hyundai ioniq 6 le futur
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Hyundai IONIQ 6 – Le Futur

IONIQ 6 profite d’une batterie de 77,4 kWh et d’une silhouette fuselée, gages d’une autonomie WLTP de plus de 610 km avec une simple charge.

In france there is only one car that goes end even the future hyundai ionic 6 she’s in the comments what you think about it i think of the design and finally first sight the pubionic 5 with the dad there who shows car there was the ionic 5 there is that i you a presentation as usual i’ll give you all the little tricks there are lots of special the rear quite special good

Let’s go good best i present to you the tour of the car 5 look i show it to you here if you forgot this is the very first ionic here finally but in terms of design, they still went quite that we had a little before the goal of this have a cx of 0.201 we have a really very very lots of glitter so i don’t know if i’m going it’s a little aubergine with reflections depending

It’s very nice at the front we find a french it’s the same chassis it’s the same batteries we have a totally different look and especially i found it very special and well in real life it still seems quite special me i had more it’s rather not wrong so wait i’m just going little more where does it light up there the that will be useful when we use the voice him look at it

Changes color here and we will with the points as you can see it flashes the exterior first first of all to finish i wanted to show you so we have this way with that really crosses the whole car with the reversing camera which is located j ust here this technology a little bit with the pixels side and when we brake we even have this part the plane embedded at the rear we

Have pixels which will be at this place there very vertical rather rather special diffuser what do you of brands or other a bit like having a porsche on the rims we will have two choices either model we find the flush handles and as you and even the rear-view mirrors the rear-view see the turn signals are integrated here it’s center white and black here’s what it looks have

The same little pixel dots right here the small pixels we have lip matrix lights so it will select the sales car the logo of a demo car which is going around the world here it’s quite original the same with the can’t see the camera it’s the camera is very a cycle of 0.21 look at this part is closed will open to cool the battery pack and still aerodynamics which will come

Out behind here through disc brakes here but still regenerative two choices so exactly as on the ionics 5 the other hand we have a record autonomy displayed biocop blue frankly i admit that i still find depending on the place and the light it changes dealerships they can be ordered from november in terms of weight we are on 2200 kg it is of dimensions we are on a car that

Is 4.85 high so it’s still a hell of a sedan and the is that it has done 100 km more than the hyundai much lower air penetration so just with that it really saves a lot so that’s why we’re aero style like that it is quite particular in terms of power we will have 151 horsepower all be limited to 185 km / h on this side we can recharge like the ionic 5 in 18 minutes thing

We can recharge up to 239 kilowatts press here or there is something very satisfying that’s just too cool i didn’t show you also we will still be able to store our cables many brands and cars that do this no so hop here and so we can see it’s really a very calms otherwise we have windshield washer here but we still have jacks that’s nice in the chain you know i love it led

Lighting have a door very nice a very soft fabric finally on two positions in the back enough to put no especially there the sets in fact it’s way make all the textures all the parts are plastic on the bottom we have ionic 6 even beautiful bench seat in white like that even of t out the central glory we have a small well it’s almost a unique 5 i have a lot of i feel great i

Have a lot of space here at a very good varnish i think that even if you as a taxi well that i think it will also be here it is very nice the dashboard is made headrests with this very special shape we for example that for a customer for vtc it’s he do i can advance it or something from here fun on this side there speaker with two usb find nets on each side but above all look

Clear here too and the front i i’m going to right away and we can see here that we even i pass by it feels good here there is a little i’m coming out i’m going to show you the trunk we press the little button here right next but it is still quite spacious as you can body in g a few small things especially the sedan trunk we can remove directly from here the motorized tailgate

So i really like that and that’s it so i’m going to step back as much as possible you a little bit of all that so retro cameras screen over there so it’s no worse the screens the road too much so when i look over there same lighting right here the doors with good also the pedals we always find the most and pedals a big footrest on the side come on flat on the bottom always

Like in a habit the screen over there and the radio over there or echo as we know it it’s the same we can with the modes and the screen it will be exactly so open the trunk the socket deactivate the so it’s not necessarily more practical but the door we have memorization of seats in you behind here we have the indicators and fire on this side there the wipers on this drive

Neutral and back up we have of course button the screen as we know nothing new on as we also know so with up there what is radio induction charger by offering your phone the type ic and not a type c it may be likely hand, we cannot close this your part is constantly if we choose the black interior locking of for everyone auto old so that’s for braking double usb-c port to

Recharge your equipment original key so it is rare that manufacturers and there you can see we always have the advance or you sun so that means that when i’m parked anyone in it on that side over there we have very cool that it’s quite spacious it’s well so it looks like that the seats i think it ‘we have a little particularity here, it’s but it’s marked airbag ok so the

Little buttons for a tilt or forward or other so it’s pretty this way first the curtain on the first press not badly and we always find therefore the find leds for the interior lighting the button the mirror this way so it’s a shame that it’s to finish this cabin but very thin edge so it’s the cameras that will adapt to having the road and at night well what do you think

Dealership as i told you in mid-january close october beginning n november it seems to me 3 it happens mijan well dealership and we of january normally i should be there and car because it looks really cool and above just propulsion and a small battery manages really really not bad especially with the was around 14 and a few look at the entry-level just a lighter car a

Single rear engine more good don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments look and everything is that typical is this know good if this video v you liked a little for a next video and soon in a little bit of time to let this car go ciao

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Hyundai IONIQ 6 – Le Futur By Mécanique Sportive

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