how to replace a canister purge
Altair Club Cars How to replace a Canister Purge Valve on 2019 Buick Enclave

How to replace a Canister Purge Valve on 2019 Buick Enclave

This video walks you through how to replace a Canister Purge Valve on a 2019 Buick Enclave. ACDelco GM Original Equipment part 12690512 (Bosch).

What’s going on guys today we’re going to be fixing our 2019 buick enclave because the check engine light came on if your check engine light came on this may be the video for you only if you got error code po442 which means you have to fix your canister purge valve you can go see if you have the error code at like an auto zone a local autozone or any kind of

Place where you can get those things done and um today if you need to fix this you’re going to need to buy a canister a new canister purge valve and so you could probably buy these things off of amazon they’re a little cheap not too expensive but good enough if you have any questions leave them in the comments and if you need us to do anything more videos on

Any other things that we need to you need to figure out how to fix just put it in the comments and if you’re enjoying this video or you enjoy this video please subscribe and like it really supports us and helps us out so anyway thanks and bye okay the first thing you need to do is you need to get this first screw out here you can either use a star bit like this

Which isn’t the largest size but it’s right in the middle somewhere or i actually happen to have a flat screwdriver that fits perfectly in there and doesn’t make any it doesn’t have any wiggle room so i’m just going to use that because it’s easier than getting out all my other tools um so you just take this screw out first then you take off the old cap there’s

Just one little like tension hold here that you just kind of pull on and it’ll come off and then i always like to pull put the oil cap back on just so you don’t get any dirt in there okay the next step is um we’re gonna need this is the this is the valve back here we need to try to get to so and i need i need to try to get space to get that to get to that bolt

So i’m going to try to take off i’m going to take off these parts here to get me some room to get my wrench in there you okay the next part it’s hard to get the camera in there but you want to take off the electrical connection first and the part sits like this back in there so you need to reach around and then there is a pinch fastener clamp on there and just

If you can feel around you’ll feel it and you push on it and it’ll release from this hook and then you just pull it out okay now we got the electrical off the next part is there’s another clamp that’s kind of on this and we’ll try to zoom in and show you kind of how you get that just to reach back in you’ll see this white little clamp you have to push it up

Like that it’s kind of on a spring you push it up you push it up and then out and it releases and then you just kind of move that out of the way and now you have okay the next step is to get the bolt and it’s just a 11 millimeter and it’s it’s a little bit tight in there but once you once you break it loose it unscrews really easy but the mat the problem is

Just getting back getting your tool back in there this isn’t my favorite tool but it fits so then once you have the screw out it’s uh just you just pull it off of the other just pull it out of the hole there’s the old one um it said it was going to come with an acdelco original but it’s a bosch and that’s what i was that’s what i got from amazon even though

Even though amazon said it was acdelco but but it’s the same exact part okay okay now we’re just uh putting everything back the way we took it apart um so in reverse order so you’re just gonna push the find the hole push that in and then kind of turn it until you can line up this with the screw hole push it in as far as you can and then then you’ll have to

Try to thread it doesn’t turn as easy with your fingers because of those rubber gaskets but uh once you get it lined up you should be able to put the tool on there and get it screwed in so so you can feel with your fingers i feel the screw hole i feel the hole for the valve just push it in you’ll feel it pop you kind of can line it up with the screw there i

Feel that give it a couple turns well if you can feel it threaded so i’m going to get my table ah got that tight and then it’s just fixed fix hooking up that other valve or other hose and then the electrical and then putting the parts back together okay now we got the bolt tightened we gotta find that hose and uh this is the one that has that little white

Spring clamp on so you slide it over the new one and it just pushes on itself the clamp moves on its own and then where’s the wire here’s the wire the little push clamp thing goes to the outside where that little triangle thing is you hear it click and it’s on everything seems tight and in place it’s not just a matter of putting this back together okay and

This bring the camera over here there’s just one of these posts that you uh just push that down on and that’ll fit back on this screw that wasn’t another 10 millimeter i forgot to say that earlier on that’s another 10 millimeter screw you bring the cover back take off the oil cap again that spot over here you need to push down and it locks in oil cap back

On and then this glass screw that’s tight one double check make sure everything looks back together and then uh last very last step is we’re gonna need to uh disconnect the uh the negative from the or just disconnect the negative from the battery for a little bit to kind of clear out that check engine light and then uh re-hook up the battery and everything

Should be good to go and hopefully that light doesn’t come back on okay now we just go over to the battery and you go over to the negative side loosen it up it’s another 10 millimeter socket and just pull it off for a little bit all right once you have the battery disconnected for a little bit and you just get back on tighten it up tight as you can that

Should clear out the check engine light and uh hopefully it doesn’t come back on you

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How to replace a Canister Purge Valve on 2019 Buick Enclave By idk DIY

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