how to drive a tucson hybrid sta
Altair Club Cars How to drive a Tucson Hybrid – starting and stopping – #hyundaitucson #hybrid #howto

How to drive a Tucson Hybrid – starting and stopping – #hyundaitucson #hybrid #howto

How to drive a Tucson Hybrid – starting and stopping #hyundaitucson #hybrid #howto

Heather it’s somebody that asked about hyundai tucson starting and stopping are so i’m in the car with um no safety belt on which is relevant uh sorry about a minute so starting the car first thing you do is put on the brake foots on the brake start stop or if you have a version with a key you would have just turn over the key into there and it would have started

That’s fine just this one happens to be keyless okay so initiating drive while my foot remains on the brake okay so my first still on the brake drive reverse neutral part okay so to drive away i’m going to go for d i’m gonna touch the throttle and this is the important part of the safety belt to release the electronic part brake close the doors and the hood come

On uh but the main things put on your safety guys so let’s just wanted to show you that so safety belt on so what have we done so far i’ve jumped into the car put my foot on the brake i started the car i put my safety belt on i hit d for drive and all i’m going to do is transfer my foot from the brake onto the accelerator here so i’m going to transfer onto the

Accelerator and starts moving and then i’m just regulating with the brake that’s fine and driveway and that’s it and the car obviously changes gears itself so all you’re doing is just regulating throttle to go break the stop go stop fine if i want to reverse foot on the brake so every time you’re making a gear change foot on the brake reverse camera comes on

All i do in this case if i let even off the break it rolls a little bit and if i accelerate it moves even faster so that is reversing and going forward and then the customer also wants to know about stopping so all i’m doing is just covering the brake as i park up in here so i’m covering the break foot is now completely down on the brake actually we’ll go a

Little bit further back fine so i’m all the way back i gotta stop and i’m gonna turn off these parking sensors for a sec right i’m still in reverse um really what you could do here is just turn off the car so if i turn off the car if you watch what happens down here as i hit the button so i’m going to press the button now and you see the red p has lit up so

What’s happened there is the second i have gone to turn off the car it automatically moves it into park and what i do there then is once i’m finished i’d engage the handbrake differently than when i was driving away so remember when i went to drive away i went into d for drive so i put my foot in the brake i went d for drive and all i did was tap the accelerator

To go i didn’t touch the handbrake because my safety belt was on tap the handbrake and the car moves away so again just to go backwards here for a sec as i said every time i’m changing gear my foot’s on the brake change gear and that allows you to change gears fine so turning off the car as i said i turned it off and it automatically went into park however if i

Was stopped and i just wanted to let the window down and talk to somebody but i didn’t want to turn off the engine i could just go into park and it’s probably advisable at that point then lift the handbrake again so to summarize again after that obviously just turn off the car if you have a key you turn it off with the key or if you have the button you turn off

At the button so to summarize let’s start off again to drive the car you get into it we’re going to start from scratch here car’s off all that kind of stuff fine okay so into the car close the door foot on the brake safety belt on start the car from the button or the key depending whichever one it is your foot is still on the brake d for drive or or for reverse

Depending what direction you want to go backwards or forwards and whichever direction gone tap the accelerator car starts moving and the handbrake has disengaged by itself however so i’m finishing my journey regardless of i’m going backwards or forwards no matter what direction i’m going when i finish my journey you could press p over here if you want but for

Me let’s be convenient about it i would just literally naturally turn the key or press the button depending which one it is the car naturally goes into park lift the handbrake that’s pretty much it so that’s kind of starting and stopping in a hyundai tucson hybrid hopefully that’s useful thanks for watching

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How to drive a Tucson Hybrid – starting and stopping – #hyundaitucson #hybrid #howto By Brian Doolan at Fitzpatricks Garage Kildare

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