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Altair Club Cars How to program a smart key push start on 2013 Nissan Altima AKL w/ Autopropad Basic / All Keys lost

How to program a smart key push start on 2013 Nissan Altima AKL w/ Autopropad Basic / All Keys lost

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Hey guys today we have a 2013 nissan altima we’ll be using the auto pro pad to program the smart key this is all keys lost situation so this is not programmed for the car all right let’s get to it all right guys so let’s get started so you can see this key is not registered okay all right so what we’re gonna do is let’s go ahead go to the auto pro pad basic

Let’s go to um nissan usa agree then let’s go to program keys let’s go select from vehicle nissan and ultima sedan this is a sedan as you can see we got one and door in the back press the sedan 2013 so that’s where we’re gonna click smart key program smart keys so it says switch ignition off ignition is off turn the hazard warning lights press ok so let’s

Positive warning lights and press ok all smart key will be erased you can program up to four smart key total all right yes steering wheel in release date press yes to continue it is released as you can see it’s not locked press yes do not press the brakes press and hold the start button until the ignition turn is on just say that press and hold it until on that

Is on okay press ok switch the ignition off press ok to continue press it once and that is off again let’s okay press and release the start button with the logo of the key which is this is the logo of the key to the center of the bond if the vehicle charmed twice and the ignition switches on the key was accepted the immobilizer indication would also flash

Five times if the vehicle chimes six more times the ignition remains is off it’s not accepted so press yes to continue if the key was accepted and the ignition is on press yes all right so we’re going to use this logo to hold it and it turned on then release so that’s accepted dropped my program hold on so that’s accepted you press ok yes if the immobilizer

See what it says indication is off press yes to continue otherwise is fail it’s on so press ok yes switch switch the ignition off press ok to continue press that again turn it off that’s off then okay to continue all right program success would you like to program any additional key now we only have one key to program just press no press the start button with

The logo of the key introduced successfully the vehicle will chime server time ignition should switch on switch the ignition off and the instrumental cluster should press key registration complete program okay let’s press this turn on see that and then turn it off press one press ok open the door that should be good let me try it let’s try it again there

You go press it on just one more time there you go and beep pressed it there you go key registration complete so i just have to turn on and off with the key on the button and try it there you go lock and unlock so you can see that’s program already we can turn off the hazard and just start the car press the brake pedal there you go there you go guys that’s

Easy programming all keys lost and um using the um autopro pad turn it off again put it right outside and try to turn it on thing it says key id incorrect so you can see and you have to have a ski inside your car there you go and everything works lock unlock here to exit everything and that’s what we have using the auto pro pad what we have is a let’s

See if you can see is the auto pro pad basic you can’t even see it put a light on it hold on there you go it’s the auto pro pad basic key programmer and that’s what we use to um program the key all right let’s try to start again press the brake guys and that’s how you program it pretty easy in less than 10 minutes you could probably do it in five minutes and

All right thank you for watching i hope you like this video and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more video alright guys thank you until next time

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