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How To Tow A Sprinter Van On A Trailer

The best and safest way to tow a sprinter van on a flatbed trailer. finding the best tie down points to safely compress the suspension and making towing easier. finding the right trailer length and showing the right tow straps to use.

In this video we’re sharing with you five tips on how to tow a sprinter the right way in the safe way all right tip number five you see this area right here immediately underneath the front of the van this area right here is where you need to latch on to okay this is the exact same the exact same area we’re looking at in the last picture the hook goes right into

It and it attaches to the trailer you need a ratchet strap you need to trap that thing down as tight as you possibly can again these are just other angles of it this is what it looks like strapped in right there the front of the vehicle and down onto the flatbed trailer so walking around to the back here you’ll notice we have more ratchet straps so essentially

This is what we’re doing for the rear shocks tip number five front struts tip number four rear shocks right here and again these straps need to be compressed just like the front so notice here we have the brake lines in the way just not worth um just not worth it i am putting a lot of stress on these straps so i do not want to give myself more work essentially so

Let’s look right up here okay and of course this is the area where you want to which you want to utilize to compress the rear shocks just like before wrap that strap around get that ratchet strap and just crank it down as hard as you possibly can as tightly ratcheted down as possible of course it goes right onto the trailer just like the front you will need these

Larger ratchet straps don’t try and get away with those small ones this thing will once once you strap it down you will need to put a lot of stress on these straps so i would say this is the minimum size strap so you can get away with now the real reason why we want to compress the struts and the shocks on these is because without it this thing’s just way too

Tall we put it on a trailer and tow it every gust of wind every time you brake every time a large vehicle passes you in the other lane it will cause the van the trailer and whatever you’re using to tow it rumble and shake and ultimately it is the scariest thing ever it will make you uh pucker up if you will so what we’re really doing is we’re making the vehicle a

Little bit lower and 100 times more stable we’re essentially making the van and the trailer underneath it work as one unit it’s both safer and it’s far more relaxing towing this thing when you’re towing it with the struts and the shocks compressed tip number three the absolute minimum trailer length you can use for the shortest wheelbase that is the 144 wheelbase

Is an 18 foot do not try and utilize those 16-foot u-haul ones they are just too short ideally you want a 20 or 22-foot trailer all right and this brings us to tip number two if your vehicle is not running unless you’re driving it up onto the trailer and driving it right off if you need to use a winch use two people all right i cannot stress how important it is

To use two people you might be able to get it on with one person but i guarantee you it’s not going to be easy to get off unless you have two people there one to push it one to sit inside and tap the brakes if you’re watching this video it likely means that your sprinter either isn’t starting or it’s not shifting or it’s not running right i address all of those

Issues on my channel i encourage you to check it out alternatively if it is a no start issue go ahead and watch this video right here

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