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HOW TO REPLACE RAM 1500 FRONT BRAKES ROTORS & PADS for a 2009 to 2021 RAM1500 classic pickup truck and we show how to remove the caliper to replace the brake rotors and brake pads

In today’s video we’re gonna be changing the front brakes on this ram 1500 specifically the front rotors and pads so let’s get into it all right guys so welcome back to today’s video so we’re going to be replacing the front brakes on this ram 1500 but before we get into it i’ll show you guys the parts that i have and we’re going to be doing something a little bit

Different i will link all the parts down the description below but we’re going to be using these power stop evolution plus pads these are unique because they don’t make a ton of brake dust so you’ll see here it says clean ride ceramic load dust formula a lot of guys are running these pads here and having great results with not having to clean their wheels constantly

They don’t really make any brake dust so i’m going to keep you guys updated on that i’ve heard really good things about these pads we’re also going to be doing the rear brakes as well with the same pad so definitely hit that subscribe button if you’re new to the channel because i’ll be updating you guys and showing you guys the process with that i also have brand

New front rotors here um like i said i’ll link everything if you guys want to check up the stuff and pick it up but the rotors that are on the truck currently they’re warped right now i just picked up the truck so i want to replace everything at once what i am going to do is you’ll notice it doesn’t have any coating here and usually this will rust so what i’m

Going to do just quickly is i’m going to clean them off they’re usually covered in oil we’re going to clean them up tape them off and i’m going to paint this portion black so it doesn’t rust so what i like to do next is take some sort of flexible tape whether it’s this tape or electrical tape and go around the edge so you’re going to want to paint up to there to

Where your brake pads are going to ride so that all this is going to be painted and this because this is usually a part that rusts every time you wash your car and stuff because this is just raw exposed steel so this will end up being all rusted if you don’t do this so once you’ve got your tape all there and you got everything taped off we can go ahead and spray

This with paint and while this one dries we can get this one prepped so i did wipe down the surfaces with some acetone or you could use brake clean either one so we’re good to go all the oil is removed on it because they do get shipped with oil to prevent them from rusting when they’re kind of just sitting on the shelf all right so while these two dry let’s go

Ahead and start taking things apart so you’re going to want to jack your vehicle up so wheels off the ground support it with jack stands and then take your wheel off next up what you’re going to want to do is take a flat screwdriver or a pry bar you’re going to want to retract the pistons on your calipers so like this and what this is doing if you can see inside

There is we are pressing that piston back in so you just keep a constant pressure and you’ll see the piston retracting so there’s piston there and also a piston down there so this way when we go to put our new pads in the piston is fully retracted so once that’s done you’re gonna see your caliper has quite a bit of play on it now since the pistons are retracted

We’re going to remove this 13 mil bolt and this 13 mil bolt as well you might have to hold these if it starts spinning okay so we removed our two bolts one from here and one from here so you’re going to also want to make sure you take out your abs sensor because you don’t want to be putting unnecessary tension on that and you’re going to take this off you can

Use a tie wrap to strap it out of your way for now or try to rest on something but just don’t let it hang off the rubber hose so caliper slides off and put it off and out of the way where it’s not going to fall or hang so now you get to the pads you guys so we’ll take these off there’s actually quite a bit of life on these but like i said i don’t know what brand

Of pads these are but they do not want to stop this vehicle and takes a lot of braking force to even get the thing to stop and so much that’s you know somebody warped the rotors on it so next up just a side note these slide pins here you want to make sure that they’re operating freely like so if you want and depending you can pop them out so they pop out like

This you can just double check make sure they still have some grease on them slide pin grease so these ones look alright like i said it looks like somebody changed the pads on it recently but make sure they got smooth operation just double check both of them and if need be you can apply some slide print and grease but like i said these ones look half decent so

I’ll put those back in we will have to take out these two bolts right here so one and two to be able to get this bracket off so we can take our rotor off because the rotor doesn’t come off unless you take this off so 21 we’ll get these two bolts loose and once you take out those two 21 mils the bracket will come off and then your rotor is free next up we’ll hang

Our fresh rotor on here reinstall our bracket so make sure your two bolts are nice and tight then we can move on to the next step so we’ve got our brand new pads here and you can buy them with or without hardware so you might have to transfer your clips or you’ll have new ones in here these go on the ends of the pad and then we can put our pads on here i also

Cleaned this with acetone again on both sides make sure our surfaces are clean and we’ll install our pads so here’s the new clips let’s throw it on so here’s the new clips installed i’ll go ahead and we will get the pad in here and just like that so make sure that your actual like it sits there and can move freely if for some reason it’s binding and you have a

Ton of stuff caked up on here you might have to use a wire brush to clean off any junk here also a lot of guys will argue whether to put slider pin grease here it’s a big controversy or some guys will even put anti-seize which annie sees you don’t want to use and he sees this for bolts it actually has a fine grit in it so you don’t want to actually be using like

A grip material but some guys you know like to put stuff here some guys don’t i think it just collects dirt and just cakes more junk there if you have it nice and clean i think as long as you replace all your sliders you can see that that’s gonna operate as needed so let’s put it in our inside pad so bring our caliper back over to make sure you don’t like twist

The hose or do anything funny with your brake line and then since we already retracted our pistons like i said we’re not gonna have to fight with it like you can see and we can throw our two bolts in so i’ll take our 13 mil bolt start with the bottom ones a little bit easier to get it situated let’s thread that one thread your top bolt so there we go we got our

Bolts here so tighten these both down with our 13 mil so there we go everything is tight our 13s are tight our 21s are tight um double check everything and then last but not least make sure you put your abs clip back on here because you don’t want your abs wire to be dangling and this side is done but don’t forget you still have to move the pistons back so you’ll

Definitely want to make sure that we pump the brakes at the end of this because as you can see there’s a ton of slop right now so that needs to be taken up so first things first we’ll retract the piston so same thing we’ll whip right through this let’s take out our 13s 13’s removed off our caliper they get both of your pads now we can take out our 221s once your

Two 21s are out you can take off your bracket and your rotor comes off rotor on throw your bracket on put the two 21 mils in tighten the 20 mornings put your new pads in your caliber back on tighten the 13 mils install your abs wire on that clip and all set you can go ahead and put your wheels back on all right so kind of interesting on these pads specifically

It says it is important that the bedding happens as soon as possible after installation it’s also important that the bed in procedure is followed as close as possible so it says 30 aggressive decelerations from 30 miles per hour to 5 miles per hour leaving 30 seconds in between each brake application so i want you to step on the brakes hard between going 30 miles

An hour down to 5 and then kind of coast for 30 seconds and do that 30 times to bed these things in okay so the truck is back down on the ground and wheels are tight everything’s good what you are going to want to do like i mentioned before you even start this or do anything pump your brakes you guys look at that right to the floor this is essential look at that

Almost to the floor and it took two full pumps before we had our brake pressure back so you guys definitely want to make sure you pump those brakes before you even attempt to start the vehicle that way the pistons move all the way back in and you actually have brake pressure so just before we wrap up you guys you can see this brake dust this was from about um

Maybe about almost a thousand miles of driving you can see all the brake dust so i’m going to keep you guys updated on the brake dust situation but that way we can keep our wheels clean all right thanks for watching guys that’s going to be a wrap if you guys found this helpful or informative make sure you give a thumbs up for me hit that subscribe button for other

Videos also going to be doing the rear brakes as well and the same pad so i’ll keep you guys posted on that and the brake dust situation and all that all the parts can be found in the description below we’ll see you guys on the next video

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