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Altair Club Cars How to Unlock Event Vehicles + Get Cars EASIER – Dakar Desert Rally: Starter & Beginners Guide

How to Unlock Event Vehicles + Get Cars EASIER – Dakar Desert Rally: Starter & Beginners Guide

What’s up everyone!! In this video I go over how to unlock event vehicles or the ultimate rewards which require you to basically complete each event using each class, this will basically be 5 completions while using each class. I show how to get these cars unlocked easier by getting other cars unlocked in certain classes that you might be missing, when completing an entire event you get a spin on what is basically a lottery machine but this time it’s like the the cards from NFS Payback… You can pick from one of three items and if you pick one of the cars you will need to complete the event that is shown on the vehicle while in your garage, once that is completed you get that vehicle unlock automatically! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!!

Foreign what is up everybody welcome back to the channel and while as you all know the car desert rally did release today and i have to admit so far i do think this game is pretty awesome but if you might have been wondering i will be doing like an impressions and or like a review type of video coming this saturday so definitely stay tuned for that but in this

Video i wanted to show you guys how to unlock some of the special vehicles and or get some vehicles unlocked a little bit easier even if you’re kind of early on in the game here so i would say you could probably do this pretty early on because i am only level 10 so i’m sure once you guys notice when you started off here on the first event the car qualifications you

Did notice the event progression down there is going to be a vehicle now if you did take a look at some of the other events every single one does have a vehicle for them which is pretty cool so it does give you a chance to go after other things in the game and it does see many of the events so far that i have unlocked does have a vehicle as the event progression

Reward which is pretty cool so you can also run these obviously once you unlock them now if you guys might have been wondering how to unlock these vehicles what you’re going to have to do is complete the race with all 5 vehicle classes in the game which obviously if you’re just starting out you probably do not have all of them now i did pre-order the game so i do

Have the audi sport on release i did know some players were having issues with that let me know in the comments below if you guys still don’t have that vehicle unlockable and or usable i was able to get the audi sport unlocked really fast and it didn’t give me any issues luckily i’m pretty sure that vehicle is part of pre-order but i’m not 100 sure i also got one

Of the dirt bikes as well plus one of the trucks so i really didn’t have to buy all that much i did end up buying one of the atvs to do this as well which is pretty cheap it was like a thousand like credit or whatever to get one of those and obviously you’re gonna have to have one vehicle for each class here in order to get these vehicles unlocked in these events

So you might as well collect one of them now there’s also another way you guys could also do this so for example i didn’t have the side by side unlocked and or the money to actually get one either so i was basically just doing some other events to make enough money to buy one but i also discovered another way that you guys can also do this so obviously completing

Pretty much any of these events you’re going to get like almost like a lottery slot machine and you can pretty much spin that and it can sometimes land on certain vehicles so for example i did manage to get a truck here and all you have to do to unlock this is to basically continue that event there and complete that and win that you would then get the truck unlocked

Now unfortunately with the atv here i did end up buying this like an 88 i don’t really know why i did that now what’s also kind of funny is the fact that after i completed one of the events i did end up doing the little slot machine spin thingy and it managed to land on one of these side by sides and i did need this vehicle to get the other car unlocked from that

One event and funnily enough this is also on the dakar qualifications as well so once i complete that i not only get this vehicle which i have noticed after you guys do do that i do believe you can sell it so this could be a great way to actually sell some vehicles after doing these sponsor races for them that way you can go after some of the vehicles you might

Have wanted but i feel like this might be one of the best ways to do this so to basically sum this up all you guys will have to do is to basically do some of the other events here and wait for that little slot machine thing to show up after you complete it and then hopefully it might land on one of the vehicles you do not have then once you complete that one event

Which if you might have been wondering by the way each vehicle that you do unlock from that slot machine type of thingy is going to have the one event you will have to do with that car so luckily you do not have to search for it which is going to make these a lot more easier to unlock and then once you have a vehicle unlocked in each class then you can head back

Into many of these events here and maybe go after some of the cars you might have wanted for example if you do want the citrion do keep in mind guys you will have to do this race five times because you’ll have to complete it with every vehicle class in the game but once you do that you will then get the ultimate reward unlocked and you’ll be able to use that car

In whatever event you guys would like but again i will be going over my first impressions and the review on saturday so definitely stay tuned for that but i did want to show you all this as well so after i did complete the event here i did obviously get the car unlocked so it does say acquired now going back into the garage you guys will also see that i do own

This side by side vehicle as well so you can also sell this so this could definitely be a good way to make some extra money and or get extra vehicles easier but then all you will have to do if you guys do want to use the vehicle that you did acquire from the event is click on the move from warehouse tab here and head over to classics which i have a feeling most of

The vehicles are probably going to be in this tab anyway at least for right now all you you then have to do is move this over to your garage and you are welcome to use this vehicle in many of the events which is pretty awesome because it’s a lot more vehicles we can mess around with but anyway thank you all again for watching the video and if you have any questions

At all let me know in the comments below

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How to Unlock Event Vehicles + Get Cars EASIER! – Dakar Desert Rally: Starter & Beginners Guide By Blockedinsight

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