our suspicious is just a leak of coolant inside the high voltage electric motor of course if you barely short this to ground just by having any liquid uh leak inside of course

The vehicle will never start you will have your trigger code and of course it’s totally flooded so we can say that this motor store is short of the ground now what happened over here is that this electric motor had a blue like a water base uh cheap piece of cool and the cool i know the hyundai original is a green one and and it’s oil-based very high quality

So this tiny little seal is the only responsible one to avoid that the coolant enters the electric motor so simple cheap coolant and the er the very thin little oil ring totally failing so because of that the customer had to completely replace the electric motor yep you sadly cannot repair it because this this is definitely not servicing all right guys so

I’m just going to take it apart and we’re going to keep this component here in school as i said just for the course purposes and well hope you guys join us in the next video so i’ll see you then take care bye bye so one more thing guys before we finish the video and uh do not use if you are owner of and ionic nero on the sonata that use the hybrid starter

Motor generator do not use the cheap coolant of the cheap coolant from the hybrid system it erodes damage the very thing little uh seal and cause of course damage to the electromotor because it’s totally shorter to ground so if you want to avoid that use the original coolant and change it often all right so that’s my message on this i hope you guys like it

And i’m just going to assemble it and keep this for school purposes so you guys take care i’ll see you then you

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Hyundai Ioniq HSG Hybrid Starter Generator full review By Hybrid Solution Diagnostics

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