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Altair Club Cars How To Do An Oil Change (COMPLETE Guide) | 10th Gen Honda Civic

How To Do An Oil Change (COMPLETE Guide) | 10th Gen Honda Civic

Here is a detailed breakdown of doing an oil change with a new filter on a tenth generation honda civic. This will work with the 1.5T and 2.0 engines.

So in today’s video we’re going to do an oil change on my 2017 honda civic if you’re new to the channel my name is craig uh today we have my wife reagan with me she’s going to be helping with the cameras and some other stuff so she’ll be in the video a little bit too but we’re going to do a full oil change i’m using a full synthetic the 0w20 that’s what they

Recommend for this engine it’s in the 1.5 turbo it’ll also work same thing as the 2.0 you have the sedan and that engine as well so we’re going to do a full walkthrough on how to do an oil change on this car so mobil 1 oil and then i’m also using the mobil 1 oil filter i’m going to put a link to them in the video description if you’re interested in that they were

The number one recommended and one of the cheapest on amazon so that’s why i went with them because they work with the car and they were highly recommended so this will be the first time for doing an oil change on the civic i’ve done them on previous cars so bear with this i know what i’m doing but this is going to be a first time experience on this car so it’ll

Be easy because you can do it too just like us so the first thing you need to do is unscrew the belly pan um i think there’s six or eight screws so just do that first so you’re going to need a 17-millimeter socket to undo the bolt to get out of the oil out and then some type of bucket to hold oil oil wow okay so so this is the new filter before you put

It back on you need to get some oil and lubricate the seal back up before you twist it back on so do that real quick and then you’re just hand tightened so so this is where you’re going to need to fill your oil so undo that real quick and put it to the side and then you’re going to be pouring the 3.7 quarts of oil into that little hole and this is 5

Quarts so i need to make sure that i don’t overfill it so with the car back on a flat surface check the oil to make sure that it’s you put enough in you’re going to do that by pulling this out get all the oil off of it put it back in and then bring it out and as you can see that’s almost at the top so i’ve got it filled right where it needs to be at and then

On resetting the oil life what you’re going to do is push this button right here until you get to the oil life screen you’re going to hold it down for 10 seconds and it should start flashing then with it flashing hold it for five more seconds to reset the oil life there you go it just switched back to a and i am good to go so thank you for watching that concludes

Oil change on my 2017 honda civic if you like the video make sure to give it a like and make sure to subscribe for more content on my 2017 honda civic thank you guys for watching and i will see you on the next video wow you

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How To Do An Oil Change (COMPLETE Guide) | 10th Gen Honda Civic By Sooner Garage

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