how to replace starter 2003 2021
Altair Club Cars How to Replace Starter 2003-2021 Chevy Express Van 3500

How to Replace Starter 2003-2021 Chevy Express Van 3500

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Let’s disconnect the battery before we get started eight millimeter wrench or socket just remove this bolt here and pull off the negative battery terminal set that aside i’m just going to put this bolt back in that way i don’t accidentally lose it right here there’s a 12 millimeter nut i’m going to take that off this is the main power wire that goes to

The starter go ahead and unscrew that set this aside there’s going to be a washer a lock washer that comes with it take that off and you can pull the wire off set that aside right above this 13 millimeter nut that we just undid there’s an eight millimeter nut that we have to also take off take the nut off there’s a washer and a wire remove both with a

13-millimeter socket remove the two bolts that hold the starter on on the second one i’m going to hold the starter take the bolt off pull the starter back slide it out okay through the top there it is take this shield off we’ll put it on the new starter discard this let’s put this heat shield on here line it up just press it down let’s get the new starter

In line it up press it into place just like that get that mounting bolts started cleaned up the threads a little bit put some anti-seize on the shank of the bolt so it doesn’t rust start those on that comes in put the other one in gonna start those by hand that way you make sure they don’t cross thread you’ll have a bad day if they do all right there we go

Let’s snug them up and then torque them to 37 foot pounds there’s one and two before you reconnect the wires check them for any corrosion or rust obviously these are this one’s okay i’ll still clean it up but this one’s in poor condition and it may not even make a connection so i’m definitely going to sand this down to bare metal i know that sounds opposite

Of what you want but it’s you have to make a connection somehow and the rust here is not looking so great so i’m going to sand this down get it nice and clean and then we’ll mount them both this is what you want it to look like nice and clean and free of any rust go ahead and connect the top wire your starter should come with a new lock washer and a nut to

Go with all of these connections let’s snug this up this is still an eight millimeter be careful when you tighten these because the studs are very delicate and they can break internally so once you bottom it out just give it a little snug and then stop right there let’s do the same with this main power wire go ahead and put this on make sure it’s lined up

Correctly it’ll have a little slot that that tab kind of hooks into and it’ll fall into place and just like the smaller wire lock washer and mounting nut and this gets torqued to 30 inch pounds which is really just bottomed out and snug so that’s what i’m going to go for this is now a 13 millimeter not a 12 anymore so i’m going to like i said just tighten it

Up give it a good snug if you want to torque it 30 inch pounds of torque not foot pounds this is a delicate stud that you can break off internally so be careful at this point if you wanted to put a little bit of dielectric grease on top of this to cover it you can go ahead and do that unfortunately this doesn’t have any sort of coverage from a boot or anything

Like that but definitely don’t put any dielectric grease between where the wire touches the terminal because that will actually prevent the connection from being made let’s reconnect the battery take that bolt out put it through the wire put it back onto the terminal of the battery make sure your connections are clean of course just like we did for the starter

Go ahead and snug this up all right let’s start it you

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How to Replace Starter 2003-2021 Chevy Express Van 3500 By TRQ

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