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Altair Club Cars How to Replace Front Wheel Bearing Hub 2003-2021 Chevrolet Express 3500

How to Replace Front Wheel Bearing Hub 2003-2021 Chevrolet Express 3500

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With a 22 millimeter socket take off all these little caps that hold this big cap that hides the lug nuts now also with a 22 millimeter socket remove all eight of your lug nuts and remove the wheel now from behind the wheel you’ll see these two 21 millimeter bolts that hold your caliper bracket onto the knuckle i’m gonna take the whole assembly out leave this in

A couple threads so it can hold the caliper while we take the top one out take the whole assembly off of the rotor and i like to place it on top of the knuckle so it doesn’t pull on the brake hose now you can pull the rotor off now we have to remove the abs wire off of this bracket the retainer you can just pull on it with some pliers that should release it on

The control arm there’s another location here where it’s supposed to be held down line is broken so we’ll figure that out when the time comes but for you you can just pop it right off and then if you follow the wire you’ll see it goes behind the coil spring tower there and it actually swoops around to the front and that little blue connector there is the connector

For the abs wire so just pull pull on this and disconnect it at this point you can grab it pull it through okay there it is now with a 15 millimeter socket remove all four bolts that hold the wheel bearing down onto the knuckle i’m gonna get the other two from the front side go ahead and remove all of them at this point all that’s left to do is to give this a

Couple whacks with a hammer and take this all off all right it’s breaking free finally watch your feet save the backing plate pull that straight off and then we’ll clean up in here now the inside cleaned up i also cleaned out the outside just the same as i did the inside it’s important to have everything clean so the wheel bearing can seat itself nice and flush

And now we’re going to coat it with anti-seize but before we do that i want to reinstall this rubber seal that i had to take out to clean it if if yours isn’t very rusted then you don’t have to take this out but i had to sand mine down and i didn’t want to sand down on the rubber seal this one isn’t in the best of condition but it’s better than not having one in

Here so i’m going to go ahead and put this in here and now take a little bit of anti-seize and just coat this whole surface to hopefully prevent future rust from building up and if this wheel bearing ever does have to get replaced it’ll come out hopefully a little bit easier to remove the backing plate off of this we’ll first remove the abs well that’s broken

We’ll remove the abs wire i was just going to set it aside but this is fine and now i sprayed it with some rust penetrant because this is kind of rusty that way it’ll slide right off and you do want to clean up a little bit here if you have any rot build up because this goes in between the bearing and the knuckle and if this is flaky and raised up with chunks

Of rust well there was no point in cleaning up the knuckle so go ahead and do that i’m gonna give it a quick wire brush and then we’ll be all set get the new wheel bearing and slide the abs sensor wire in behind this little tab here and go ahead and place the backing plate onto the wheel bearing and line it up i applied a little bit of anti-seize to it that way

Hopefully it doesn’t seize up all right let’s put this on the knuckle slide this in should want to slide in easily i cleaned up all the bolts and i put a little bit of red thread locker on all of them i’ll try and start one at a time here all right so this one’s started see if this one will start yep let’s go over to this one looks like we’ll have to wait a little

Bit to start that one the knuckle has to turn but let’s try to get this one threaded in okay let’s turn the knuckle a little bit to put that one in so wheel bearing is seated all the way go ahead and snug all these up all right let’s torque it 133 foot-pounds for all four of these bolts i’m going to torque them in a cross pattern that way and make sure the wheel

Bearing is seated 100 percent i’m just going to double check them all to make sure all right they’re good and back again with the anti-seize let’s coat this hub so it doesn’t rust make sure you get in this ridge right here that’s where the rotor most likely is going to freeze up okay looks good let’s get the rotor on now i’m using a new rotor but if you’re using

Your old rotor and the inside part right here is rusted you just want to clean it up a little bit sand it down whatever you have to do to get it to sit nice and flush put the rotor on and at this point you want to check if the backing plate scrapes and it does so let’s fix it looks like for me it’s scraping at the bottom here a lot of times this gets bent easily

There we go if you don’t fix it it’ll make a horrible noise going down the road all right now take the caliper slide it on line up the bolt holes and start in the mounting bolts the caliper snug them and then torque them to 221 foot pounds all right take your new abs sensor and re-secure it and it’s mounting points um this one here i just punched out the broken

Plastic piece because it’s the hole goes all the way through so you can just come from underneath and punch it out or you can drill it out whatever you want it’s just plastic and now swoop it behind the strut tower here and this will be pretty hard to see for both me and you but slide this i’m pretty sure this is supposed to go here all right let’s connect these

Together make sure you uh hear it click let’s get the wheel back on start on all of your lug nuts bottom them out and then torque them to 140 foot pounds don’t forget about the cover that covers the lug nuts do this by hand because these plastic nuts here for covers i guess that screw on you can you can break them very easily if you use an air gun on them so

Just make them snug just enough to hold on this cap that’s all you need to do okay take it for a road test you

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