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Altair Club Cars How to polish car or truck (2 Stage DA Polish)

How to polish car or truck (2 Stage DA Polish)

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I’m just gonna show how i’ve been polishing and waxing my truck here so i’ll just go over everything you’re gonna need you’re gonna want some spray detailer or cleaners of some kind you’re gonna need a clay bar kit and this is mcguire’s polish you could use any brand this isn’t sponsored but this is just what i’ve found in uh read good reviews about so there’s

Compound polish and then a glaze so depending on how bad the paint is you could just do a one step or a single stage and just do a polish or you can do a two-stage a compound and then a polish or you could do like a three stage where you do a compound polish and a glaze and then wax to protect it and there’s also like heavy cut and stuff like that for really bad

Scratches but this truck is in pretty good condition so i’ve mostly just been doing polish over the whole thing but if there’s places where there’s just a bad scratch like you can see kind of right here so that is a place where i might want to use some compound first and then go to the polish and then the wax or the glaze so you can use any brand but that’s what

I’ve used i can put links to those in the description for you might have my amazon affiliate account running by then not sure yet so if you do use the link it would give me a commission allegedly i’d appreciate that if you did but um no pressure so another things you’re going to need are a stool some hearing protection maybe a ladder to get to those hard to reach

Places you’re going to need some microfiber towels clean and new and of course i’ve gonna be i’ve been using a dual action polisher this is a cheap polisher i found on amazon for like 85 bucks on prime day i think free shipping it’s called the the meter rick something like that it comes with a handle that goes up top that’s adjustable in like five different pads

So this is a nice little kit to get started this uh is a orange so it’s a medium cut pad there’s different pads for different um abrasiveness and there’s like wool which is heavy and then there’s like more finer stuff too i think it’s blue or something but so that’s that um it’s about everything you’re going to need you could use you could just polish it by hand

Just put it on uh like a round microfiber circular thing and just just work it in it would take a lot longer but you can still polish by hand because polish out scratches but this saves you a lot of time and it um doesn’t take a professional to use it or learn it so uh yeah so quick shout out to scott if you’re watching this thanks for teaching me how to do this

Um so i’m not sure if you can tell but this front fender and this passenger door i’ve already done so those have been polished and they haven’t been waxed yet but this door hasn’t so let me show you just kind of kind of the paint here it’s hard to tell because i’m in the garage but there’s a pretty big difference so so step one is going to be to wash the whole

Truck really good and dry it all off i have washed this truck already but it’s been sitting in the garage for like three months so i’ve just been using that spray detailer and a couple clean rags just to wipe the dust off because you don’t want any dirt on here before you start doing this so that’s step one and so i still need to wipe the dust off of this panel

This is the kind of the rear extended cab door i’ll just be doing this panel for an example to show you this video and then it’s the same process pretty much on the whole rest of the truck done the whole hood and driver’s side already so i kind of know what i’m doing now so i’m gonna start just by spraying detailer on there and we’re just gonna wipe down all that

Dust foreign ed up you’re going to want to use the clay bar and this picks up all of the kind of micro contamination in the paint like rail dust pieces of metal sap sometimes bugs um it’s kind of hard to see but it’s kind of turns black after you’ve done it on a panel and it’s kind of satisfying so after you’ve used it use that side up you’re going to fold

It over a couple times and just kind of work it in and flatten it back out again and then you want to keep doing that if you keep seeing dirt in here and if it’s really turning black you’re just going to throw this away and get a new piece of clay but this one is still has some life left in it i think so okay so now i’ve kind of got that folded in it’s kind of a

Newer newer surface so it can pick up more stuff without marrying the paint too badly and this is where you also want to use some like soapy car wash water or just some spray detail or lubricant because you’re going to spray on the paint spray this on the paint here i also just like to spray that clay bar a little bit get it started and then just use a few fingers

And just lightly run it across the paint you don’t want to push hard because it will scratch and just try to go up and down and use straight patterns just like washing a car you don’t want to do swirls and just go all the way across and you’ll feel that it starts to get smoother and you’ll even be able to hear a difference too you’ll hear it pick the stuff up

And you want to go ahead and do this to the whole panel make sure you have a enough liquid on there to so it’s not dry so one other thing to note is if you drop this on the ground throw it away it’ll pick up rocks and junk and you don’t want that in your paint at all same thing with a rag so after that doing just that door i don’t know if you can see i’ll try

To show there’s a little bit of kind of there’s just a great hint and there’s some blackness and that’s all that junk that this thing just picked up so that’s why we do that and then after you’re done with that it the service will feel like it’s already been polished almost it feels glass smooth and that’s because you’re down to you took out all those abrasions

In it so you’re going to put the clay bar aside take your rag again and just wipe all that detailer spray off because you want it to be dry before you polish so wipe that off make sure there’s no drips or anything so once you’re done wiping that down what you’re going to want to do is we’re going to start with compounds since this door has that scratch in it

And give it a good shake make sure the lid is closed what you’re going to want to do is since it’s a different it’s a different type of polish you’re going to want to use a different pad and so you’re not mixing the mixing the so you’re not mixing the compound and the polish with the same pad otherwise you kind of defeating the purpose of the polish in a way

So use a different pad and switch it out okay now that i’ve got this fresh pad on there i just put some compound on here i did quite a bit since it’s a fresh pad and it needs more to kind of get it saturated so you can either put it on here or put it on the paint but just make sure you don’t use the bottle cap and scratch that against the paint so once we have

That on here we can just kind of put that on and then kind of blot it blot it around and then fire this thing up all right after you’ve done the first pass you can wipe it off with this um but i forgot to mention also with the polisher you want to go in straight lines overlapping and then once you go this way you’ll go up and down and watch the corners you

Want to make sure that you’re holding it at an angle to where it’s as flat as possible and you’re not um burning up these edges too much so you want to angle it like here and like here and it the curve of the pad or the cushion of it will still get that curve nicely so once you’ve done that you can just buff off this polish you want to do it when it’s pretty

Fresh still otherwise it kind of dries on there and it gets hard to buff out and already i don’t know it’s hard to see now but this but the scratch that used to be there is hardly visible anymore trying to show it here it is darn near impossible to show it on camera but the scratch is like basically gone so that tesla wasn’t too deep in the surface which

Is good so now you do it again if you think it needs it or you move on to the polish and then you do it the whole panel again and i didn’t do down here yet so you just want to kind of remember where you’ve been and haven’t been so you just keep doing that over and over again so here’s the before how dirty the paint is and here’s the after foreign is is just

The reflection that’s how shiny it is and that’s scratch taken out for the most part let’s see here i can’t adjust this foreign another thing to note is you might want some eye protection because you don’t want that thing to be flick and wax up in your eyes so now all i have to do is just pretty much repeat that on every panel baby why do i do i love the

Way you always leave me why do i be happy with everything why do i baby the way you receive me why do i baby advertise never love the feeling foreign

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