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Altair Club Cars How You Can Get The INSANE Titanium White Honda Civic Type R-LE & WHITE OCTANE in Rocket League

How You Can Get The INSANE Titanium White Honda Civic Type R-LE & WHITE OCTANE in Rocket League

Today I am giving away ANOTHER Rocket Pass code but also announcing a TW OCTANE GIVEAWAY! Not to mention the INSANE game in this video… Enjoy! #PixelArmy #Roadto1Million

So i have done it i have got my placement rank in rocket league today it is important day because i’m going to be taking the honda civic type rle in titanium white into my first i guess ranked game of 1v1 you’ll see the rank that i’m at how i play it’s gonna be interesting you might be asking yourself where can i get the titanium white honda civic type rle well if

You have thousands of thousands of credits you can get it on the trading market or you could get it from the rocket pass by playing rocket league leveling it up and getting it that way it might take a while but one of you thank you to all of you for your support bang is going to be getting another free rocket pass this video using that code however if you don’t

Have the speed to get onto my videos and get a rocket league code that way you can enter another giveaway for a titanium white octane so that is right over on the pixel army discord server forward slash pixel army we are doing a giveaway we’ve reached 10 000 members on the new server which is very very exciting so you can go over to the server and enter

For a chance to win a titanium white octane if perhaps you’ve tried to enter the rocket passcodes and it has fortunately failed but yes i have done my 10 ranked placement games some of them were good some of them were bad i think one of them was really really bad i just played absolutely awfully but if i can get some screenshots from the games i’ll show you my

Progression this was game one game two game three game four five six seven eight nine and ten ten was a bad one for sure absolutely through i said thank you to all of you for the support on yesterday’s video as well i mentioned in that video i would be doing less gameplay videos that aren’t you know item related or something like that but this is a special gameplay

Video because it’s my first ranked 1v1 having got my placement rank so i thought it’d be really exciting just get in play some real rocket league i’ve obviously warmed up because i’ve done my placement you can see i’m warm but when it comes to rockly gameplay there is absolutely no guarantee so this video i might try to not waffle on and talk about random stuff

Like i usually do i might go into the game and try and talk you through more methodically my thought process in terms of what i’m doing what i shouldn’t be doing with the hope so you guys can learn something even if you’re a better player than me i will make mistakes that you guys can learn from as well so i thought that’d be a really cool idea drop a like subscribe

You guys have been killing it with the support on the shorts on the videos there will be another short going out two hours after this one’s uploaded so there’s a lot to get through but that is it for the admin and the intro let’s get in and play around 1v1 game i’m not going to show you my rank until the end of the game i can’t wait for people to watch the video

And be like i’m gonna guess your broccoli rank is like gold three based on that gameplay and uh you wouldn’t be far off i’m playing i’m not gold three i don’t think i’ve ever been gold in rocket league because when the ranks came out like the new ranks which are now the main ranks i was always in platinum so i don’t think i’ve ever been in gold which is kind of

Interesting because the majority of players these days statistically are in gold and platinum so that’s pretty crazy but nevertheless we’re gonna get in and play a ranked 1v1 game we’re gonna hopefully win because if we don’t it’d be kind of embarrassing and unlike squishy no offense no shade i do upload my else so i pray i don’t lose i think what’s stressing me

Out about this game is i have no control obviously about who i’m coming up against but in the placements on the whole i feel like i played really really well and i could just imagine myself turning on the record to actually make the proper video and just sucking and not that i care too much about how good people think i am but it is much nicer to perform well in a

Game and obviously if you clap someone say five nil it makes for a better watch rather than me getting tilted it’s just making mistakes and losing so i’ll see you when we get into the game which is in a second man field stormy what better map to come up against this sign up player whose name i can’t see yet ammo1 1061 okay let’s see how it goes i’ve beaten people

Of this level before but who knows they might be cracked it might be terrible let’s just see try and get a decent kickoff to start it’s not the worst brian the thing is with ones it’s not necessarily i would say your best place oh no i can’t what none of which what i’ve just seen there did i see in any of my placement ranks who’s this guy okay well this is gonna

Be a little bit challenging 100 ping so and the name makes him also sound kind of like a saudi player and they just absolutely terrify me sign it as well that saudi sign it if he is that’s just paul from me i’m just getting in my own head now saudi signets they’re scary they’re actually good i guess man i’m gonna i’m gonna leave and play again he doesn’t miss he

Actually doesn’t miss i might have to play another game because there’s not showing your losses at all but stuff like this this is just no fun for anyone i’m not learning anything you’re not learning anything i’m just learning that this player who’s way better than me is way better than me like it’s not a fair match up at all i’m gonna try though it’s got a bit

Of possession and we actually scored a goal so maybe once i have the ball i’ll do all right but my god what a hard start this has been as soon as he scores that first goal with the confidence that he did you just know you’re in for a tough ride yeah he just looks mechanically very confident on the ball and his decision making is good his hits are solid look at

That there’s actually no way i can not concede that goal there’s no way for me to stop this goal after that hit from him i actually nobody in the world can stop that from my position it’s never seen a 1v1 player so confident at this level however that was kind of nice i love the way i did that with the way it stayed um up in the air like it didn’t bounce from

From here it just made it look really clean with the drift and the flick come on i’m not gonna win but i’ll try and play it out and see what he can teach me oh what a save i did not think he had that no that’s a poor here i should have scored that no go in yes come on it’s 4-3 manage to avoid the demo and manage to get a goal this is crazy look at that all

That i don’t know he was very close to me nice early flick it’s a good flick it’s in it’s actually four four i don’t know what to say i don’t know what to say this guy’s so much better than me very good get the mid boost not a great bounce for me let’s be real i’m winning i’m actually winning all my days i don’t know what he means no i don’t know if he’s trying

To play casual and like be friends with me or whatever but this guy’s so much better than me that and he can’t speak to me i just i’m i’m flabbergasted i’m gonna keep doing what i’m doing hopefully we’ll just see if he decides to turn up and think you know what actually i do want to beat this guy instead of just giving him three goals oh he’s lucky i bumped him

You know what thank god for that yes come on i deserve that goal because i’m a scored a banger and yeah okay i don’t know what’s happening here just don’t go straight in brah when it’s your day it’s your day and it is apparently my day oh my god oh my god oh my god that is the most against the odds goal i’ve ever scored oh my god he’s actually human now i’m

Gonna get scored on eventually my luck’s gonna run out just put it in lad you can’t keep missing maybe i shouldn’t have committed for that with no boost because if i do miss it it’s a goal for him even though he missed he should have scored that though in fairness so i’m not going to beat myself up yes come on come on i was really smart there i didn’t dive in i

Went backwards got a good challenge we actually did it oh my gosh he’s so he’s selling at me and i beat him by three goals goals that’s unbelievable that’s unbelievable unranked so clearly just shouldn’t be here i’d love to know where he normally sits or where his best rank is his mechanics everything was crazy that’s unreal that’s unreal unreal win i i that’s a

Mental game four nil down against someone that good i don’t know if i’m bigging it up he was just good but i think i actually played really well i’m shocked myself now this is what i mean see the wind kind of came when i was like four nil down i stopped providing any sort of commentary and thought this game’s a write-off and actually just started playing without

Necessarily thinking about recording and managed to make a really good game out of it so i’m happy with that and as you saw my rank in ones right now haven’t played my placements is champ two and as you saw that i didn’t play too bad with the old honda so uh i also sometimes accidentally called the nissan because i’m so used to the dlc branded car and broccoli

Being the nissan so sometimes i will make that mistake please forgive me but that is gonna do it for this video if you want to get your hands on the titanium white honda civic type rle then be sure to get the rocket pass keep it out for some more rocket pass codes leave a like subscribe down below to join the pixel army and check out the white octane giveaway as

Well that is gonna do it for me i have a pixel you have been awesome i’ll see you in the next video very soon it’s always say never peace

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How You Can Get The INSANE Titanium White Honda Civic Type R-LE & WHITE OCTANE in Rocket League! By pickapixel

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