how to top up the diesel exhaust
Altair Club Cars How to top up the diesel exhaust system – Range Rover Evoque (2017)

How to top up the diesel exhaust system – Range Rover Evoque (2017)

This video will show you the basics of the diesel exhaust fluid de f system including how to top up the de f system in order to meet ever more stringent emissions regulation your vehicle is fitted with a new generation of catalytic converters and selective catalyst reduction or scr technology scr technology requires the introduction of an additive into the

Diesel exhaust system this additive is known as diesel exhaust fluid or de f de f may also be known as ad blue a us 32 or a la 32 de f is a non toxic liquid containing urea and demineralized water it is drawn into the exhaust system of your vehicle from a tank the consumption of de f can vary greatly an average consumption will be 800 kilometres 500 miles per

Litre but this consumption rate can be more than doubled depending on driving style road and weather conditions when starting the vehicle the message center displays a series of warnings when the de f level becomes low the first warning states that the de f fluid level is at a level where a top-up is advised it is important not to ignore these warnings if you

See a warning like either of the ones displayed book your vehicle into your local retailer as soon as possible to allow them to refill the de f tank if you can’t get your retailer before running out of de f you can top up the tank yourself to do this you will need two standard sized non drip refill bottles each bottle contains 1.8 9 litres or naught 0.42 gallons

Of de f before adding any fluid make sure that the bottles display the specification iso – 2 – 4 1 – 1 or di n7 0 0 7 0 to top-up the de f tank first with the vehicle on a flat level surface locate the de f tank filler and remove the cap by turning it counterclockwise place the refill bottle over the de f tank filler aperture turn the bottle clockwise until it

Locks into position press the base of the bottle until all of the fluid has drained into the de f tank then turn the bottle counterclockwise and remove repeat the procedure with the second bottle replace the de f tank cap turning it clockwise until a click is heard you will now be able to start your engine and the warning in the message center should extinguish

It is important to remember however that you’ve only topped the de f tank up you will need to book your vehicle into an approved retailer for a full system refill once you’ve topped up the de f tank it may take up to an hour for the vehicle to register this in some vehicles the remaining distance until the de f tank is empty can be viewed in the message center

To do this switch on the ignition but do not start the engine press the ok button on the steering wheel controls to access the main menu or repeatedly press ok until driver assistance is displayed using the down arrow scroll down to highlight vehicle information and press ok to confirm selection scroll down to highlight diesel exhaust fluid or next service and

Press ok to confirm the selection the d ef range is then displayed not all vehicles are equipped to display the remaining distance until the d ef tank is empty for further information about this feature or any other feature please refer to your owners handbook for help or assistance please contact your jaguar land rover retailer who will be more than happy to assist

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How to top up the diesel exhaust system – Range Rover Evoque (2017) By Land Rover UK

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