hyundai ioniq 5 review after 400
Altair Club Cars Hyundai IONIQ 5 Review After 4000km – Not for Everyone

Hyundai IONIQ 5 Review After 4000km – Not for Everyone

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Hyundai IONIQ 5 Review After 4000km – Not for Everyone

If you want to know what it’s like to drive hyundai’s ionic 5 how comfortable it is on a road trip if it’s stable in the snowy roads and conditions what the charging of a structure is like in the cold how good the self-driving lane keeping assist is and if you can’t sleep in it then this video is right for you i’ve tried it all for this review i just look and drove

This fully electric comp across over four kilometers across the east coast of canada here in the middle of the canadian winter naturally i’ve learned a lot about this hyundai ioniq 5 over the past few weeks so stay tuned until the end of this video to know what the good points and the pain points for this ionic 5 are but before that hi this is dunes and if you’re

New to this channel welcome and please subscribe to be updated for more upcoming videos like this are you ready then let’s get started foreign from what you can see of this car online it seems small and let me be clear about this it isn’t very big but it’s also not a volkswagen golf it is a compact crossover just looks deceptively small from these images a lot

Of that has to do with this huge 20 inch wheels they look amazing with this turbine pattern on the outside and this futuristic fractal shapes on the inside the ionix 5 side profile reminds me of a less boxy lancia delta integrale or a hyundai pony i think that’s where a lot of the ideas from this car came from the car has a lot of sharp lines that make it stand out

On the road and i have to tell you i can tell you how many times i pass people on the highway who were cranning their necks to get a better look at this car because it stands out a lot the ionic 5 looks great from all angles not just the sides with those u-shaped wings the front of this car almost appears aggressive it has daytime running lights and eye-catching

Triangular arrow that eliminates across the front at night giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance it even has a small battery cater in the middle of that arrow that lets you know how charged your phone is when it’s plugged and charging the top of the car called the bonnet curves down low like a smaller hatchback there is no break in the design because it is a single

Piece that extends down to the headlight and i like it it looks good the headlights have these little pixels in them which is a theme that runs through the whole car even better are the taillights now it looks like these red pixel slides should light up in this whole back panel but unfortunately this is the only parts with the tail lights in the strip across the

Back but i still love it i like how it looks i like that it makes me think of the deloreans from the 1980s the door handles also have this little pixel design when you get close to the car they’ll pop out of the body so you can easily open the door the charging port is another place where you can see the pixel design on the outside five small pixels tell you where

To push to open the door then when you open the door there are 10 more pixels that show how much charge is left in the battery we’ll talk about the charging speed a little bit later but hyundai says that with a 350 kilowatt hour charger you can go from 10 to 80 in 18 minutes now my experience with the charging speed has been very different but as i said we’ll talk

About that a little bit later i think this is one of the best looking evs on the market especially for its price yes if you go to the top of the market you can find things like the porsche toy gun and the lucid air which are a little bit cooler than this but as i already said people like the score no matter where you go someone will always stop to look or take a

Picture and they should for sure they should like the way this car looks which is great but what does the inside look like well to be honest there are some things i love about this and some things i don’t like at all the white inside of this model gives it an overall clean look that plays as a feeling of openness and simplicity even though it doesn’t go far as the

Model 3 or model y it still has all the buttons you’d expect for controlling the temperature the audio system has a volume knob and a tuning rocker and the steering wheel has many buttons for changing songs adjusting cruise control and lane cape assist and switching driving models the steering wheel has to flat spokes and instead of the hyundai logo in the middle

It has a four pixels this gives a cleaner more simple look what do four dots mean in the morse code this is an h good one hyundai what hyundai calls the vision sun roof is my favorite part of the interior it’s only available with the ultimate or limited package but it’s a panoramic sunroof with a shade that opens and closes from the middle and it’s great to have

This it makes the room feel bigger and brighter and i think the model 3 and the model wise on roofs look like a better from the interior but i like this one better because you can close the shades when it’s hot and sunny outside there are great seats here they have the same pixel design as the rest of the car and can be heated or cooled overall the seats are

Comfortable but they aren’t as soft as it ever sat in they are a little bit on the firm side which you may or you may not like but the driver’s seat is a very cool feature if you press and hold this button here the seat goes into a position where it almost like flat on the floor then there’s this little stool that lifts you so you can rest your legs on on it i

Think that’s for shorter people though because it doesn’t even come close to reaching my shoulder in terms of being short at all the ionic 5 was always big enough for me i’m almost six feet three inches tall and i have plenty of room in both of the front and back seats so the 3000 millimeter wheelbase comes into play when there’s more room between the wheels there

Are no more room for the people inside people in the front or back of the car can get more room by moving the center console forward or backward you can also move the back seats forward or back to make more room in the trunk and there’s a lot of room back there i can easily bring a couple of big suitcase in a few carry-ons i think there are just over 500 liters

Of space without the seats folded down and then almost 1 600 liters when the seats are folded so it has a lot of space and a power lift gate which is great if you know a lot about electric vehicles you probably already know all about the front trunk since there’s no engine in the front of the car there’s usually a lot of room for extra storage the ioniq 5 doesn’t

Have a big front which is a shame there’s just enough room for a cable if you get the version with the back wheels the space is a little bit bigger but the front of this car is almost useless now before we talk about what i don’t like about this car be sure to finish this video to find out if i recommend you to buy this and if you want to support this channel

You might want to try our super things or in your comments will be highlighted and join our membership program to continue supporting this channel in our content okay let’s talk about few things about the ionic 5 that i don’t like the first thing i don’t like isn’t a big deal but i don’t like this strange door trims it’s like this soft plastic made from recycled

Plastic i understand why they did it too it’s all about being green and echo but i think it’s like kind of cheap most of the interiors made of this soft touch plastic and the fit and finish are great but the sport seems a bit off to me then there’s the matter of the usb port there are two ports in the center console all one below the dashboard and two in the back

Four passengers but none of them are usbc all of them are usb-a that seems a little out of date for 2022 vehicle not to mention the fact that there’s no wireless apple carplay or android auto in this vehicle only wired and it can only be used with the port under the dash which i find odd so let’s talk about the technology in this car first let’s talk about the

Screens the big white borders around the screens are a bit distracting given how much this car costs i wasn’t expecting a mercedes aqs style dashboard but i think these screens could be had been a little bit bigger to better feel the space but the boat displays and the software that runs them are very good during the day they get nice and bright and at night you

Can turn them off so they don’t bother you i never had a problem with brightness and contrast or anything else even when the sunroof was open and the sun was shining in they are also surprisingly quick and responsive just like a modern tablet everything is easy to find and all of the apps are set up in a way that makes sense there are a lot of ways to change just

About everything here from the mood lighting built into the door poles and speakers to the scheduled charging times and charging limits that help you get the cheapest charging rates possible there is also a full set of navigation features with a built-in search for finding ev charging stations nearby most of what i don’t like about the ionix 5 infotainment system

Has to do with entertainment party there’s a lot of information and settings but almost nothing to do while you’re waiting for your phone to charge there isn’t anything like netflix or youtube and since video apps don’t work with a carplay and android auto right now you can’t use the displays to watch videos without rooting your phone and messing with it a lot

Tesla is a miles ahead of the car makers when it comes to entertainment and i hope that hyundai can catch up sitting at a charger for a long time with nothing to do isn’t very fun is it but ionic 5 from hyundai has an ac outlet which the tesla model s does not you can plug in almost anything with two or three prong plug in the space on their back seat it’s one of

The 2l feature which stands for vehicle to load the ultimate or limited trims also come with a small adapter that you can plug into the outside of the car to power things like coffee makers electric stoves and other appliances this car’s best tech features have to do with how to drive it for starters this version of the car has augmented reality heads up display

That shows your speed and speed limits turn by turn navigation blind spot sensors and a bunch of other things right on the road in front of you so you don’t have to take your ice off the road this car has a lot of cameras all over it there is one at the top the windshield one between the headlights one under each side mirror and one in the back each camera is used

For something different for example when you turn on your turn signal the side cameras turn on and the feed from the camera shows off the screen in the front of you so you can easily check your blind spot this is helpful and it’s one of my favorite features both of the front cameras are used to help the car stays in its lane and help the driver on the highway this

Car can actively steer to keep you in the middle of the lane as long as it can see the lines on the road this thing works so well that you could shake your hands off the steering wheel for a minute or two and the car would still go in the right direction the whole time it’s a little bit too busy i mean the wheel moves slightly to keep itself in the middle but once

You get used to it it’s very comfortable it makes driving on the highway a lot less tiring the ionic 5 also has adaptive cruise control so it will keep a safe distance from the car in front of you and change its speed to match you don’t have to touch the gas or brake at all hyundai’s highway driving helps you getting better and better and i was very impressed when

You go to the park with ionic 5 all of the cameras turn on so you can see everything around you from every angle you can look all around by tapping and dragging and if you get close to something the car parking sensors will beep slowly or quickly depending on how close you are but let’s say two huge hummers pull up next to you in parking spot and block you from

Getting into your car the ioniq 5 has a plan for that though if you press the small button on the key fob the car will move forward or backward by itself depending on which button you press so what if you don’t care about all of that self-driving nonsense and just want to know how this futuristic box on wheels moves well it has a 320 horsepower and 446 pound-feet

Of torque and hyundai says it will go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.2 seconds but i think they were being a bit too humble it’s fast for a small crossover stomping on the accelerator in sports mode throws your head back in the seat because it has a lot of torque down low and it’s a lot of fun i’m not going to lie it’s not as fast as model as plow but it is

A lot faster than typical grocery getter the way it turns corners is also great i’m not an expert car reviewer or anything but i thought this car which weighs over 4 000 pounds would have a lot more body roll instead it feels safe on this huge 20 inch tires that are 255 millimeters wide but that’s in the sport mode i kept the car in the echo mode for most of my

Trip you can switch between drive most by pressing the button in the bottom left corner of the steering wheel depending on which mode you are in the screen in front of you will look different in echo mode the car will turn off the electric motor in the front so that it only uses the motor in the back the result is of course a longer driving range and a noticeable

Slowing down of acceleration there are various regenerative braking levels available in the ionic 5 as well these battle shifters which are located on either side of the steering wheel allow you to adjust the regenerative braking intensity there are levels 0 through 3 plus an eye pedal mode that is essentially one pedal driving you won’t need to use your brakes

Very often once you get used to driving an ipedal mode the brake pedal won’t even need to be touched for the vehicle to come to a complete stop the vehicle also has a special snow mode which believe me i use on my road trip there were many occasions when i felt incredibly grateful to be driving an all-wheel drive crossover with large tires i never felt like i was

Sliding around the snow the majority of the time it was fairly assured the car’s stopping ability on ice and snow can have been a little bit better that’s only my criticism sm i assume that the car’s additional weight increased inertia which made it more challenging for it to stop quickly oh and i forgot to add when driving on a highway in the snow the cameras

And sensors in this car become blocked very quickly and occasionally until i exit the vehicle and clean all of the sensors my active assist and safety systems will be turned off i advise you to purchase some ceramic coating or something else to keep those cameras clean for longer if you plan to drive this car in the snow for an extended period of time connection

With that i must bring up this dionic 5 lexar rear wiper which meant that for about 85 percent of my trip the rear window was covered in snow and ice if you’ve done any research on this car at all you probably already know this you can truly understand frustration until you’ve tried to back this car into charging station also the back window is utterly useless the

Car just screams at you the entire time you are in reverse because it believes you’re about to hit something after all the cameras are covered in snow and rear sensors are dirty or blocked but in all seriousness it’s not an issue despite how annoying it is i still think this car is worth recommending despite the issue let’s now discuss range and efficiency when

Discussing evs i know that many people are concerned about range with its 77.4 kilowatt hour battery this model of the ionic 5 as an epa estimated range of 256 miles or 412 kilometers but consider this cars are tested by the epa on a dino at room temperature i used ionic 5 during the worst of the canadian winter when the roads were frequently covered in snow and

It was frequently below freezing i fell far short of the predicted rain ship great if you reside somewhere warm like california with the score you probably get a lot more range however the weather is less than ideal up here after using it for a while i discovered that the ionic 5 is much more productive in a city than it is on the highway now that’s typical of all

Evs but the ioniq 5 in particular with so much air resistance it simply isn’t very efficient at highway speeds keep your speed below 110 for the best range the average efficiency after driving 4 000 kilometers was 25.2 watt hours per 100 kilometers you can do whatever you want with that number but bear in mind that it was typically around -8 celsius additionally i

Spent a significant amount of time driving on snow tires and that brings us the situation with the charging okay so the ioniq 5 is one of the evs that can be charged the quickest currently on the market those are ideal circumstances in canada the wintertime cold causes a significant slowing and charging rates at an electrify canada charger i was only able to achieve

A maximum speed of about 150 kilowatts which is still swift however don’t anticipate being able to enter a gas station grab a bottle of water and then exit with a fully charged vehicle at least not during the winter so it’s unlikely that will ever happen the infrastructure for charging itself is the other problem it’s simply not ready yet the majority of the fast

Chargers along my travel routes only had 50 kilowatt capacity it would take over an hour to charge ionic fine from 10 to 80 on one of those moreover i encountered some problems with some 350 kilowatt fast chargers and locations like petrol canada where the speeds would increase 70 kilowatts but would then simply stop increasing it will take some time for all the

Kings to be worked out because this technology is still fairly new but guess what that’s rarely going to be a problem for you unless you’re the kind of person who commutes say 400 kilometers a day because your car will almost be fully charged and ready to go if you install a relatively inexpensive level 2 charging station at home what do you think of the hyundai

Ioniq 5 now that i’ve said all that the fact that i purchased one of these scores is the best recommendation i can give it this in my honest opinion is among the best electric vehicles currently available in its price range dionic 5 was a starting price of 45 000 canadian dollars for the base stream and rises to about 60 000 for the limited or ultimate rim that i

Have here i believe these price are reasonable given the features being offered thanks for watching please subscribe like and share this video and since we’re talking about crossover car did you know mercedes-benz maybach is the most luxurious electric crossover car on the market if you want to know why then click and watch the next video here

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