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Altair Club Cars How to: Install Running boards on a 2013 Ford F-150

How to: Install Running boards on a 2013 Ford F-150

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Today we’re gonna start running boards on the 2013 ford f-150 all right we have our set of instructions here and our hardware kit they come mark driver rear and driver front driver center so this one’s gonna go in the front this one’s gonna go in the rear and that one’s gonna go in the center just like so all right so we have small washers and big washers the

Big washes are gonna go on top the small washers are gonna go at the bottom these here are for the big washers geese right here all right so let’s go ahead and get started in here underneath the vehicle you’re gonna grab these tabs and insert them just like so up for another one that’s a little bit more closed perfect so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna go

Ahead and insert another one on the other side with the little nipple pointing inward perfect now we’re gonna grab our bracket and i’m gonna use both hands to do this but i’m gonna insert the big washers on top where i just inserted those go ahead and do that real quick or in the way i have these screw set up is the screw lock washer and washer so let me go ahead

And set these up root alright once you have those up there sorry for the light we’re gonna move on to these bottom ones these bottom ones are gonna be the smaller washers same set up screw lock washer and washer the only difference is that we’re gonna actually use a nut on to the side so let’s go ahead and grab one of these and insert it right through here and i’m

Gonna use both hands but i guess i could just use one nice sweet so now we’re gonna do the same thing with the other side grab a small washer one and grab a net we’re gonna go ahead and insert it or it’s the and here we go alright there it is and we’re just gonna leave everything nice and loose and we’ll mount on the other ones the center and the fret and then

We’ll mount the rails and then we’ll secure everything down alright and here we are on the center i don’t know if most cars will have this but this one actually had like a tape away i had to remove it you see the tape marking and we’re gonna go ahead answer this one right in here all right once we have that in place we’re gonna grab our bracket and just insert it

Here put a screw with the small washer on this side and the one with the big washer right up here go ahead and do that real quick alright there it is the one with the small washers with the big larger with the big washer excuse me it’s up there all right same process in the front s the rear we’re gonna go ahead and remove those i’m answered the new ones i suggest

Using needlenose pliers makes life so much easier just like that alright and we’ll go ahead and insert the new ones like so all right just like so and it’s time to insert the brick it oh right it will fit i need it does fit but doesn’t fit in the camera all right same process here big washes on top little washes off the bottom alright three brackets are installed

Now we’re going to go ahead and put in the running boards alright the next step you’re in these grab the side rail and place it into position alright these instructions are not very clear but appears that these are for the side rail but if you notice i have a ton of washes left over in here these it does not say hex bolt lock washer or it should be hex bolt flat

Washer lock washer and then flat washer and then hex nut but it just says well i guess these two – no and i think these washers because there’s so many left go on the other side here the nut is that so i don’t like to leave stuff undone so i’m gonna go back before i secure everything and i’m gonna put these other washers on the other side and for now these do go

Right here to hold the side so i’m gonna go ahead and do that and fix that real quick all right those instructions are not really clear but i went ahead and set up all of these bottom ones just like this then the screw washer and then the washer then the lock washer and then the net so it should look a little something like this and like that and now since we

Have everything in place it’s time to secure everything so let’s go ahead and strap down all these boats starting from the top up here sweet all right so we’re going to be using a thirteen millimeter to tie it down on all these bolts so i’ll go ahead and start off in the front those top ones and we’ll do all the top ones first and then move on to these because

We’re gonna need something to grab on this side and make sure it’s nice and tight all right this nut is 13 millimeter but i’m gonna just going to be using a crescent wrench to grab onto it and tie it down from the bottom all right and there it is my sense secured and that’s how i think it should properly be done washer washer lock washer in it alright once you

Have all of these nice and secured now it’s time to tie the rails so we’re gonna go ahead and tie them down sorry very tight spot alright and there it is and that’s how you install running boards or side rails on a 2013 ford f150 then the passenger side is essentially the same thank you for watching please like and subscribe don’t forget to hit that bell

Alright let’s get out of here before we get kicked out

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How to: Install Running boards on a 2013 Ford F-150 By GEORGE LOPEZ HOW TO DO IT YOUR SELF

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