how to remove rolls royce wraith
Altair Club Cars How to remove Rolls Royce wraith door handle and side marker#wrapping #mechanic #rollsroyce #diy

How to remove Rolls Royce wraith door handle and side marker#wrapping #mechanic #rollsroyce #diy

Hey guys

Yo what’s up youtube arash here and then welcome back to my channel as you can see behind me we have rolls royce right here i did wrap this car two years ago with the miami blue and the owner wants to refresh the color that’s why we remove and then wants to wrap it again with the same color so in this video i will show you how to remove the door handle and then side

Mirror but i’m gonna make it into part one for part one for the handle and then part two for the middle one thing i want to talk about because yesterday i got the one email from our audience and then they he asking oh you’re missing this part and then when i check my video i talk about it by end of the video and then i told him you didn’t watch the video until the

End and then i checked my youtube studio and check the average duration the people are watching my video it’s between two minutes to three minutes so i want to tell you guys please watch the video until the end this is not funny video or this is not the something if you’re missing nothing gonna be happen if you missed the sound part you’re gonna be in trouble so

Please watch the video until the end don’t skip it and especially in this video i will talk about the very very important things by end of the video so let’s get into it this is the door handle of the rolls-royce rate and then another piece on the fender and it has the light and then door handle mechanism in this way so first i’m gonna remove this one and then go

For the door handle to remove the dsp from the fender you need something like these it has a space for it put here and then take it like out and then you will see one bolt size torque 20. so now you can open the door and this one should come out of the this chrome piece and slide this piece to the left like this look at my hand okay with the one hand is hard

To get okay this piece is slided out and coming next step you have to remove the dose three bolt size 25 i’m sure yes it’s 25. then now release the those three this one because of this light you cannot release it and then it’s very hard to find the connector or whatever and you cannot cut it okay you can remove it and clean underneath it like we now need to

Remove the rest of previous wrap and you have to stitch it back again and then when you lay the panel okay you can a little bit cut the film here and then take this one out from the dot cut in the film and then wrap this one again and put this one back that is the best places you see i does not have any cut line or any other things otherwise when it’s like this

You have to cut and then do the seams here so it looks gonna be ugly okay for the door handle it has the one rubber cover here orange need to remove that one honestly i cannot show the bolt and then catch it by the camera because inside is too dark and then it’s far just straight you ah you see it’s like it’s more close to this area and exactly same as bmw 5

Series g-body a straight and then size torque 15. and okay and this one it’s going to be a stop by itself so be careful to not screw it more because it’s the plastic mechanism it’s going to be grind easily so now is the stuff and then you can grab the handle and disconnect the connector yeah these balls i told you here it’s going to here and then lock it

Or release it that’s for the door handle okay now time to remove the this uh black black piece here actually i have to mention it that for the driver door this one has the two bolt because of the lock here but the passenger side it has only one inside this hole and sizes 25 i guess no it’s 20s 12 20. what the everything 25 15 20. why did not make it all same

Size anyway we are not royce engineer okay it’s like got released and then again you need to open the door another one is inside okay let me put the light i can’t see but the camera cannot show okay i think you’re able to see size 15. right like this see as soon i try to remove it it’s getting loosen actually it’s so long and that’s the important things

I have to tell you this one it’s weird but does not have the holder so if you drop at this one inside you are gonna be in trouble i need the magnet to grab this one this one it’s so long but does not have any holder so this is the reason i say please watch the old video until the end because i know some of you guys are soon see that where is the bolt just turn

Off the video and then go try to do it or just think you know it’s finished no you have to know that one okay guys before i close the this video i will talk about the one things i’m not gonna say which brand is good which brand is bad we always wants to offer the customer best one but i’m not gonna use this film anymore i’m not gonna say the name but if you see

We having the big pocket bubble here and may you thinking it’s the installer fault no this is the hundred percent filling problem you know no let’s go other side i will show you why this is the driver though i already removed the filler and then look at that all the bonds stick to the panel and then became separate from the filler that’s why it made the bubble

This is a hundred percent it’s film error and i’m not gonna offer the this brand anymore until they fixing it actually we say the customer wants to refresh it because the color got fake that’s why that it’s very bad they have to fix it so this is the way you can remove the door handle of rolls-royce rails and also this light part on the fender if you like my video

Please give me the thumbs up and then if you don’t like it just comment it for me why if you are new here subscribe the channel turn on the notification and i’m gonna come back with the part two see you until the next video bye bye

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How to remove Rolls Royce wraith door handle and side marker#wrapping #mechanic #rollsroyce #diy By Arash wrapper

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