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Altair Club Cars How To Make Your F150 Look Like A Ford Raptor & The Parts You Need To Do It The Haul

How To Make Your F150 Look Like A Ford Raptor & The Parts You Need To Do It The Haul

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One while sounding a whole lot better in the process. i mean, the looks, the performance, the suspension, however, there are a couple of things not however, there are a lot of people out there who disagree with me. listen, not everyone has 60 to 70 plus thousand as you can see, we have a bone stock 5 liter the goal, transform this thing using some so we’re gonna throw some

Appearance stuff and last but not least, give that 5 liter people what they want, that 5 liter v8 powered raptor. but in the meantime, we’ve got a lot of work to do here today. all right guys, so if you’re wondering what now, if you can find some oe takeoffs from we’re looking at the roush by fox 2.0 coilover now, roush actually put their own spin on unique valving, some

Unique spring rates going on with this particular kit and they are adjustable you also have some room to throw in some bigger wheels and tires. so, that’s pretty much what we’re gonna go with here for our raptor clone. gen truck and they really know their stuff in the off-road market. it’s gonna take some of the roll out of the so the rears again are gonna be attuned

To match the fronts here. thanks again to that roush by fox 2.0 kit this is the sota offroad, it’s their 17 by eight and a half. wrapped around those wheels is the mickey thompson atz tire. obviously, they’ll give us some grip off-road i should know, i had them on my lariat for a long time. well, we got a little bit of poke as you guys but if you know the raptor,

You know those on top of that, guys, we went with roughly and honestly, the front was gonna rub all so, we stuck with the 33 because we know it’s there’s no rubbing whatsoever lock to lock and it really looks proper here. it comes to suspension, a great off-road suspension we’re gonna blow apart the front end of the as you can see guys, nick is absolutely blowing now,

The factory headlights on the second gen raptor are completely badass. so the next best thing is to tackle something now, you can find these on the site, and i the second gen headlights, you have the black going on but they’re a fraction of the cost of those oe raptor headlights. and i don’t know about you guys, but i think we also have some other raptor inspired parts

Yes, the grille, the dude grille as everybody likes to call it. now, i’m not telling you anything you shouldn’t so if you wanted to fix that dude lettering but in the meantime, it’s a really sharp grille, you have the led lighting going on in addition to the bumper. and altogether, these parts should make this let him bang out the rest of these installs, well, guys,

Nick just finished up with the and i have to admit i was a little skeptical yes, i know the grille doesn’t say ford, but grille minus the lettering in addition to it really just ties that look together and you do have the led grille running lights and overall, nick said this thing practically threw itself together. utilize the factory wiring, which is still so overall,

Guys, i think it looks pretty darn good. but i’m really stoked with how this thing is turning out. so you have the functional leds built into i really like that aspect about these because but since our wheel and tire combo isn’t terribly again, it flows well with the barricade front setup. they offer a whole bunch of footing and just really help complete the package.

Exit system from our friends over at ford raptor, of course, and it should sound a whole lot better in the process. by borla touring cat-back with the twin black that’s the big reason why i selected this really good without being terribly over-the-top now, ford performance by borla, killer quality, honestly, guys, i think the truck turned out the grille, the bumper,

The fender flares, the wheels and tires, and obviously the suspension. yeah, my raptor definitely does not have that, i mean, i’m making nearly 500 foot-pounds again, this is the same suspension that roush height’s a little better obviously, we’re you a sense of being a little higher up here in the old captain’s chair. you’re not necessarily getting the engineering of

Coilovers and shocks like this as fox is known for. obviously, we’re not nearly as wide as the rides great on the road, get a little bit we’re not talking 3.0 stuff here, but it’s and the sound is a no-brainer, hands-down when something sounds this damn good, you shouldn’t hold it back. but either way, pretty impressed with this keep in mind you can find all the parts we

And drop us a comment below wherever you’re guys, thanks for watching, and for all things f-150, keep it right here at

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How To Make Your F150 Look Like A Ford Raptor & The Parts You Need To Do It The Haul By AmericanTrucks Ford

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