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Altair Club Cars How To Get Your Windshield Replaced Cracked Windshield & Vision Roof Update With My Hyundai Ioniq 5

How To Get Your Windshield Replaced Cracked Windshield & Vision Roof Update With My Hyundai Ioniq 5

My windshield for my Ioniq 5 was finally replaced! I’ve been documenting the whole process for those who run into the same unfortunate circumstance of getting a cracked windshield OR vision roof.

Hey everybody welcome back to the channel this is victor of cars jubilee today we’re back in our ionic 5 with an update for our windshield and our vision roof so let’s get to it as you should be seeing pretty clearly our vision roof is still cracked still here and if anything that cracks after you’ve gotten worse so we’ve tried our best to try to fill it tape it

Up um hopefully it lasts but we’ll circle back to that in a little bit i want to start her off with just advice meaning if you run into the unfortunate circumstance of having to replace your windshield like we did well what’s it going to look like what should you do so the first thing i did and the first thing i’ve seen a lot of people do is actually reach out

To your local dealer to see if they have the windshield and if they can actually do the replacement for you now i’ve seen a lot of people say that those dealers were able to help them and i think that’s probably still your best course of action otherwise if you’re like me and your dealer say we don’t touch glass we outsource everything to safe flight and then

Your next call should be safe flight and for us that’s what we did and from the point of reaching out to them and telling them hey i want you to replace my glass to the actual replacement that whole process took about two and a half weeks for some i’ve seen it less than that for others i’ve seen a couple months but at least for us the whole process took two and

A half weeks and honestly that wasn’t that bad for us now how did safelite do well in terms of the actual glass replacement i think they did a good job we haven’t had any issues they did the recalibration the actual replacement process only took two to three hours and that includes a recalibration everything’s been working great cruise control lane keep all that

Seems to be functioning properly now when we first got the car our heads-up display wasn’t showing up at all so i actually went into the infotainment screen into the system and i reset it i cycled it off cycled it back on and then it turned on so everything seems to be working as it should be now the cost of the glass is pretty substantial the repair for us was

Over two thousand dollars so in that sense if you have insurance i would recommend going through insurance and that’s where things will diverge a little bit depending on who your insurance carrier is for us having state farm we called them and they said they do not handle glass claims in-house they actually outsource it to a place called links so we had to deal

With links to actually get a rental cars set up to actually get this claim set up and all that now we did run into some issues with safe flight though when it came to communication and the expected time frame because they originally told us oh yeah the glass will be here in about three or five business days and we’ll call you as soon as it’s in and then you can

Come in and we’ll get it replaced so with my expectation that it would only be three to five days based on what they told me i went out and got myself a nice rental vehicle i got a tesla model y which rents for about a hundred dollars a day luckily my insurance covers most of it but that means based on my coverage i only have max 10 days with that car if i need it

But anyways three to five days i thought okay i should have plenty of time well after the sixth day and i hadn’t heard from them i called them and this time i got someone else on the line who says oh there’s a huge glass shortage right now i have no idea when the glass replacement will actually come and again we can’t track it we have no way of knowing when it’ll

Be here all i can say is we’ll call you when it’s here so then i’m thinking okay that means i gotta get this model white back to the rental car because i don’t want to keep it if i have to pay for it mostly out of pocket so that meant going back to hertz getting a new car changing out my son’s car seat so all in all and i wish that wasn’t the case wish i didn’t

Have to do that we did enjoy the model y but just based on what they originally told me they said three to five days and apparently that was not the truth or that wasn’t the case at the end of the day it only took about two and a half weeks and i don’t think that’s that bad it’s just they originally told me the glass should be here three to five business days so

That’s one part where i felt like safe flight wasn’t the greatest the other part was the whole roof the bottle i remember going online to the website and seeing it says they don’t service sunroofs so i thought all right that’s not gonna work i gotta go somewhere else so then we called them through insurance links called them and put me on the phone with an actual

Rep there and the rep said oh yes we actually can do the sunroof for you with your windshield so we said great let’s get it scheduled well a couple days later i got a call from a local safelite office saying hey i see here you’ve been assigned to our shop we’ll let you know when the windshield comes in but then i said well what about the vision roof and the guy there

Says uh we can’t touch that thing i don’t know why they told you we could we absolutely do not do sunroofs that again was another huge miscommunication or something going on where with safe flight it just felt like there are so many disconnected pieces so many people so many variables that it was just it was a mess so dealing with safe flight from a communication

Standpoint and scheduling and all that yeah not the greatest but in terms of the actual work being done i’m happy with how that turned out so that kind of wraps up our windshield repair updates but that still leaves us with this vision roof and let me break down what’s happened there so links is our claim administrator they’re the one handling our glass repair

However they said well sunroofs are a little bit more specialized so we actually have this kind of outsourced to another company called sunroof express and they’re the ones that’ll be helping you source the actual sun so we’ve been dealing with them for well over a month now and same thing we kind of got the full run around from different people saying oh it

Should be this way and then i’ll call back and then another person will say oh they didn’t set this claim up right it should be done a different way well we finally have someone named kim who we’ve been dealing with uh consistent seems to be the one that’s actually handling our claim but for whatever reason links would not process the claim links would not let her

Place an order for the sunroof and after about a month she finally got back to us and said hey lynx wants the receipt from safe flight i’m like okay well here it is and after sending her the receipt she finally got the go-ahead from links to go ahead and place an order for the sunroof however we have no timeline on how long it’s going to take she has no idea she

Placed an order but there’s no tracking there’s nothing so at this point we’re kind of stuck waiting but my frustration lies with links you’ve basically been stalling or waiting for us without letting us know they’re waiting for us for a month and now we have no actual timeline on when we’ll get our vision roof and then how long it’s going to take to actually get

It replaced so that’s the rundown and i’ll come back at some point with an update when we get this thing actually replaced and to date i did see someone on the facebook forums saying that they had to get their vision roof replaced as well and i think it took them a couple months as well right now we’re at the one month mark and we’ll see how long it takes anyways

If you have any questions about the sunroof or the windshield replacement feel free to reach out i’ll do my best to help you where i can otherwise stay safe out there stay away from rocks and rock chips and i’ll see you guys on the next one thanks for watching

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