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Hyundai Elantra Petrol Review

The sixth generation Hyundai Elantra exudes an elegant design and is offered with a petrol and a diesel engine with automatic and manual gearboxes. Arpit Mahendra has reviewed this premium three-box in its petrol engine powered top-end variant mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission and here is what he has to say

Back in 2004 hyundai gave us a taste of the first elantra which was the third-generation elantra now we have the sixth generation elantra which has been launched recently into the indian market now it seems very familiar in terms of the exterior design it is the same fluidic design but everything about this new elantra is new so that is what we’ll find out in this

Video today let’s take a look at the design first now the exterior design is based on the un a fluidic sculpture the 2.0 the same design philosophy you can see it’s a very fluidic design the same it’s got a lot of sharp creases lot of sharp curves and you can see a lot of these angular slim headlamps of course with the your led daytime running lamps we’ve got a

Hexagonal grille with these chrome slats and again these neat blackened out fog lamp housings all of this long with the shape of the bumper and the hood give the elantra a very kinetic front face it looks very very dynamic even when standing still i punished to look at the side profile you notice there isn’t much of a change from the earlier elantra the one that

Has just gone out of the market the side silhouette is pretty much the same there is not much of a radical difference even the tail lamps come in merged in a similar manner although yes the body creases are little bit different there is a difference to the alloy wheels and all but overall not much of a difference in terms of the side profile as much as one sees at

The front and as what we would see at the rear now talking of the rear design of the elantra you can see it’s a very sharp design similar to what we see on the rest of the car you’ve got this longest sleek tail lamps the highlight being these three led rings which really stand out once you see them in the night also compared to the earlier elantra which had a rare

Which i personally did not like because it looked as if there’s a lot of vacant real estate this one though is far better design it’s got these sharp creases it’s got a pronounced boot lid all of it gives i mean if you look at from the front and the right up to the rear the elantra bares a very very sporty design and it really stands out in this segment now let’s

Take a look at the boot of the new elantra so it’s got a fairly big boot squat and low loading lip which means that it’s easy to lift those heavy bags and put them in also it’s been designed in a way that it’s got usable space the designers have ensured that most of the volume of this trunk is usable so overall a very good car in terms of carrying a luggage going

For those long weekends and having a lot of stuff we’re inside the cabin of the new elantra and from the first look i think elantris got the best cabin in the business it competes primarily against the octavia the cruise the corolla and if you compare this car with them well of course it’s the newest it’s got more features but it is got a fabulously well-built

Cable in the center console you have this touchscreen it’s a color touchscreen gives you access to all your entertainment options the overall display on this screen again is very crisp i’ve been using the navigation for a while it’s really very intuitive the overall controls again you have got very less buttons only that many buttons that you need so again the

Ergonomics are good you really don’t have to struggle to find out how any particular function works or how to access any feature along with that one feature that i really like inside the cabin is the ventilated seats the cooled seats so if it’s a really hot day and the car is been out in the sun you know how torturous it can be for the first 10 15 minutes because

It takes some time for the air conditioning to really cool the cabin but in the case of the elantra i can just press this button and you’ve got this ventilated seats the seats cool and it’s a lot more comfort now let’s take a closer look at the infotainment screen of the elantra so one of the key good features about this system is that you get access to android

Auto is village apple carplay which means you can seamlessly connect your phone and it’s a lot easier access you pretty much get the same display as you get on your phone screen once you connect your phone through a usb cable there’s also navigation so again the navigation is displayed well it’s a very clear display the maps are loaded in through an sd card here

In terms of connectivity – there’s pretty much everything that you would expect so i’ve got my phone paired and right now so you can stream bluetooth music to have the aux connectivity you can put in your ox wire here you’ve got a usb cable here there’s the radio fm so pretty much everything that you need in the cable in terms of connectivity this systems got it

All now apart from the touchscreen and all the related features that we talked about earlier you have a look at the steering wheel you’ve got cruise control what your controls for the entertainment system you can switch over from the media list form of bluetooth to a radio fm to other sources apart from that again if you know the build quality overall is very very

Good the material quality use here is good there are there’s barely any panel gap that you can point out which reflects any kind of poor build quality everything is very nicely laid out you’ve got a cooled glove box so if you have a soda can or any old ring you can just leave it there and you can keep it till you’ve got a usb connector 12 volt socket you put two

12-volt sockets here so overall if you look at the space also the seats are again good there’s a lot of space headroom is good in the front the seats themselves offer good comfort the size is good especially for someone with a slim frame like me most cars are good for me but again the side support in these seats is pretty impressive when it comes to safety you and i

Just like the feature list has again kept all this pretty long and rich the car is equipped with the dual front airbags you’ve got side curtain airbags the car’s got abs with ebd for traction control esp reverse parking camera which again shows you active guidelines while you’re reversing so in terms of safety you get the complete kit with this car and it’s pretty

Much at par with the segment there isn’t any feature which any of the other competitors have has and this car hasn’t got it as far as safety is concerned now when the rarer part of the elantra escape in and like the front again it’s a good place to be in i feel someone who’s looking for a chauffeur-driven car the elantra is a good bet now i’m 5 feet 8 inches i’ve

Got the driver’s seat adjusted the as for my driving preference and you can see i’ve got a lot of leg room to spare although the elantra is got a sloping roof line because of the poopy like design for someone of my height there is enough headroom so even if someone’s a couple of inches taller than me the headroom shouldn’t be much of an issue the seats themselves

Are quite comfortable there is a decent amount of under thigh support and apart from that again at the rear the material quality all of the build quality again gives you a very premium feel you’ve got these rare ac vents helps cool the rear part of the cabin past so overall of the cabin beat the front or the rear the elantra is really up there or pretty much i would

Say a little better than the competition the view elantra is powered by a new petrol engine and when i say new it’s not this new it’s literally named new it belongs to the nu of series of engine from hyundai it’s a 2 litre petrol engine it’s not turbocharged it’s a naturally aspirated engine it’s got a 150 horsepower output 192 meters of torque and it’s mated to a

Six-speed the torque converter transmission it’s an automatic transmission so in general the engine is very refined so if you’re cruising even at triple digit speed there’s barely any sound it’s a filtering here through into the cabin but once you give it the stick you really want to go fast the engine is happy to rev it revs really you can engage a manual mode in

The transmission you can ship manually that makes the drive a little more engaging but the limitation of this engine is that although on paper it’s got 150 horsepower it doesn’t feel that fast all of that power all of that rev-happy nature of the engine it doesn’t really translate into acceleration as quick as one would expect from the car that said it is primarily

Because the priority of this car seems to be more towards effortless cruising so if you are cruising all day at 120 130 of the highways it’s more than comfortable doing that you have to make a quick overtaking maneuver again you’ve got enough power and tap to make that quick overtaking maneuver on the highway yone claims the fuel efficiency for this to be a little

Above 14 kilometers to a liter which again is a decent figure for the segment the testing that we have been doing with this car we’ve been getting about close to nine kilometers to a liter and that is primarily because we’ve been pushing the car pretty hard as well so talking about the transmission a little bit in detail it’s a six feet talking were to automatic

In terms of shift speed it’s a decent unit it up shifts pretty quickly it’s not one of those irritating unit which is always searching for a higher gear whenever possible and doesn’t want to shift down it’s not that so it will shift down when you really push the accelerator it’s not reluctant to do that apart from that again similar to the nature of the engine

It’s more of a relaxed unit so it’s not outrightly sporty it’s just about okay and you can engage manual shifting so once you do that you have a better control over the ship’s now one of the three movements in the we’ll answer over the old model is the handling this is a recent trend we’ve noticed with a lot of new moon days with the handling is you are getting

A lot better than what it used to be a few years back on this new entre again it’s not inclined towards the sporting right so don’t expect it to be a real corner cover but you can really push the elantra and it will still hold its line through corners at a fast speed so it’s got less of the vertical movement which was present in the old day atlanta so if you’re

Doing 130 hundred and 40 on the highway there’s less vertical movement it doesn’t feel as value as the old a ladder or some of the older units for that matter the steering too has improved it’s a lot better the response is a quick it’s a direct response tearing so the car really goes where you point it no complaints with that however what it lacks is the feedback

So there’s barely any feedback from the steering that’s the only problem with it about but apart from that it’s a decent car it does what it’s supposed to do if you have to go on a long highway drive it’s comfortable doing that if you’re going in the hills it’s still a good car to drive or those places love to sum it up it’s a good car in its segment it’s got

Loads of feature in terms of features and equipment it’s not this at par with the competition but a step ahead of it it’s got a great interior luxurious cabin a lot of again gizmos you’ve got one good thing is you’ve got apple carplay and android auto in this it’s a new petrol engine responsive engine not really sporty but does the job does the job well if you’re

A person who’s looking for a chauffeur-driven car again good space in the rear a comfortable seat as well so overall a good package a lot better than the older elantra and for the price it’s good value for money and if you’re looking to buy the elantra except for the driving dynamics it’s pretty much on top of its competition so that’s it from us today folks thank

You for watching the video for more on the latest in the automotive world we ensure you follow our youtube channel and for more for reading more reviews new music pinions and everything is happening in the industry to visit financial experts got bombs last autumn thank you

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