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Altair Club Cars Hyundai Elantra N Line: Honest Review

Hyundai Elantra N Line: Honest Review

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And now for those of you who need something practical but want something with some punch here’s our test drive of the all-new hyundai elantra n line so you need something practical but you want something fun and sporty something with a bit of an edge well the hyundai elantra end line might be just the ticket for you the elantra end line is hyundai’s answer to cars

Like the honda civic si and volkswagen’s jetta gli practical cars that have been hot rodded a bit from the factory to make them fun to make them handle to make them accelerate to make them sporty make no mistake the m-line is a fun car to drive it’s powered by a 1.6 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that’s pretty small but it does produce 201 horsepower and

It has 195 pound-feet of torque in terms of power and torque it’s right in there with its competitors but it is not as fast it should be it just isn’t it’s probably because of the seven speed dual clutch transmission it just doesn’t seem to transfer the power efficiently enough you know individual taste will vary for me i was trying to find one of the automatic

Uh driving modes that that i was comfortable with the sport mode for me was the worst it didn’t seem to shift well for me i think that it’s set up to shift too soon it never builds up enough rpm it never revs up enough uh when i’m driving around the city and i guess that’s probably because the sport mode is set up for harder driving so if you unless you’re

Really going to rev that engine uh don’t drive it in sport mode around town well no you’re driving it like a grandpa well then yeah you need to really hit it with your purse if you’re going to drive it like in sport mode you don’t need the speed well bottom line is if you want to get the most out of the car you have to drive with the paddle shifters and that’s

Just all there is to it because if you drive it with the automatic transmission engaged and you let the computer do the shifting it really is just set up for economy that is the bottom line so if you want to drive it and get you know have any fun with it you’re gonna have to use the paddle shifters the elantra n-line does come with sport-tuned suspension and

Steering and it has an independent multi-link rear suspension no rattles no squeaks so it’s it’s put together well this is not a full-blown n which would be hyundai’s highest performance trim level for a model but there is an end coming for now though this is a whole lot of fun it does handle well with this elantra end line you’re looking at a 0-60 mile per hour

Time of about eight and a half seconds that’s about a second and a half slower than a civic si or the volkswagen gli even though it might not be quite as fast as its competitors is still practical it’s fun to drive it handles well the fit and finish is good and hyundai takes safety very seriously it comes with forward collision avoidance assist with pedestrian

Detection it has blind spot collision avoidance assist rear cross traffic collision avoidance assist driver attention warning and lane departure warning technology there is good pedal feel from the brakes and what you’re getting into here is a car that has unique styling the front end is distinct it’s it’s a hyundai that front grill is bold and take a look at the

Lines when you look at it from the side they’re hard aggressive and while they’re aggressive they’re not too overstated it’s all done tastefully so this is a car you can drive every day it is an attractive car in fact i have had a few people stop just when i’ve been sitting in a parking lot to tell me that they think the car is really nice and to ask me questions

About it because they recognized it as the new elantra in the cabin you’ll find an 8-inch touchscreen it’s tilted 10 degrees toward the driver that provides easier control and access and our test vehicle was equipped with a bose premium sound system thread stitching on the steering wheel and the shifter and on these sport seats it’s all quite tasteful it’s sporty

Uh i feel sort of secure in it it feels like it sort of wraps around me and and that’s partly because of these seats there’s a lot of you know support on the sides and the lumbar it’s uh it’s set up well that way the dual zone automatic climate control and the aluminum sport pedals add just a touch of flare you get led headlights led tail lights chrome tipped

Exhaust 18 inch alloy wheels a black lip spoiler it’s the end line so it’s supposed to be sportier and you do get some sporty styling with it you know some red stitching in the seats and so on but uh i would say well it’s the car is fine it is not a performance car let’s face it with a 1.6 liter turbo four you’re just not gonna set the world on fire but the

Engine does rev the chassis is stiff and for the money it offers up great value for the autos 360 network and sst i’m rick walker so even though the end line isn’t really a performance car it does have a lot going for it in terms of overall value and hyundai has great warranties so at the end of the day it’s going to be a personal decision and with a car like

That it really kind of comes down to the numbers so check it out take one for a test drive at your hyundai dealer and don’t just take my word for it make up your own decision it is a car that is competitive and is worth looking at you’re watching the auto 360 network turn back the hands of time with antique chevrolet parts since 1971 we’ve been sourcing parts from

Around the world to help you restore and maintain antique sheds no satellins we have your parts call us toll free at or go to 1-866-767-2787 download a catalog order online delivered to your front door antique chev helping you turn back the hands of time

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