how to remove toyota sienna spar
Altair Club Cars How to remove Toyota Sienna spare tire

How to remove Toyota Sienna spare tire

Hey guys welcome back to the 4×2 wagon family and first of all i gotta say it is freaking hot out here in sacramento it’s about 106 on a thermometer so this is why i wanted to do this video it’s because my wife the girls the family they’re all going to disneyland next week and i’m not going to be going with them so if we have a blowout on the road meaning the tire

Blows out it’s going to be a nightmare for them to change i’m sure they can call roadside assistant aaa to have them do it and reason why i’m doing this video is because to share with you guys to be it helps to be a little prepared in case worse scenario because last thing you want is for your entire family to be stuck inside the road on a hot sunny day like this

Feeling miserable when things should be magical uh while somebody changes your spare tires so if you guys kind of think ahead and get your spare tire out and put in the back of your trunk because they don’t take a whole lot of space they’re pretty you know these donut tires are small and compact it’s going to save you your wife the the service guys the roadside

Assistance guys a ton of time and they’ll be in and out in no time so what i want to do is share with you guys how to remove your spare tire out of your toyota vans this also applies to dodge caravans i know because i had one they’re all in the similar or same location in the process it’s identical to several lines of minivan like the the newer honda odysseys

Dodge caravans and a toyota siennas so if you want to see more about how to take your spare tire out because it is a little bit weird this is right video for you so let’s get started all right so obviously step one is to pop open your trunk and get access to the tools you’ll need to get the spare tire down from your van now what i mean by that is there are some

Tools behind your your passenger side panel right here okay and you can see a lot of things uh behind this panel some straps but mainly you just need this guy right here and this guy right here and then everything else can just stay the jack you don’t need any of that okay so then come back over to your passenger side back seat and if you have if you have carpets

Pads get all that out of the way then underneath this carpet right here just unbutton this button right here and then peel it back so when you peel this thing back it’s these are all on a track so you can’t just flip it over you rip it and which what you don’t want to do is so be very careful all right so then you want to take this snap unbutton it like so and then

You can simply uh pull it from this side right here this would be the easiest because the one that’s in the middle there are just plastic tabs the one on the left side is much smaller let me just show you than the right side you see how big these little plastic tabs are that holds the carpet down so a little easier to pull it from this side just go like that okay

Up to that point and then just fold it back or just tuck it out of the way and you’re gonna find this little cut out little square half cut out and this is where you can just flip it over and access the spare tire so there’s all this insulation here just pull it back and there’s the bolt to bring down the spare tire let me show you guys under the car so it’s right

Under the rear passenger seat okay hope you guys saw that so basically when you unscrew this guy that spare tire is going to come down because it’s on a cable or a chain that’s going to spin down so let me just show you guys how it’s done okay that goes in there first you’re gonna take this jack handle and you’re basically gonna spin it counterclockwise like this

Okay and as you go around the circle the tire is actually dropping down so let me change the angle so hopefully you’ll see the tires coming down as i’m unwinding this thing and you want to go all the way until it stops okay so there you go and reach down here and basically pull it out now the tire is secured by this cable let me see we hope you guys can see that

And you basically want to feed this cable back through that center hole right there okay and that will free your tire and that’s why you want to unscrew that bolt all the way down so you got enough slack to get it out once you’re done with that wind it backed up and you want to make sure that this when you tighten it up or when you bring the cable back up you want

To go all the way until it stops turning until it’s nice and snug because you don’t want that bolt to be dragging on the ground all right and then then of course you want to go ahead and put the the car mats back to where it should be you just fold this over and you just push it in okay lock it down put your mat back and now everything is ready to go in case my wife has a flat tire

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