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Altair Club Cars How to Remove and Lubricate Spare Tire 09-14 Ford F-150

How to Remove and Lubricate Spare Tire 09-14 Ford F-150

In the video, 1A Auto shows how to change the spare tire. The video is applicable to the 11 Ford F150

Hi i’m mike the 1a auto we’ve been selling auto parts for over 30 years hi everyone sue here at 1a auto and today i’m gonna show you how to your spare tire down on a 2011 ford f-150 you’re gonna need your keys to the vehicle because they put a little safety cap here so someone can’t steal your spare tire so you take your key put it in there turn that you know

Comes that little safety lock let’s set that aside don’t lose it then if you look down inside there if you can see if there yep you can see that plastic guide that mounts on top of the spare tire you’re the same so you lift up your back seats here i’m gonna crawl right in here and you lift up both of your back seats and you look and you say where’s the jack well

This is a compartment right here so you take this compartment out of the place and there it is can’t pull it out we have a twisty bolt right here and it has to come all the way out because it’s got a pin on it and then you have another one over here it’s the exact same exact bolts pulley pull that all the way out now we grab this slide forward flip it to tabs

There’s your jack cool bar and your spare tire mechanism and you’re just gonna take two of the extension rods click them together and take the square end put it into the keyhole bring it into that plastic sleeve and you’re gonna turn it to you feel it lock in then we’re gonna take the last one with the hook on it attach it to the second do it one let that snap

In now we have a key way so i’m going to loop it in and set it up on that square notch you know where we go on this i’m gonna do counterclockwise turn it down and the spare tire will come right down so now that the spare tire is down to detach it from the spare tire cable i’m going to get underneath lift that up hold it one arm and pull this piece through now you

Can just fish it right through so i’m gonna take advantage of the tire beam down and i’m gonna do some maintenance and spray inside the spare tire box where the cable wraps up and the gear is up in this i’m just gonna spray some nice just rust inhibitor and load this cable up with it and it’s just good maintenance to do so when i wheeled this back up i’ll keep

That cable and real lead up so we’re gonna just reverse procedure to put the spare tire back up so you just lay down tilt the tire up pull that mechanism through rest on it and you can get out and crank it up so now the spare tire is hooked on that the crane part and we’re just going to turn clockwise and bring it back up to the vehicle now you’re clear to take

All the tools out of there break it down these things have clips on it you just push on this clip and you can release the last but not least don’t forget to put your cover back in turn the key release close the cover when you’re done with your jack and your controls for the spare tire just put the box back under the seat let it drop down that way see these two

Dimples that’s with those pins hold in so we’re gonna slide it down it bottoms out all by itself put that pin in you’ll see that you can’t pull it past it and tighten it down so it doesn’t rattle do the same on the back now we just put this compartment back it’s pretty quite simple thanks for watching visit us at one arrow com for quality auto parts fast and free

Shipping and the best customer service in the industry you

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How to Remove and Lubricate Spare Tire 09-14 Ford F-150 By 1A Auto Repair Tips \u0026 Secrets Only Mechanics Know

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