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Altair Club Cars Hymer Grand Canyon : the most attractive 4×4 campervan

Hymer Grand Canyon : the most attractive 4×4 campervan

With decals like this, I think that the Hymer Grand Canyon is the most attractive 4×4 campervan. Featuring a compact exterior and high-quality interior, Hymer claims that this camper combines the advantages of a van with the comfort of a motorhome. It also has a specially developed furniture concept plus a range of safety and driver assistance systems.

Okay we’re gonna allowed inside so this uh rather attractive looking campervan is a heimer grand canyon s and as you can see it’s on the mercedes sprinter basis four by four it costs a hundred and thirty thousand euros um you can even sleep four people in it 4.1 tons or a basis it can go on to and uh 285 centimeters high although it does look a lot higher than

That 206 in width now the graphics i think do make it stand out uh quite a lot let’s uh go inside now uh coming in we see we’ve got a small table we’ve got lots of space of headroom above the chairs now there are those who put storage in i’m all for lots of storage but i’m not for storage uh above the uh cabin because i feel is the sort of place you’re bump your

Head on now note how the flares on the outside have extended the space for the bed look how much extra space there is there from where the wall i haven’t done if i’m making this clear or not yeah okay we’ll see that from the outside and here we have the uh storage there and storage all the way around in this position here we find ourselves up the fridge which

Is a two-way fridge from thetford and under here sink and two burners um this is uh quite an older designer dometic has got um sort of more modern designs it’s brought out but then again if it were they’re a bit longer and as you can see there’s not a lot of space in here to actually uh put them in in here we have this uh the drawer is large but it only takes 15

Kilos of weight sorry i can’t even because i’ve got a backpack on i can’t get the thing out as far and you think 15 kilos and it’s not really all that impressive compact this is probably food you’re keeping in there things like maybe rice pasta things in one kilo bags beans and it i could be improved upon in my opinion all right so well i uh i’ve had people say

About the shower or all that wood uh this isn’t real wood it’s uh it is waterproof and down here we have a very nice duck board which is i think color matched seems to me to be not that i’m very good with colors and right now these sinks over the toilet well to get it to go push it down here and it drops up like that in fact i think you should reuse two hands but

I have seen lots and lots of them which are broken and uh that is i think it’s a uh delicate setup and that i mean i do appreciate people coming in events like this and even the human showrooms heimer showrooms uh and then they uh break them but pull it down like that and crack it’s gone anyway so um let’s have a look at space in the shower uh so this thing here

I can’t see the point of that at all because i must uh stop stop stopping the wall getting wet uh they have some instructions on what you’re supposed to do anyway i’m standing on the duck board so that has impinged a bit on my height so i’m 175 and as you can see i uh i can just get my hand under uh uh over i should say under the roof under under my head board

Down here and uh first getting that out we’ve got two plugs the plugs come with filters in them and a judging by the amount of uh stones and things i know it was in in on my feet well maybe stones that when i wash my feet in a bowl every night when i’m wearing sandals and there’s all sorts of stuff on my feet which uh not just women it’s uh cycling so i really

Believe that filters are absolutely essential trying to get stuff to clean the pipes and of the van is really difficult there you are that for toilet it’s sort of standard sort of thing and up here great thing for getting yourself dry really it costs next to nothing for manufacturers to put in in fact these days most manufacturers do put in one of these things

For your socks and there’s a big mirror here as well under the floor we have and let’s have a look in here some pipes so it just shows it is a double floor so that will help a little bit and there we have the amount of space at the rear so uh for carrying stuff you could theoretically i suppose get a bike in there a bike it’s gonna it’s gonna be down here as well

But uh i suppose you’re good if you want to use the shower and the fridge you can leave the bike outside extension five kilos maximum let’s go and have a look in the tent so we’ll go up here and right uh somebody said to me yesterday can two people sleep in the place like that i would say so um the mattress isn’t particularly thick and it seems to me to be oh no

It’s not bad oh no it’s not quite nuts that’s that’s hard so that that that that that would suit me uh here we’ve got a 12 volt plug there’s a light here and right so question is about the reliability of tents in the roofs and i personally have my doubts more about that in other videos uh now um i will mention the floor as well look the floor is there’s a bit of

A rise here that’s because of the way the mercedes is shaped but it’s flat all the way back so that i quite like the way that is here you can see what the current score is or how much power you got in your batteries and uh how much it’s charging uh solar now solar is to a large extent uh up to the buyer what the buyer wants all right cooler omnis store awning

Which is uh one of the best ones in my opinion and uh from berea we’ll open the we’ll open the door up if it’s open get a look at it oh no that’s a handy thing a tool kit there i like i like that i think that’s a very good idea and one thing of hymer does it makes this little recess here and it’s a great place for putting in chairs fits in very nicely a chair

Place super idea in my opinion under here find the boiler uh great things here from i think it’s from the company keyboard where i’ve been sort of promoting for ages but more storage uh it they down there as well and here this i believe is the table so it fits in really nicely table and chairs and that not really taking any room up at well not taking much room off

Outside the this type of effect on the ground i really like the graft now i started to show the uh the flare at the side this is really really big here and if but if we swing the camera down we can see that it’s because of the shape of the outer part of the vehicle now if the vehicle had gone straight up it probably wouldn’t be sticking out at all so that doesn’t

It doesn’t make the uh the space when you’re passing through bridges or no no areas uh any any greater become this side the flare is much smaller the reason is because of the door but you can still see there’s a there’s a bit of a gap there between the two so there’s a very good look at the vehicle and it’s uh i think the graphics are outstanding so anyway so this

Is a caravan salon 20 uh 22. um the noises because people are getting the place ready that’s why the hoovers are going off but rather the hoover’s going off than music and uh we can see here um empty hall because people haven’t got in yet thanks very much for watching i upload videos every day in 2115 central european time 2015 in the uk and eight hours earlier

Than the uk time in california so and if you found that of interest then you might want to subscribe and thanks very much for being here with me today

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