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Altair Club Cars How To Fix Honda Clarity Plug-in Charging System Problem + Power System Light On.

How To Fix Honda Clarity Plug-in Charging System Problem + Power System Light On.

In this video, I will show you guys my steps on how to fix the error message popping up on your Honda Clarity that says “Plug-in Charging System Problem Range Limited” with both “Power System” and “Check Engine” light on. Make sure to watch the whole thing for a complete understanding on how to properly reset your Clareity should you encounter same problem.

So do you guys see the check engine light right there on the dashboard um this is first time the check engine light has came on on my 2018 honda clarity that i’ve been driving or driven for almost uh 22 000 miles or 23 000 miles so the issue started to like happened yesterday when i went to work and we have a public garage with free charging um they had semiconnect

Uh chargers uh level two chargers over there so i plugged in my car onto the semiconnect charger it was charging and the light shows green on the uh on the connector so i thought you know perfectly fine then i went about to go to my work and when i came back i realized that the car was not charging at all it only charged 0.02 kilowatt hours before it you know

Turned itself off or prevented the charger from charging and today this morning i went to my my parking garage again at work i tried to plug the charger in there and this time it directly give me this error message i’ll show you right now so the system just started saying let’s see we have system give me this error message and my charging the charging port on

The clarity was blinking green while plugging the charger and then it just stopped charging and my car like i i went into my car and i was trying to check what’s going on and it just straight out give me this message plugging charging system problem range limited so what i’m gonna do next is i’m almost home i’m gonna reset the uh the 12 volt battery in the car

And trying to see if this is gonna reset this charging problem um supposedly from what i’ve read on the internet that this problem only happens if we are charging it at a public charger and the voltage is not uh stable so it could be caused by unstable voltage and the automatic circuit cut off protection from the clarity kicked in and it just started preventing

The system system from being charged okay so almost home and uh uh i’m gonna start in the next section disconnect the battery and reconnect the battery and we’re gonna find out if this is gonna fix this problem or not all right so i just got home i popped up my trunk of my honda my front uh hud of my honda clarity and uh saw the battery over here and the first

Thing i’m gonna do is just disconnect the negative terminal the positive terminal it seems like it’s it’s quite a lot of hassle to disconnect because there’s a whole bunch of things connected to it so i’m not gonna touch that all i’m gonna do is just disconnect the negative terminal which is uh held by a size 10 millimeter socket so just grab your 10 millimeter

Socket loosen the bolt and you should be able to lift this up and disconnect the battery and see if i can have it grounded so i’m going to put a glove on the bottom and i’m just going to leave the negative terminal like um disconnected like this for probably 5-10 minutes and i’m gonna come back and reconnect the terminal then we’re gonna go into the um the car

Try to start the car and see if it would reset the charging problem message hopefully it would reset and if it doesn’t unfortunately i have to bring the car to the dealer for them to find out what exactly is going on okay so see you guys in the next section okay guys so it’s it’s about uh i would say five minutes uh my car because the battery’s disconnected all

The accessories doesn’t work the door doesn’t work the trunk doesn’t work so i’m pretty sure it’s got a good reset and now i’m gonna remove the glove and let’s just reconnect the battery and see what happens okay hopefully there’s no sparks small spark all right so again 10 millimeter wrench i’m gonna reverse and just tighten it all right tightened so the power

Should be restored in the car let’s go to the car and turn on the power and say uh what’s going on here got my key so moment of truth let’s turn on the car see if it would reset that charging problem interestingly the after the reset everything’s re-initializing so it’s like reporting a whole bunch of problems uh tire pressure monitoring system said you know

There’s a fault over there and the uh the coalition avoidance have problems so i don’t know originally there’s no issues there so i don’t really know what’s going on it looks like the charging problem is um is gone so however those problems persists uh anti-theft system system lost power press and hold the power button for more than two seconds to re-enable the

System so i don’t know if it asked me to turn hold the power button for two seconds um over here are the power button over here so i really don’t know but i’m just gonna give it a guess i’m gonna press this for two seconds so obviously the power button was referring to this probably all right well this is a lot more drama than i i think um i am gonna park my

Car outside of the garage and i’m gonna try to reset everything and then we’re gonna see uh what exactly is going on uh when i disconnected the vehicle okay ah this is uh this is not good and uh from that experience with the charging system failure it seems like uh the car is not reliable when it comes to using public chargers but uh i don’t know uh next section

I’m gonna try to figure out all those problems give you guys a conclusion on what i learned from this reset for that charging port problem okay so the issue with the electronic system or the tire pressure monitoring and mitigation you know avoidance system error has not been fixed yet however after i reset the um the battery the charging started working again so

That does fix the charging problem but in this case i would not recommend you guys doing that because um that actually my system is still messed up so depending on what happens it tomorrow morning when i drive to work i may have to bring the car in for service or if they could figure out what exactly is going on and uh but that’s that’s that’s a very high such

A such a high cost to reset the charging um anyway issues still not resolved however the charging works for now so the light stays green uh this morning while i was at the public charging station the light just blinks and then it shuts it turns off so at this point it seems to be charging properly uh this is a level two charger a generic brand that i bought um

Even the generic brand works fine in the home this is 220 volt charging so yeah i’ll give you guys a final update if i figure out what exactly is going on with electric system so the final section of this video um i want to talk to you guys about how to clear those error messages as well as the results of resetting the battery for the charging error so as you

Can see i’m at a public charger again this time it actually charged perfectly fine and no issues at all so i think what i learned is probably some chargers doesn’t work as good as the other chargers and let’s actually go into the car and start up the car the one last message one last arrow i have left is huh interesting so all the error messages were gone

So the one last error message i had before i charged it this morning was a check engine light now all the light went off so the battery reset did fix all the problems with the charging issue all right guys driving back home and i have kind of semi uh autopilot on and uh i want to talk about those lights that we’ve experienced yesterday when i tried to reset

The battery so remember all those warning lights that all came out those lights were reset after you start driving your car for probably just a little more than half an hour a half a mile or so so i drove my car for like two miles and all those warning lights went away the only light that didn’t go away was the check engine light so for the check engine light

It actually stayed on for my entire drive in the morning to go to work which was about 30 30 miles and i went to work i plugged my car into the charger at my work again this time it the car did not give any issue it actually charged my car perfectly fine and uh by the time i came back from work i get off work i came back to my car and i turn on my car the check

Engine light was gone so the battery reset most definitely fixed the problem with the error message about the power system and the chart port uh so if you guys uh are encountering that problem i would highly suggest to just try to reset your battery by disconnecting your negative terminal for maybe five ten minutes and then reconnect the negative terminal that

Actually reset all reset the charging problem and it did give me a few other problems after the reset but those those error message goes away after you drive your car for half a mile and so that was the fix if you guys have any questions about how to reset the error message about the charging um problem on your honda clarity feel free to ask me in the comment

Section down below and i’ll try my best to help you okay otherwise uh thank you so much for watching uh please do hit the like button or subscribe if you found my video helpful and otherwise take care and drive safe

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How To Fix Honda Clarity "Plug-in Charging System Problem" + Power System Light On. By Let Me Review That For You

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