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Hey guys welcome back to our repair guys in today’s you guys will show you how to set the timing on handy and want our tucson the one that uses the 1.8 a new engine the 2.0 and you might be the same procedure as well but you have to double check now most of the parts on the 1.8 in 2.0 are interchangeable not all of them of course but most of them so assume that

Procedure will work as well stay with us today we will show you how to set the timing we have more than 200 videos taking the whole car apart the whole engine apart you know we developed that famous hyundai piston slap so we fix that and we’re putting everything together so let’s go go ahead start on it please like our official facebook page and if you have a

Comment or we want to know something more drop a comment below and we won’t have to make a video so the first step will be to bring the engine to tdc point top dead center have the video to see how it ended up but pretty much cinema number one the piston needs to be all the way up and now you can see like right here there is two marks on the camshaft okay that

We need to line up you can see right there we need to install the glide and the tension arm and now we need to get them tied with the torque wrench the manual says 18.6 to 22.6 top newton-meters okay you can see it’s a click type wrench so we you know is a click and when you kill quickly in the handle moves you need to stop immediately okay this is it now we

Need to do one more ball that’s for the tension out that’s if you replace the over solitude and part that we use will be listed in the description of the video below amazing so you can see if you install the timing cover just put it on the side of the engine you can see where the tdc point is that zero that’s the tdc point all we have to do install the crankshaft

Pulley and line those up if you don’t know where the tdc is on your engine okay this is the tooth right here that you need to align with tdc okay that one right there so we put the timing cover okay and attitude is lying with the zero at tdc nothing is thailand we just put it there so we can make sure that we align everything okay let me show you on top we’ll just

You’re holding here after that we’ll just remove the cover now the timing cover therefore with our oil pan everything needs to be lining up when you install it so you don’t damage your pump now we can proceed with installing the timing chain now the timing chain has three cowart eat goat golden cow one two and the bottom one is for the crankshaft right there now

Those teeth need to match these dots right here too for the camshafts need to match these dots and one is for the crankshaft will show you where it goes okay the one on the crankshaft is the one that has a dot you can see it’s not curved but it has a dot delivered in okay this one right there so now we need to install that coveted matching with the dot here and

In our case we’ll need to bring that one you can see you can use a wrench right here okay and match them okay like that here now this one is going to jump actually we need to bring this one back a little bit as well okay you can see like that right there now we need to hold the range here okay one person needs to hold the range otherwise it’s going to pop out now

The manual says that we need to go about two to three feet past the tdc going clockwise okay like that until the chain goes on top of the dot here okay you need to make sure that goes in the atom there okay now i need to pull with more okay let me see now which one we need to go okay like that okay you can see i got it here now i still need to go a little bit more

Coke wise okay a little bit less okay like that so as you know we just turned three to three teeth on the crankshaft past tdc you can see those marks are not lining up this is perfectly fine because it means that this tooth this pocket is to treat it in advance and this one as well but that’s how it should be no show you how to check it in a second now we need to

Install the timing chain tensioner so we install the timing chain tensioner now one person will need to hold the arm there okay so i’m gonna drop the camera here and give me a second so one person need to hold that tensional arm all the way this as much that is you can and one need to pull the pin now it’s spring-loaded okay you can hear the second gun going out

Okay and everything everything is good now so grab it again and try to pull it as much as you can to make sure that the chain doesn’t have any slack now we need to turn the engine with a wrench on the bottom 22 wrench we need to do two evolutions on the crankshaft two revolutions and the tdc on the crankshaft you need to have the marks matching on top will show

In just a minute what i’m talking about okay it’s coming now close okay almost almost just a little bit more okay that’s it right there now let’s check if that is tdc point so we will store the diamond cover again to check the tdc for sure and on the bottom you need to make sure that the oil pump is going okay in there i’ll see in the valve in the timing cover as

Well we install the pulley as well and you can see the tooth is matching exactly with the zero there so it’s right right on the spot let me see if i can show you that from underneath but i don’t think i’ll be able to okay yeah i think we can show yeah right there so that’s tdc and timing chain everything is great the two marks on top are lining with each other

As well so thank you guys for watching please subscribe many more videos to come to the channel and see you guys next time

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