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Altair Club Cars How To Replace 2011 Toyota Tundra Belt Molding Window Weatherstrip

How To Replace 2011 Toyota Tundra Belt Molding Window Weatherstrip

Got a 2011 toyota tundra i need to replace the belt molding window weatherstrip that’s this little piece right here you can find a set of 4 for the front left back left front right back right on oh am part source comms where i got these perfectly fine replacements i want to say total with shipping i spent around 65 bucks for all four of these so i just went ahead

And did them all at the same time i’m having some little deterioration issues with them so let’s go to check it out this is what’s called the belt molding window weatherstrip right here as you can see this little part presses up against the window but it’s deteriorated so much that it’s just kind of broken off and it’s kind of sitting down in the edges right here i

Have a lot of sawdust leaves dirt and everything that might be flying around so i want to make sure that i get a good one on here super easy to replace with the window down that’s how we’re gonna start i’ve opened the door just because it’s easier to get to this end piece right here there’s a little bitty clip behind this rubber piece and what we’re going to do is

We’re going to get our fingers in there pop it up i don’t know if you heard it click but we were able to pull it out of that frame piece there’s that little hole it’s just a little bitty clip that kind of hangs right in there and then we’re just going to go ahead and pull it straight off down here at the end when you get to the mirror this part slides up underneath

So i’m just going to be careful not to bust anything when i pull that out so there’s that piece it just kind of hides up underneath there and then goes on so we’ll see that when we replace it for popping this new one end we’re gonna start kind of at both ends and think about it on this right end over here there’s a little bitty clip that needs to go in the frame

That has to be lined up but then also on the other end near the mirror this part has to be sunk in to a little bitty groove so we’re going to sink this guy in first and before we press it down onto the frame we’re gonna make sure that little bitty clip lines up with the frame and then we’ll clip it in and then start to push it down the rear window molding seal is

The exact same except the clip is right here towards the front of the truck and then it inserts over here towards the back of the truck so i’m going to pop the clip up near the front kind of near this driver’s side handle right here and then peel away from that way so let’s check that one out from far away once again i find it a little bit easier to have the door

Propped open because it’s easier to get to that end there’s that part where it inserts covering right over there yeah we’re going to go and insert that right side kind of lay it right over the top right here push her down just a touch and then we’re going to make sure that that clip is going to line up and it is clip in and it’s good and push the rest down there

We go and we’re good those seals have been broken or corroded on my truck for at least a few months now with a lot of dirt and sawdust flying around and leaves maybe getting into they’re probably going to start pulling the inside panels of the doors just to double-check that it’s not to grind me or anything so that may be a future video on how to pop that door

Panel so you can clean the regulator for the window bringing it up and down and everything so thank you guys for watching thanks for checking it out and if you have any questions about the 2011 tundra anything about the windows seals or anything that i may or may not be able to figure out and answer let me know

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