hybrid vehicle learn how to char
Altair Club Cars Hybrid vehicle – Learn how to Charge your Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid #pacifica #hybrid #chrysler

Hybrid vehicle – Learn how to Charge your Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid #pacifica #hybrid #chrysler

Learn how to quickly and easily charge your Chrysler Pacifica hybrid in this video.

You your hybrid features astounding fuel economy thanks in part to its chargeable hybrid powertrain for convenience and optimum charging we recommend you install a 240 volt ac level 2 charging station at your home it takes about two hours for a depleted battery to fully recharge at a level 2 charging station if you use a public charging station first make sure

The stations ready to provide a charge and make sure your vehicles in park then plug the charge connector into the vehicles charging inlet you’ll hear a click when the charge connector engages with the vehicle’s charge inlet the vehicle should start charging automatically if not please check the instructions at the charging station now your vehicle comes equipped

With a standard ac level 1 charging system it plugs into any standard ac grounded outlet it takes about 14 hours for a depleted battery to fully recharge at a level 1 charger you probably won’t fully drain the battery very often though so recharge times will usually be quite a bit shorter you’ll find the level 1 cord set behind the door of the driver side cargo

Area storage bin first remove the cord set from the storage bag then plug the cord into a standard 120 volt ac power outlet preferably on a circuit that isn’t powering any other devices the court set will complete a self-diagnostic when all the lights turn green on the status indicator display of the court set enclosure you’re ready to connect the charger to the

Vehicle’s charged inlet if there’s a connection error one or more of the indicator lights will turn red you’ll find the charge inlet access on the driver’s side of the vehicle just in front of the driver door to charge the high-voltage battery shift into park and turn the ignition off push the connector firmly into the charge inland you’ll hear a click when the

Connector is fully engaged if it’s not the vehicle may not charge the charging cycle will automatically initiate when these three conditions are met the court set has completed its self-test without any read error lights the wall receptacle is functional and producing power the vehicles charging schedule is set for charging at the current date and current time your

Hybrid uses instrument panel state of charge indicator lights on the dashboard to indicate the progress of each charging cycle each light represents a percentage one blinking light means the charge is zero to twenty percent completely one solid and one blinking light means the charge is twenty one to forty percent complete and so on when the charge is complete all

Five lights will be solid for 10 minutes then the lights will go out the charge cycle will end and the vehicle will go to sleep to conserve energy to unplug the vehicle push the button on the connector handle and pull firmly to remove the cord from the vehicle’s charge inlet keep in mind you can safely unplug your car at any time during the charging cycle

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Hybrid vehicle – Learn how to Charge your Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid #pacifica #hybrid #chrysler By Lestage Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

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