how to use park assist volvo s90
Altair Club Cars How to use Park Assist Volvo S90.

How to use Park Assist Volvo S90.

Today I’ll demonstrating to you on how to use the Park Assist(Park-In & Park-Out).

Hey guys good morning welcome once again to my page i’m a freak from nothing july kuching and today i’ll be reviewing to you stand about the s90 but on one of the key features which is available on the car so basically today i’ll be talking to you about the of park assist which is available in both s90 inscription also inscription plus this video is very informative

For you and i hope it will do you a great job for those who do not know how to use this feature i’m going to explain it to you today and it’s gonna be very fun and if you make if they have for today once again if i have any you guys have any comments to live on just please leave in the comment section below i’ll be glad to answer any of your questions so i’ll be

Back shortly to show you how to use the parts on back and now i’m going to demonstrate to you on how to use the part in button so let me just show you this is your center screen alright and then this is your lab screen so what you do is you choose the file in it immediately it will be scanning to the left what happens if your packing is on the right all right so

You can just put your signals to the right and the tv scanning to the right so now i’m gonna pack to the left my spot is there so yeah so it’s gonna scare now the area alright it’s scanning scanning scanning you can just follow the instructions which is given on top alright so the slot is found but still continue forward and follow the instructions given all

Right so it’s not found you got to stop the car part and you’re gonna be doing a poppin perpendicular parking or easy to see it’s called a reverse part so alright so you just select everybody gear right and now the car is gonna pack for you until you see the steering wheel is turning by itself magic is happening here and then ladies gentlemen so do not worry just

Follow the instructions given by the car and you will be safe alright that is steering wheel sitting back alright remember that the brakes braking system you have to control but the steering wheel it will be controlled for you so you just need to control the steering wheel i sorry the brakes and also whatever gear which is needed to change given the instruction

By the screen all right so i’m gonna put it back into our and yes it’s studying its reversing its reversing its reversing and it’s going to the back we bear in mind that i have always said to many of my customers yes cummings we have many of these things but the best judgment will be also will be still on human being if you feel unsafe you can actually deactivate

It so now parking is successful we end up parking lot and you can just press parking pull your hand brakes up and complete so that’s how you do the automatic part alright guys so now i’ll be talking to you about the fat out system so i’m just gonna be very frank with you don’t out only works for parallel parking not for reverse parking because we were sparking

Once it doesn’t reverse that your nose is actually facing outwards so you are in control to take out the car yourself but for puck out it is for parallel parking if you are not too comfortable with the kind of front or in the back being too close to you you can actually use the park out so let me just demonstrate to you always remember press the brakes and also

Press part out they go and now use the blinker so i’m now on the i want to go out to the left so you see it’s steady has changed to forward gear and release the sharing your suppor into forward gear right so press the okay button and now it will go out for you so drive slowly all right come on jessie please always be the best judgment for you all right then you

Go out this repair bit but i’ll complete it so the car is already out so what do you do from here just put it in the d and continue so it gives you the easiness of putting your car up from the parking spot if you’re not too sure on taking the car out so the car has already been taken up for you then you can just continue to drive yours so guys i’m back so i hope

That this video today has actually helped you guys in understanding the fat out and park in system as i said park indus for reverse parking and also parallel parking and park i will help you to get out from a parallel parking because sometimes the obstacle in the front or the back is too close to you and it doesn’t take you out to the main road it just takes you

Out from the parking spot all right it’s very good for ladies because i believe that some ladies they are a bit afraid to take out of the car also men also are quite afraid so basically the car will take the car the puck out will take your car out from the parking spot but once it’s confirmed that it’s see if you have to drive out yourself and i always mentioned

That how good a machine is human being is the best judgement so if you feel unsafe while doing it take control of the car the car will be ok with it so don’t worry i’m a fake thank you once again for joining my pitch and looking at my video for viewing my video i hope you guys can give a like subscribe to the page and leave your comments in the comment section

Below i’m happy i’m alone today no sam today sam’s not very what it is i’m doing by myself thank you for joining me signing out i hope see you soon bye-bye

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How to use Park Assist Volvo S90. By Afiq Bakar

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