hyundai ioniq 7 2024 concept its
Altair Club Cars HYUNDAI IONIQ 7 2024 CONCEPT Its Not a Car, its Just a Roaming Room

HYUNDAI IONIQ 7 2024 CONCEPT Its Not a Car, its Just a Roaming Room

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Even though what it is a three-row all-electric suv from hyundai previewed by the seven concept hyundai considers the 2024 ionic 7 concept a living space on wheels which is exactly what the all-electric suv looks like said to be similar in size to the three-row hyundai palisade the seven rides on the company’s new cross brand egmp platform which will underpin the

Ioniq 5 and many other upcoming hyundai and kia ev models with a futuristic facade that includes unusual lighting elements shape-shifting wheels and glass panels on the roof and rear the seven concept is just that a concept however it teases design language and technology that could eventually become reality while its enormous coach doors and furniture-like seats

Are other fantastical features the idea of a vast interior with flexible configurations is conceivable why it matters the hyundai ioniq 7 will be the third vehicle in the expanding ionic family of electric vehicles following the footsteps of the acclaimed ioniq 5 subcompact crossover and the soon to arrive ioniq 6 sedan the seven will borrow the five’s pixelated

Tail lights and daytime running lights when the seven concept made its debut at the 2021 los angeles auto show hyundai motor america ceo jose munoz promised the production model will hue closely to the show car you’ll be amazed he added although the seven concept has a lounge-like interior in coach doors the version that goes on sale will have a normal interior

With a steering wheel we expect its cabin to borrow some of the ionic 5’s details okay foreign the ionic 7 will be based on hyundai’s electric global modular platform egmp which can accommodate multiple sizes with different battery systems this is the same architecture used in the ionic 5 the kia ev6 and genesis gv60 all of which are much smaller similarly

The hyundai ioniq 7 will share much with the kia ev9 and genesis gv 90. the kia is slated to go into production soon and could be here next year while the genesis gv 90 will most likely arrive in 2024. the ioniq 6 sedan will also share its platform with these suvs like its smaller sibling we expect the seven to have a range north of 300 miles while being able to

Charge from 10 to 80 percent in about 20 minutes with a 350 kilowatts charger interior comfort and cargo the ionic 7 concept showcases the immense interior space that’s possible when the body of a three-row suv is combined with a completely flat floor hyundai makes the most of the collaboration by trading traditional rows of seats for flexible configurations

That can create a lounge-like experience a set of huge coach doors that open from the middle out promise and suv that’s super easy to get in and out of even if parking in tight spots becomes more difficult then again details like the doors may not make it onto the production model the ioniq 7 concept also trades a conventional steering wheel for what’s described

As a retractable control stick that sounds weirder than telsa’s yolk style helm you can bet that won’t be in the production version the concept also boasts a built-in mini refrigerator and compartments to uh refresh passengers footwear however the showpiece is its oled screen that doubles as a panoramic roof it can display user-requested content or change the

Interior atmosphere to something relaxing

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HYUNDAI IONIQ 7 2024 CONCEPT It's Not a Car, it's Just a Roaming Room By Car info

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