how to replace a side truck mirr
Altair Club Cars How to Replace a Side Truck Mirror – GMC Savana 3500 Right Passenger 20838066 OR KAPGM1321284

How to Replace a Side Truck Mirror – GMC Savana 3500 Right Passenger 20838066 OR KAPGM1321284

In this instructional video I show a step by step tutorial or video guide on how to replace a 2011 GMC Savannah 3500 passenger side mirror. The replacement part number is Prime Choice Auto Parts KAPGM1321284 Manual Passengers Side Mirror. This is an alternate part for Mirror – GM (20838066). It also replaces Mirror Glass – GM (19207171). The best part of this instructional video on how to repair this mirror is my experience. I know all the tricks of the trade and repair tips. I show how to fix the mirror the easy way because I have broken this mirror many times and replaced it many times so I am an expert or an authority in fixing this mirror at this point. The other great thing about this video is that the mirror I show is a one piece mirror it is not a split mirror so you can see what’s behind you much better than a two piece mirror or a 3 piece mirror. I have been using this mirror for over 6 months now and it is still performing better than my dealer mirror. It is also much cheaper. Anybody can do this diy auto repair themselves. There is no need to hire a mechanic with this video. You can do it yourself. You can repair this auto mirror yourself if you follow these easy steps. Also the reviews on this mirror were great and I see why now that I own this mirror. My secret tip is how to loosen the nuts without dropping them into the truck frame. I show how to remove the nuts without dropping the socket into the door frame. I use two main secret tips. First, keep a magnet near the nut. Second, use a small piece of paper or plastic to keep the nut from falling out of your socket. If you follow these two main instructions the install and the auto mirror removal will be easier. As always thanks so much for watching and please subscribe so I can continue to make helpful DIY auto repair videos. One last thing, this mirror does not distort images and it never fogs up. I highly recommend this replacement auto mirror.

There’s a 2011 gmc savana 3500 mirror replacement when you’re going to do this repair this is what you’re dealing with right here there’s a plate right here it’s like a triangle that’s where the piece goes i’m going to show you real quick how to replace it easily okay step one with this repair inside your interior there’s a little panel here you got to pull this

Off okay this allows you to see and you just pull on it okay and it comes right out no this is so simple there’s just a couple bolts inside you have one there one up there okay and there’s another one tucked in there’s another one tucked in the back here there it is it’s hiding it’s right there okay so i’m gonna get some sockets i’m gonna show you how easy this is

Now whatever you do do not buy your mirror from the dealer just trust me you gonna get ripped off i got mine on amazon i’m gonna give you the part number it’s a better mirror than the dealers and way cheaper so let me show you the mirror and show you the tools okay you’re gonna want a ten millimeter you got to do this trick i’m about to show you or you will lose

Your mind because all your sockets they will fall down inside the frame of the door unless you do what i’m showing you so watch this okay first thing get a small piece of paper you need an extension socket okay so you’re gonna take this small piece of paper like this just put it over top of yours put it over the top of your extension socket okay and then put the

Socket on so you get that on there real good okay so i’m gonna take this out now and watch what happens okay so i put a magnet on my door and it’s right there so that if any point i lose control this it’s gonna stick to the magnet at least that’s what i hope i’m telling you right now it goes from right in your fingertips to lost in the frame in no time and then

You want to cry don’t make yourself cry do this magnets there please work magnet there it is how nice that works it just sticks right to that magnet so you take this and be very careful put this somewhere safe and then you do the next one okay next bolt right here just gonna break it first it’s already broke okay this one’s really hard this one here it wants to

Fall down the door frame more than it wants anything in this world so you have to be ready this one here it’s so dangerous i’m putting my magnet right there hoping hoping and praying my magnet will grab that if i drop it okay now i got tired of camera off cuz i want to drop it but do whatever you can shove something right there and that door frame whatever you got

To do because they not lose that nut in the frame and you’re done now for the third one now that this one doesn’t fall on the frame so any idiot could do it even me okay now this one is nice because you can just use the you can use good old fashioned magnet tivity you can use your fingers it doesn’t matter this is like one you doing you’re a kid with your bicycle

Easy what is this just under just undo it okay okay watch this weekend on butterfinger man look i’ll get that beautiful right in the magnet now you just uh you just pull the mirror out this was my mirror that was just rigged up for one day to get me through when i ordered amazon prime but it was always supposed to be on here for a couple days do not rig up your

Own mirror don’t do it get the right part cuz it’s not worth it but my mirror kept fogging up cuz i rigged it with whatever mirrors i had laying around here’s the beautiful part is how easy i got it let me show you real quick the proper way you want to make sure you get rid of it took a are you helping let’s show them the right way to dispose of this well quick

Just do this that’s it that’s how you are oh look at this look at this mirror this is a nice mirror what is the part number that’s the part number poly way pol y w ay y zero eight zero six six are h which means right hand i imagine and i’ll give you the other part over looks like you get inside on the computer of it so this is just plug and play take the caps off

O get to it let’s try it ac i got the caps off now look the best thing about this mirror it’s just one big mirror and more this split meters where you can’t even tell what the heck’s going on and you almost kill a guy on a motorcycle and your big box truck you know or you maybe you got a cargo van that is still if you almost run over a bike or a motorcyclist you

Know what i mean because a little honeymooners they don’t show up you can’t see these people nice one big mirror you can see it all those who like the big mirror such as those who hate it let’s get all the internet trolls and everyone just angry let’s debate it alright so let me put this mirror and i’ll show you it’s going hold on i got to put the camera down i’m

Sorry but i can’t do this can i oh you put the camera down a second i’m not breaking my new mirror for you for you animals you the paper in the socket by the way that’s just so yours your socket doesn’t fall off the extender it happens you don’t believe me i’ve done this job many times you know why you know why i’ve done this job at many times why i am an authority

Your local mechanic has never broken this mirror as many times as i had i just have like a bag the end and now this way when i go to screw it on it won’t fall down the frame see so i’m gonna take this off of the wrench i’m just gonna do it like that he goes here we go just to show you this is live on this is live baby this is alive if i lose this thing you’re

Gonna hear me cry doing this come on baby don’t fall i don’t care if you could see it just believe me i’m worried wait it’s getting tight okay cool i got it out here we go this thing just snaps and you see this we just fixed it now that that’s an attractive mirror and job well done

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How to Replace a Side Truck Mirror – GMC Savana 3500 Right Passenger 20838066 OR KAPGM1321284 By Ray Stein

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