how to remove an f150 supercab s
Altair Club Cars How to Remove An F150 Supercab side door Panel

How to Remove An F150 Supercab side door Panel

Hey guys what’s going on this is outdoorsmen one today what we’re gonna be doing is well i’m making two videos right now one that’s very specific for if you need to take something apart which i found that there is no video on youtube for the supercab this suicide folding door version of the truck and as well i’m doing another video which i’m going to link in the

Description below but as far as today goes as far as this video goes what we’re gonna be talking about is how to remove the door panels for this suicide folding door the backwards folding door on a super cab style f150 this is the xlt version and so before i get into any of the specifics i want you guys to know exactly what you’re looking at so that you don’t

Waste your time on this video if your door if that’s how you open your door if here let me show you make sure it’s unlocked okay so if you’re getting into your truck like this you open that guy up and then to open your other door you’re backwards folding door you open it through this little backwards latch that’s what we’re gonna be showing you how to do we’re

Gonna me and my buddy bo he just left cuz he had to go to work but we’re gonna be showing you how to take this door panel off whether you need to like i on the other side i need to reattach one of the connections to open the top latch because it popped off or if like what we’re doing right now you want to replace the factory $8 for the speakers on your truck you

Got to get this door off you got to get this panel off to be able to put in a new speaker or you need to put in a new window or you need to put a new anything in there this is how you’re gonna do it so i’m going to kind of describe what you’re gonna need to do here just get a small flat-head screwdriver put it back behind here and pop this guy off that’s the only

Big piece that you’re gonna have to pop off as well you’ve got these two little guys that go here and here and they’re kind of on angles so what you’re gonna do is this is kind of the reverse but if you can see that little notch right there you’re just gonna put a flathead in there and pop it out same with right there i’m just kind of doing the reverse here so

You guys can see how to put it back together but i’m doing this one-handed here for you guys there you go so you’re just gonna pop those two guys out and this tray back here then behind here these both are ten millimeter sockets these are six millimeter and then you’ve got one down here that i’ve still got to put in they look a little something or exactly like

This and it is a six millimeter as well then you’re gonna be able to jiggle the door around a little bit and then what you’re going to need to do is you’re going to need to come over to this side there should be something that looks like this over there and it should be on there like that you’re gonna see me and my buddy bo do it but you’re literally just gonna

Wrap your hand behind that and crank it out because it’s got these two self retaining pins and then just make sure you pull it out from the top you’re gonna get another six millimeter right here that you’re gonna take out and then the reverse is this thing with this side you’ve got one six millimeter right here in the same exact place just on this side again you’re

Just gonna pull it out and then to put it back just smack it back into place and let me show you how i smack this guy back into place hopefully my new phone doesn’t drop by kind of balance it here for you cool so now you’ve got everything back on but you’re gonna take all of that off and then to put this guy back in there it’s really easy just gonna put it back in

There at an angle and pop it in and that’s how you open and close your door that’s how you take it apart so in turn to take the speaker out what you’re gonna need is you’re gonna need a fiddle focus it’s a 7/32 so for everything on this door you’re gonna need a 10 millimeter 7/32 for the four that are around your speaker and as well a six millimeter for all of your

Perimeter screws and then once you get these two six millimeters that are in there after sliding this up after getting the two or the one off the bottom the two off the side and then the two 10 millimeters from there you can just do this carefully okay got a lot going on in there but you carefully remove the door and unlike the other sides to get to the speaker

And remove it you don’t really have to do any removing of anything because you’ve got the self coiler for the seat belt and then you’ve got this cable and everything’s there so if you’ve got another person smile bow you’ve got another person holding it it’s relatively easy to get to the speaker and do it on your own or well to people so i hope that’s helped you

Out for anybody that’s like me that needs to change their speakers because they’re blown out or because you got to replace the the wiring for the inside of your door ford makes it really incredibly hard because they use about 35 different kinds of bolts and screws and sizes so it’s really annoying when you’re trying to work on something but trust me i figured it

Out kind of the hard way six millimeter ten millimeter and then the seven thirty seconds to get everything on that that door part apart so thanks guys for watching hopefully this has helped you out there’s been another outdoorsman one video i’ma talk to you

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