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Altair Club Cars How To Remove Front Door Panel 95-19 GMC Savana

How To Remove Front Door Panel 95-19 GMC Savana

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Brought to you by 1a auto calm your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the internet hi i’m mike from 1a auto i hope this how-to video helps you out and next time you need parts for your vehicle think of 1a auto calm thanks in this video we show you how to remove and reinstall the front door panel we show you the driver’s side passenger

Side is pretty much the same procedure the only tools you’ll need are a flat blade screwdriver and a phillips screwdriver start by using a flat blade screwdriver and you can pry out on the outer panel of the door pull you see those clips that hold it in they just pull right out and now you can remove the inner panel by removing six screws three small ones there a

Larger one there another small in there and a larger one there okay we’re just going to fast forward as we remove all those screws you use a flat blade screwdriver again and pry on the panel it’s right behind the door handle and that comes out and in behind there there are two more phillips screws will fast forward here again as we remove those two screws and you

Do have to push in quite hard keep the screwdriver in the screw to get it started and now you can pull on that upper panel and it unclips from the door panel and then unclip all your accessories in the back power door locks power windows power mirrors cetera and you they just have a tab that you press and pull the connector off now up at the top corner you want

Pull on that trim panel and it pulls right off start at the top corner of the door panel pull firmly and there just a series of clips around the outer edge of the door panel and hold it into the door and kind of work your hand to each clip and pull firmly and they release and then you can lift the door panel up and off and installing the door panel is a reverse

Of the procedure there are clips on the panel that go around the outside so you want to first make sure the all your harnesses come through hang the door panel up and make sure it goes down on the ledge of the window ledge and then just set the clips by using the back of your fist your palm okay speed things up a little bit here take your accessory panel and make

Sure you clip all your accessories into place power door locks windows mirror and then line it up on the door and clip it into place replace the two phillips screws that are in behind the door handle and then put the trim bezel back on and clip it into place yeah return panel back in place as i bring the mat into the bottom to get in and we’ll speed up here again

As we put the bracket in place that is the door pull and then holds the other piece outer trim and if you’re just taking a door handle door panel on and off you’d probably don’t need to remove all the little small screws you probably just needed to remove the two big ones but this is the way we did it this time and we’re putting those large screws back in place

And then put all the other small screws back in place to hold it all together and last but not least stop that upper panel back in place we hope this helps you out brought to you by ww1 aho calm your source for quality replacement parts and the best service on the internet please feel free to call us toll free 888 eight four four three three nine three where the

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How To Remove Front Door Panel 95-19 GMC Savana By 1A Auto Repair Tips \u0026 Secrets Only Mechanics Know

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