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Altair Club Cars How To Choose Side Steps For Your RAM 1500 Truck – The Haul

How To Choose Side Steps For Your RAM 1500 Truck – The Haul

In this episode of The Haul, we show you several different types of side steps/running boards, their features, and benefits.

I’m gonna be explaining all the different you guys who might be doing some shopping make the right decision. and variations on the side step, they’re going area, texture for traction, materials used, than others as far as ground clearance which is always a big concern. in mind all this information will apply to any generation ram on the site. first up, we have one of our

Most popular known as a nerf bar and that’s being demonstrated a nerf bar is gonna consist of, well pretty much just a bar, but there are plenty of additional the width of a nerf bar will usually range that’s gonna change how much area you have to plant your foot. curved ends clean up the looks a little bit, finishes will usually come as either powder now a lot of powder

Coatings are tough, however, one, in particular, it’s possible powder coat can crack or chip. obviously stainless will do a good job at resisting that. that’s not to say the two are mutually exclusive, over top of stainless steel and that’s really one thing i do want to mention is the specific hoop step, making it even easier to get into your ram. if you’re just a daily

Driver, you’ll have hitting the trails on the weekend, that clearance regardless, the nerf or side step bar is budget-friendly less is sort of more in this situation and the job done with no frills, this is a style you might be interested in. utility and ease of use are the big reasons why you’d want an option like this. as opposed to other options which might have more

Specific stepping areas. this one has a little bit of extra industrial a nice clean oe look, which is probably why typically, running boards are all steel and that stepping area is complimented by a textured ensure your boots don’t slip off in snowy or muddy conditions. just like the nerf bars, these are a budget-friendly also, running boards will sit tightly to the and

Preserve some that break-over angle, however, that issue of high stepping area can be remedied as you guys can probably tell by the name, making it even easier to get in and out of usually, these feature a textured stepping deep, this one on the table in front of me they also boast a large textured stepping area at four and a half inches. again, if you’re the daily driver,

Not that on the flip side, if you have a huge lift, and kids or you might have limited mobility of that clearance in for an easy step and if that’s the case, these are great. similar to the nerf bar, these are going to but if you prioritize easy entry and exit last but certainly not least, we have the power step. this means you have a great step when needed you get the

Most amount of clearance back possible. to the lowest position out of any of our options today. this will combine a sleek trim appearance the power step we’ve been working with is the rbp stealth power running board. they’re made from a lightweight and durable the rbp specifically feature a dual motor redundancy built in there, which i personally appreciate. this is

Gonna require a little bit more work the biggest drawback with power steps, however, is going to go to price. the rbps drop in at about $1300 which is a but if you have some extra time and money i hope you enjoyed my take on the side steps if you’re looking to learn more, we have detailed here today, as well as a lot of videos of side steps that we did not. keep it right

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